18 comments on “QUEENtuhan with Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco

  1. I have long wanted to express this commendation on our Queentuhan hosts: their intelligence, humility and openness make for a very effective session in highlighting interesting dimensions of their guests. They are pageant celebrities in their own right— certified brains-and-beauty queens—but never they did draw attention upon themselves. They constantly focus on their guests and do not hold back in saying they learn from their guests. The entertaining exchanges of ideas make for a very educational experience. Some questions can be penetrating, but the casual way they are asked are not intimidating. Visually I think their informal attire with minimal make-up, and the casual conversational tone, helps lighten up what could otherwise be a mentally-and-emotionally-challenging interview question.

  2. This is a very inspiring and informative episode. Karen Ibasco is one integral beauty queen—exceptrionally beautiful inside and out. She has not only infused physics into the conversation of climate change via pageantry platform—a rarity—but also continues her advocacy in practical manageable bites through her own vlog posts and her active participation in WWF, a renowned environmental NGO. She may be the most cruelly bashed beauty queen, but afer watching this epidode any right-thinking pageant enhusiasts will certainly agree that she absolutely deserves a special niche in the hall of Pageant Greats.


    1st Place – KAREN IBASCO (TOO FAVORED by the organizers & the reason for the global HATRED);
    2nd Place – Jessica Trisko (half Filipina and also favored over more deserving candidates);
    3rd Place – YOU CHOOSE: Olga Álava (Ecuador), Dania Prince (Honduras) & Karla Henry (Phil).

    The most beautiful (facial wise): Hil Hernández (Chile), Tereza Fajksová (Czech Rep) & Alyz Henrich (Ven) though NOT necessary best when it comes to communication skills.

    The MOST unexpected and boring winner: Catharina Svensson of Denmark.

    The MOST deserving Miss Philippines Earth to win Miss Earth title: Sandra Seifert. Pero ginawa lang siya first runner up. Ewan.

  4. nope. walang look. baka iba yon. ung bago walang look. Miss Glamour International lang. check their FB or IG.

  5. sir @norman and guys. Theres a new International pageant based in Mexico! MGI! sounds familiar? Yes by acronym. But in words look more promising. Miss Glamour International will be held on 2021. i stalked their FB pagea and IG. ive read may naka prepared na na 71 countries. pero konti pa lang na po post confirmed members. no idea if meron na pinas. kung meron man i hope bbp ang Franchise holder. may official presentation sila sa FB. what do u think? by the way. their crown designer is george wittel.

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