19 comments on “The Miss Globe will have its World Finals on November 12, 2020

  1. Send Aya to globe
    If pwede appoint mm for mgi .sobrang bet ni angkol . Ng makuha Naman natin golden crown aminin gusto nyo Rin manalo pinas Ng golden crown

  2. Appoint Hannah Arnold. She’ll have a good head-start since the director likes her.

  3. Appoint Hannah Arnold. She’ll have a good head-start since the director likes her.

  4. I think she should go – as I think this will be her last chance to compete internationally before hitting the age limit. Go for it, but just be careful!

  5. Off topic

    Bella posted that finals will air at 9am on the 25th. Could the time be more or less final? Would make sense though especially if live, with night events limited so far.

    • @ KittyCat Could be any of the following or combination…

      1) Mas mura ang air time sa umaga of Sunday than evening.
      2) Papatak ng 2100H of 24 Saturday sa EST (USA). Ideal for IMG and its creditors to watch?
      3) Feng-shui.


  6. Send those who are about to graduate in pageantry because of age ceiling. Aya Abesamis is an option. Vickie Ruston is another (but better) option. Samantha Bernardo deserves as well the big opportunity to represent the country in this year’s Miss Globe.

    If BPCI decides to send Aya to MG, then Samantha is an excellent choice for this year’s Miss Grand International. And I think Miss International organizers are more than willing to wait for Vickie until next year as they have adjusted the age ceiling (just for her). He, he, he…

    • Vickie and Samantha are not title holders as of now so they cant be sent to MG. If we will participate this year, Aya is the legitimate representative. In the event that MGI 2020 pushes through this year, then it is more appropriate for her to join MGI since sya naman ang current Ms Grand Philippines

      • Inday WRONG ARGUEMENT. SMA can send any girl she wants whether that girl is a current titleholder or NOT. She had done this a number of times in the past. In 1998 for example, Ruffa was offered to represent the country in MU after Tisha Silang was dethroned. However, Ruffa declined the offer and Jewel Lobaton was picked to be the representative. In 1999, Georgina Anne Sandico was appointed as Bb. Pilipinas-International after Lalaine Edson replaced Miriam Quiambao. Georgina who was just a semifinalist was chosen by SMA over the two runners up. Another case is that of Parul Shah. And many more… Pag gusto ka ni SMA ipadadala ka niya whether you are the (current) titleholder or not. She is after all the owner of BPP.

      • @ Baby Nica & @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados

        1) Aya is now 29. MGI’s age ceiling is 28. Unless mag-adjust si Angkol, Aya is out. Besides, ba’t isusugal si Aya kung si 2M naman talaga ang gusto…
        2) Puwede pala semifinalist, ‘eh ‘di si Hannah. Siya gusto ni Biday Pilar, remember? 🙂
        3) If I were Mdme. SMA, I would therefore send either Hannah or Aya.

        WE SHOULD NOT ENCOURAGE THIS “LAST-MINUTE-AGE-CEILING” HABIT. Dapat, may allowance lagi tayo’ng 2 years. So, if 26 ang age ceiling, not older than 24 ang ipadala. Don’t you think borderline-age-ceiling candidates end up as fillers, or Runners-up at best? Majority of international winners/titlists are in the median, neither too young nor old and even then the young ones have a slight edge over the elders in the probability game.

  7. BPCI should send Aya. She has been one if not the most dutiful Bb Pilipinas. Besides, she is fated to represent the Philippines in an international beauty competetion. Just think of the circumstances in Aya’s favor. First, she assumed as Bb Pilipinas after Sam Lo resigned. Then just everybody thought that she could no longer compete because she was about to crown her successor, pandemic came and BB Pilipinas coronation was indefinitely postponed. In addition, Daliart has been very open also with their interest for Aya to represent Philippines. Therefore, Miss Globe is really meant for Aya and Aya is really meant for Miss Globe.

    • I do not think Miss Globe will hold pageant if they have not carefully planned out everything. I believe they have. Everybody is resuming now to usual activities, albeit new normal. MUP, ME, French and US Open tennis championships, PBA, NBA, are just few examples.

    • Tama Serge…I got a strong feeling that Aya will win the second Globe crown for the Philippines:)

      • Awkward naman for you to say that Aya would win tapos Aya is also your nick… Well unless u are actually Aya… Anyway, I support Aya to represent us.

      • Over ka naman serge….positive lang tayo dapat. Who knows magkatotoo ang prophecy ko? Manlilibre ka talaga ng saging sa lahat ng sangkabaklaan:)

  8. I think it is better to skip. SMA postponed their pageant for the safety of all bbp girls. so i think she is also considering the safety of Aya or whoever supposed to be send in albania.

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