6 comments on “The Eco Angels of Miss Earth 2020 welcome October

  1. ‘Hoping that Roxie does well! I find her beauty “expensive.” She’s crown worthy, maski ano! Kasi alam na natin, baka mabash kung top crown.

  2. I like Miss Philippines here. She is wearing fashionable yet very comfortable outfit revealing her beautiful back.

  3. … Also happens to be the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to savor the Fall harvest – MOON CAKE!

    Yummy. 🙂

    Also came to mind are “lansones” (“rambutan” earlier), and pumpkins for HALLOWEEN!

    ‘Oh, ‘buti pa si Brittany (MAustraliaE), naka-face shield. Panalo ‘to sa #CovidCraze Prelims.

    Mr. Tinio, sino po ‘yan’g nasa putikan (irrigation ditch?)? White-ish hair? Bakit ‘andiyan siya? Y?

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