15 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 4: Fresh Faces in Male Pageantty

      • @ Norman & @ kevinkevins The trick is to mount your device on the wall, or on a tripod perhaps.

        But it means you might be quite some distance, so your mic needs to be high-quality and your location therefore silent; a good mic might pick up…

        … dogs barking, roosters crowing, motorcycles/tricycles passing by, etc…. 🙂

  1. The Atlanta boy and the Pure Pinoy are very good looking
    The Kiwi guy sounds sexy . He looks very much like a Maori.
    Idk why a lot of people are swooning over the Chinoy. He is a little too soft for my taste

    • @ serge Yep. He looks like Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark, Mister World 2014, the carpenter.

      NOT “Lars” (Pedersen) as I erroneously said in a early post, on Mr. Tinio’s MrWP2020 hopefuls.

      Mr. Tinio, what about those Mindanaon dudes who semifinal-ed at MoF 2019, po? Frens niyo, po?

  2. Tito Norman was very blunt !
    It almost sounded like ,” Are u faking your Kiwi accent ??”

  3. Wow Tito Norman was very affront .
    It almost sounded like , “ Are you faking your Kiwi accent ?”

  4. What abt Class vs Class …
    A one to one interview b/w Tito Norman and Bella ???

  5. Tito Norms ang landi landi mo!! Parang ba aura mo pag menthol ang interview mo!!

      • Hindi na kailangan ispecial mention sino bet nyo Tito Norman… He is indeed very charming. Sana ipadala yan ni AFV sa Poland. I also have a feeling he could actually win.

      • Tito Norman, so obvious na nanggagalaiti na naman sa yo si pabyan sa inggit!!!!!

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