4 comments on “On the next episode of the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Ring Light Series

  1. I love Michele’s racial mix- Native Filipino w/ some Chinese and Spanish ancestry… Born in the US and raised in the Philippines… She is the epitome of the term “Asian-Latina”… I hope she’s been trainned well in dancing… I can’t wait for her to answer political questions… She is the perfect girl for that… It’s going to be extremely controversial but I am confident that she can more than handle it and hit the homerun each and every time. I am so excited!

    Btw, Ganda ng hair and make-up..
    Steffanie Guttierez ang peg?!
    Pang MU 2nd RUp???? 😉😉😉

  2. Mr. Tinio, anyare po?

    “Video unavailable. This video has been removed by the uploader”, daw…

    From the persons tagged and the title, I will assume this will be about their make-up classes.

    Christelle Abello of Aklan is much prettier sans make-up; @ Fabian Reyes is right! She will do well at MPE’s “Beauty of Face”. She can pick up from where Celeste Cortesi left off on Boracay beach – “juice of the garbage”.

    In contrast, Maria Fee Tajaran of Romblon handles any amount GORGEOUSLY. If she joins BBP, she is a shoo-in for the Ever Bilena award.

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