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  1. Sus grabe rapod ka kaayo makalook down ni Gazini, gwapa kaayo na sya apan kulang sa com.skills ,basin taparon inyuha dagway duha mura raka ug Okoy sa lamaw!!!

  2. Since Gazini’s reign will end on October 25. then BPCI could appoint her to be sent to MGI. I know she has a good chance to win MGI crown because of her very good showmanship. Aya will be sent to MG. Just my thought.

    • @ serge …. That’s a thought…. 🙂

      Did Angkol like her last year? If so, gow! Because it is now clear that while he accommodated Sam Lo, he didn’t really take her too seriously.

      MAG-INGAT KAY ANGKOL. He has DPA’s. The moment he has something on you, you’re out.

      That being said, he now probably does not like 2M’s seeming attitude… And changed his mind about her.

      Aya will RELISH-ENJOY Tirana’s Centennial! She will surely emerge both eternally grateful and artistically inspired by the experience. And BPCI will not be disappointed.

  3. Gazini Ganados and Maxine Medina are TWO of the MOST UNDESERVING Filipinas to win the Miss Universe Philippines. PAREHONG KULANG sa KATALINUHAN, KAKAUNTI ang KAALAMAN, MAHINA ang COMMUNICATION SKILLS, at KULANG sa GANDA kaya silang 2 ay NATALO.

    The two are heavily bashed because they were too favored by the judges & organizers but DID NOT MEET the expectations of the Pageant Universe. JOSEPH VITUG was really right on his assessment of Ganados.

    So if you DO NOT LIKE the word MALAS, do you think BOBO, MAHINA and PANGIT are the more appropriate terms to describe her?

    • I agree with you that Maxine and Gazini were undeserving to be MUP, but only because I felt there were better candidates in their respective editions that are far more suited to be MUP. I condemn you for calling them ‘kulang sa talino at ganda”. Sure, both maybe lacking in comm skills but that doesnt equate to them being BOBA. They were just not suited for public speaking. If comm skills is your only metric of talino then sir, you’re a very narrow-minded person.

      Above all Im most offended that you called them ‘kulang sa ganda’. You can advocate calling them hindi katalinuhan all you life, but you can never deny them of their beauty.

      Lastly, the most appropriate phrase to describe Gazini is ‘being a product of wrong timing’. She joined BBP too late na hindi na sya umabot sa Trump Era standards na perfect template sana sya, and she joined too early for the IMG Era dahil sobrang raw pa ng commskills nya. If only she chose to join 2021 by the time she’s already 25 then she could have had more time and maturity to perfect her commskills coz honestly yun lang naman talaga ang only weakness nya.

      • Sobra naman makalait! May problema ka ba? Hindi lang nanalo kung anu ano na ang pinagsasabi!
        Kung ganon, andami palang bobo, pangit at malas na mga kandidata kasi hindi umabot sa top 3.

        Unorthodox is 100% right. Baka kung 27 na ang age ni Gazini baka sakali mas malaki na ang improvement nya at mas confident na sya.

      • Not all MUPs will place or win. Whatever the MU selection committe decides on is the winner. GG and MM probably did their best in the phyical dept. but they buckled down in the communication dept. They are both beautiful. Would not label them as undeserving but it was not their destiny to win MU. Iyon lang!

  4. I don’t see any problem at all! (Pia).
    I would thank BPCI kung papayagan sya. And it would be nice to see her final walk and formally relinquish the title with the new crown of course. Tama na yang malas malas na sinasabi ng iba… hindi lang talaga para kay Gazini ang top 10 or top 5. Maging masaya na lang tayo at umabot sya sa top 20. Lubayan nyo na si Gazini, after all she did her best naman representing our country. Peace to all!

  5. Hay naku may isang bully sa tabi tabi. Diko Alam ano ginawa sa kanila ni inday na pinagpala sa bait at ganda
    Tingin nyo ba bet din ni inday mag crown . Yung Ganda nyang Yun punaglaruan pa ni dark Vader.hayaan na natin si inday Kung saan sya masaya wag natin pagsalitaan Ng nakakapersonal
    After all mup sya Yun bet Ng Isa dyan aspiring pa Lang vow

  6. DILI na dapat moadto si Ganados sa Baguio City to crown the new MUP winner. RISKY kaayo sa COVID-19. Ilang beauty queens at beauty contenders na ang nahawa sa nasabing virus? Maayo pa mag-concetrate siya sa pagtindog sa iyang planong carenderia (restaurant?) sa Talisay, Cebu.

  7. @scorg I somehow disagree with your statement below. Yes, the passing of the crown from the incumbent to the next queen is an enduring visual image of the MU brand but only because they did not encounter an opportunity to do something different in the past. Miss Universe as a brand has had numerous ownership transfers, but all those acquisitions involved buying the whole organization and not just the brand title/franchise. Therefore, the management contract of the reigning titleholder also transfers ownership to the new company owner of MUO. Hence the passing of crown from one winner to the next has never been broken. Our case is different bec the reigning MUP is from a different org, not from the current franchise owner. Had it been the case that Pacific Mills (the orig owner of MU) just decided to discontinue the pageant, decided to sell only the brand and trademark (not the whole org) to Kayser-Roth Co., maybe the new owners would not have invited the incumbent queen then. Who knows?

    I think Gazini crowning (or even just attending) the MUP finals this October is only a matter of sentimentality to Ph pageantry and of showing respect to her. I would love to see her crown the new MUP, but it isn’t really a necessity. Just look at what TPN did last year for MU-Thailand. They still invited Ning Sophida and gave her her final walk. But ultimately it was Cat (the MU at that time) who crowned Paweensuda, not Ning.

    PS. To those saying na malas si Gazini, taas naman ng standards nyo on “swerte”. Gazini made it to Top 20 despite being bombarded with conflicting schools of thought and training and to me that speaks volumes about her hardwork and dedication more than whether she’s swerte or not. And at the end of the day, hindi naman si Gazini ang magcocompete this year so hindi nakadepende sa kanya yung success ng bagong MUP, keri ba?

    • @Unorthodox, from a business viewpoint, I think regardless of the change of ownership of a franchisor, the business model has to be sustained. MU’s business model, that has also defined its brand, provides the continung emotional link of the pageant organization to its millions of followers. Yes, current franchisees may be allowed by the new franchisor to deviate a liitle bit from the traditional practice (especially if the current franchise was transfered to a new organization), but I think enduring images of crowning moments and farewell walks by the outgoing queen, have become brand elements that the pageant enthusiasts know and love. I agree with you that it is a “matter of sentimentality to Philippine pageantry and respect for Gazini” for her effort to represent the country well. I believe these sentiments are precisely the emotional triggers where MU brand is anchored.

      • @scorg but there’s a risk in what you’re proposing. As a brand and as a business establishing its own footprints and identity especially in the Filipino pop culture, it would NOT be wise for MUP to prioritize this “passing of baton” moment just because it’s what’s traditional of the parent MU Org. From a business standpoint, and if I were MUP I wouldn’t want to be recognized as ‘just the continuation’ of the previous owner, especially since the previous owner is still in existence and is now a competing brand much bigger than I am.

        To be honest with you I doubt if MUO even cares about the crowning protocols that would happen on Oct 25 precisely because this is just on a national level and it wont really directly affect the international brand.

  8. Uy! Anong nangyari at MAGKASUNDO kami ni Fabian Reyes ngayon on Ganados? Ha, ha, ha…

    By the way Fabian ano ang first two numbers ng college student number mo? Thanks. He, he, he…

    • @Paul, we agree on Cat and Michele, but not on Gas. But that’s how it is in real world. BTW, if as what you said in your previous post you temporarily transferred to Molave from Narra Residence Hall that summer when MU was staged in PICC, I more or less know your SN. But why talk about SN. That’s blasphemy!

      • HELLO Scorg. Mis ya. Our respective student numbers are very significant to our lives. Echos! It reminds us of a specific time/period and its characteristics (physical, cultural, etc.). Ako my college student number starts with #9. Si Flor hindi ako sure kung 9 din sya. The number 9 reminds me when high rise condo units were just starting to rise in Katipunan. Naabutan ko pa ang town vibe niya. May Glorys at Wendys pa sa dulo ng Katipunan Ave near INC (Commonwealth) pa noon, pero wala na yung 2 at ibang-iba na siya ngayon. Same with Philcoa. He, he, he…

  9. If it is true that MUP has requested BPCI for Gazini to grace the crowning event of MUP’s inaugural edition, it would be a perfect opportunity for the former to demonstrate its #TogetherWeHeal message to a universe that is continuously battling the onslaught of this cruel pandemic. Isn’t it a meaningful celebration of beauty to see the #TogetherWeHeal share its brand essence to the #PhenomenalWoman brand spirit?

  10. A lot of people don’t think she did well at MU 2019
    If I was her , I would not attend because she would either be ignored or jeered at on Coronation night

    • Finally, Fabian you have posted a VERY GOOD comment on Ganados. Kudos to you.

      Another reason is this: Halimbawang manalo si Ysabella Ysmael as MUP pero matatalo siya sa MU, siguradong ISA si Ganados sa mga SISISIHIN dahil sa dala niyang kamalasan.

      So Norman better advise Ganados NOT to attend the MUP coronation night. Plus the concern on COVID-19. MAS MAAYO nga MAGPUYO na LANG usa SIYA sa CEBU KAYSA MAGSIGE SYA ug LAAG-LAAG.

  11. Norman MABUTI PA dalhin at tulungan mo si Ganados sa mga talent at advertising agency. Bagay siyang maging CALENDAR GIRL ng brand ng alak just like Celeste Cortesi. Malaki pa ang kikitain ninyo. Maging PRACTICAL sa panahon ng pandemya. Bagay si Ganados sa Emperador at si Cortesi sa Tanduay.

    Ano ang makukuha ni Ganados in crowning the new MUP titleholder? Mas mabuti pa ngang pagtuunan niya ang planong niyang pagtayo ng carenderia (and maybe a sari-sari store as well) in Talisay, Cebu.

  12. MU pageant is a franchise. Just like any franchise, it is incumbernt upon the franchisee to run the franchieor’s business model. All operating standards of the franchise- brand message, creative visuals, business processess, etc— should be adopted, unless stated otherwise in the agreement. The matter of relinquishing the crown to the next MU winner is a standard MU practice, the crowning moment in fact being one of the enduring visual images of the MU brand. I believe that irrespective of who the current franchisee is, the outgoing queen should be given the honor of transfering the crown to the new titlist

  13. Mr. Norman since a commenter asked about a former candidate .I would like to ask if anjame magbitang will join again. I saw her in person .tindig beauty queen talaga. Around 5’9-510

  14. Off topic. Mr Norman, any news about Lorraine Kendrickson? The girl who gave Valerie a run for her money in MWP 2014. Is she still interested in pageants?? She is so super gorgeous and smart. She can easily win a title in BBP if she joins

    • There are rumors – repeat rumors – that she may no longer be eligible to compete again. As for the specific reason, I cannot confirm anything yet.

      • @ Norman & @ serge So, reading between the lines, DID JG et al FORMALLY REQUEST (in writing) BPCI FOR GAZINI TO GRACE THE 25 OCT FINAL, in the first place?

        Or, mag-a-assumption na lang at pagpapakiramdaman ang magiging galawan? Pride chicken?!!


        I’m not too optimistic this will happen. Ilan’g tulog na lang, Finals na… And granted pumayag, who will take responsibility for Gazini’s physical movements to and from? Isn’t she in Cebu atm?

        IF IT ISN’T ON PAPER AND NOTARIZED, NOBODY IS BOUND TO MAKE COMMITMENTS. Luka-luka’ng IMG talaga. Tuloy, awkward situation….Bakit kasi inapura ang transfer ng franchise. 😦

      • @Flor most likely MUP Org will shoulder all the costs (gowns, transpo, accomodations) for Gazini. Dapat actually bayad din tong appearance ni Inday. MUP’s invitation to Gazini can be treated as any other invitation by other orgs for the appearance of BBP queens (be it judging provincial pageants, hosting corporate events, making public appearances, gracing ribbon cuttings, etc). I think this is a job for Gazini and therefore MUP should pay her current management (BPCI) a booking fee apart from shouldering all necessary expenses.

      • I checked her IG, still beautiful and in great shape. She’s only 26. I hope she considers. One last hurrah in pageantry. BBP sana

  15. she is just truly gorgeously beautiful , if she had just made it to top 10 , she will zoom into the top 5 ,… but most likely not win MU crown because there are many very good speakers who reins over her …

  16. … There is also, of course, the possibility to simply not overly-dramatize the entire issue. Kung hindi, ‘eh ‘di hindi. 🙂

    If the REAL intent is to extend Gazini’s shelf life and visibility by not letting her simply fade away once a new MUP is crowned, then it will have to come either from her or her manager/handler/agency. A NEW CHAPTER IS NEEDED.

  17. DO NOT BRING the MALAS to the new organization. Remember Czarina Gatbonton? When CQ got the MWP franchise and started the pageant in 2011, Gwendoline Ruais was crowned then by the reigning MW titleholder from the US and not Czarina. Gwendoline who lost to Czarina in 2010 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant redeemed herself by becoming the First Princess to Miss Venezuela.

    Leave the past behind. A brand new organization, a fresh mandate and a new & novel beginning.

    • Hahahaha. Swerte ikamo. 10 year unbroken placements Madam? Mababali ata streak natin dahil sa mga gahamang bekle. Kinarma pa sa unang edisyon.

      • I would love to see an outgoing queen relinquishing the crown to incoming queen because it is a symbolic gesture of passing one’s royalty to the next. If there is an invitation from MUP and There is a go-signal from BPCI, then why not, otherwise, why bother.

    • Sorry but how can you even so sure that this new MUP org will be as successful as the past editions of BBP? Let’s wait and see before judging.

    • Paul don’t be cruel lol
      Gazini maybe reading this
      She wasn’t genuinely nice to fans … but it’s understandable as she does not have Pia’s emotional maturity .

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