6 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 4 Teaser

  1. Gud Mon AM, Mr. Blogger.

    Mr. Tacloban City needs to get the “like…” mannerism out of his system. Very “conyo”.

    In addition, Mr. Oriental Mindoro needs to STAY STILL when talking. His eyes rolling, his posture shifting constantly…. He can a take a cue from the other three.

  2. The WIFI (here) is buckling/baklush atm… Ditey na muna moi. Once it picks up, IF it does, I’ll watch a ME video (earlier post).

    So, from the tags, Blogger Boy is directing these prospects to MrWP, ManhuntP, & GLAM.

    The two halfies, while ripped and gorgeous facially, aren’t very tall and could encounter difficulties at Q&A-heavy campaigns. Therefore, modelling contests for them! Hamilton can go GLAM. Davies could aim to be Paul Luzineau’s successor. JG still holds the Filipinas franchise and he simply appoints… and the Fil-Kiwi was a Mercator model, if he isn’t still.

    The educator is the one that got my interest. A chocolate-skinned beauty from Oriental Mindoro, he was one of the eye-catchers at GP last year; physically, he already has the beginnings – LONG body parts, good proportions, and some muscle definition. Finesse work na lang! Send him to Poland! I am fairly certain he is taller than Denver Hernandez at the very least.

    The Pentathlete? World, of course. He has the patronage of the Ormoc City Mayor and the sponsorship of FrontRow…. The Chinito, I don’t know where to send. But, he’s a baker! 🙂

  3. There is no contest here

    Michael Comaling is the total package…

    He ticks all the boxes…

    Above 6ft
    Clear Symetrical face
    Good bones structure
    At least tri-lingual
    Pleasing personality
    Can Sing, host, model and possibly act.
    A goldmedalist for Pentathlon at the Seagames.

    And most important of all… His ancestry has at least 5 generations of Filipino citizenship from all sides…

    He can bulk up to add more chunk to his athletic frame and win it!

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