7 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 for Luxxe Reveal DD Stick

  1. I like how Paula, Ericka (Evangelista, MUP-Rizal), and Riana are just simply enjoying the product.


    Guys, you saw MUT’s take on MUP’s Manila Hotel “siege”? Pathinya (the rouge matured her without necessarily aging her), Wanvisa (very chic dress!), and of course Punika were for me the memorable ones. Praewwanich’s dress could do without that mound of fabric at the sleeve; from the side, it conceals her neck… AWFUL dress on Amanda (sigh). I like that Emmy is pulling back.

  2. Alaiza nailed this hands down.

    Rabiya looks pretty but she’s not using the product..

    Apriel looks good, I wish she fixed her hair 1st and the badlighting ruined this supposed to be amazing shot…

    Bella looks good but it’s too realistic of a selfie… I wish she made this look more proffesionaly done like Alaiza’s…

  3. That girl in the lower grid, 2nd to the right, top row, is very pretty. Covergirl gorgeous.

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