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  1. Char, char predictions! He, he, he…

    MVU Mariangel Villasmil Arteaga > MUP Michelle Imperial Gumabao
    MVW Alejandra Conde Licón > MWP Ahtisa Manalo or Ysabella Ysmael
    MVI Isbel Cristina Parra Santos > Bb. Pilipinas International Hannah Arnold

    Michelle Gumabao – MU 2nd Runner Up, Mariangel Arteaga – Top 20
    Ahtisa Manalo/Ysabella Ysmael – MW Winner or First Runner Up, Miss, Alejandra Licon – Top 20
    Hannah Arnold – Miss International, Isbel Santos, might enter Top 16/20

    Ano tingin mo FLOR sa aking char, char predictions?

  2. The Equation,

    Osmel Sousa = Miss Venezuela

    Ngayong wala na sa poder ng MVO si Osmel, nawala na rin pati kislap nila!

    Nadagdagan pa ng mga revelation ni Thalia about the org!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Thalia, as in Thalia Olvino from last year?

      Isn’t this new organization the one with Gabriela Isler’s involvement/participation? And which Mariam Habach severed ties with as she joined mass protests against President Maduro?

      THEY NEED A SHOT IN THE ARM. Cannot be business as usual!

      Would Venezolanos consider expatriate “paisanas” to represent them? I imagine living outside Venezuela would give those women a BROADER perspective, hence more apt for the IMG MU. Isn’t there a “little Venezuela” – Doral – in Florida, for example?

      I mean, just look at individuals like Maya Wanvisa Goldman and Nico Bolzico, both of Argentine extraction but very world-wise. I could SO see them representing Argentina in this day & age! 🙂

    • @ClaiRe it’s a lose-lose situation for both parties in your equation. The Miss Venezuela Org is struggling to find success after Osmel departed. Likewise, Osmel without the Venezuelan connection is having such a difficult time producing placements for her new wards, considering that he’s the National Director of at least 2 other South American countries.

  3. The Philippines has come a long way
    Now we can compete against these glamazons
    Key is beauty of face … over fierceness

    • Noted dapat yan: beauty of face, not beauty of Photoshopped face. MU doesn’t need another uninspiring Zozibini (aka MG).

  4. They definitely look so underwhelming now… But I wonder what their beauty scientists have concocted this yeat? I wonder how we’d react as soon as they come-out of their laboratory after their total body overhaul… Who knows, maybe this year they would be bionic aside from having newly attached body parts….

  5. Venezuela never runs out of stunning ladies. With a year of preparation plus surgical enhancements, Team Venezuela will definitely be a force to reckon with

  6. Si mu v ang pinakamaganda. Yun mwp kamukha Nung stepmother Susan sarrandon sa Disney enchanted .Yung mi ….(dead air) why they are sending ehem to mi. Pati Yun shu pit ehem din padala sa mi

  7. after the first thirty minutes of the show, they crowned their Miss World bet to appease the ego of Julia Morley and to send word that their best bet is for MW. one controversy this year was during their online Q & A with the judges. Apparently, one female judge was miffed with the MUV winner and asked her how to connect her Love Myself advocacy to her surgical enhancement. After a tense exchange of words where Mariangel held her ground, she prevailed

  8. This year’s winners are NOT that spectacular in quality or cannot really be considered as striking beauties. But all three are tall and have very good figures. The MU representative most likely will enter the top 20, while the MW representative may enter the top 40 or even reach the top 20. With regard to the MI representative, I have doubts if she will make it to top 16/20.

    However, we have NOT seen the physical transformations YET. Venezuelans are known for that physical (surgical) enhancements, so we cannot really underestimate. So far not really a big threat to the Philippines in the area of global pageantry.

  9. I’d say on the whole, a pretty strong looker team MV 2020. The exit of Osmel did not have much drastic effect on the quality of the MV queens they produce and crown

  10. My honest opinion: Miss world is hot! Miss international kind of pretty but is honestly a horse, sorry. Miss Universe has VERY obvious boob job – like who has boobs pointed erect like that all the time?

    • Yeah, they should have placed her silicon boob under the muscle instead of on top of it… I’m sure they’ll fix that to look more natural…Goodluck w/ breast feeding though…

    • Don’t compare her to Edymar…. Although they both look tranny-ish…Edymar only has large face but not as long and horse-like as this one…. Don’t worry…. A few minor surgery could fix her face… Maybe sew
      up her drooping cheekbones, injectsome plastic on those lips and saw off some bone from her chin and jaw… Viola! They got a winner!

    • Vicky’s face and boobs indeed are starting to droop but there is nothing a few nips and tucks could not fix…. I’m more worried about Vicky’s nerves…. Miss SLW horse-face could easily outrun her in that aspect.

  11. With regard to the three Venezuelan ladies who have been crowned to represent their country on the international stages of MU, MW and Ml, Ozzo’s comment below is on point. I don’t find any “wow factor” in them. Their styling is remarkably formulaic, and the girls are typically overdone with the “nakakasawang” look.

    That’s all.

  12. If my understanding is correct, Venezuela is back in staging a national pageant to crown the three most deserving beautiful ladies for MU, MW and MI beauty pageants. They are sashaying the impression that MWO wants a separate national pageant for an MW delagate per country. And, take note, they leave out ME from the roll, which implies that, to date, the most prestigious beauty pageants on the planet remain to be MU, MW and MI.

    Any violent reaction?

    That’s all.

    • Ana Winter-Lund Hiwalay naman ‘ata talaga MVE….

      I’m actually impressed that they STILL have ALL THREE. Not even MSA (no International)…

      This was virtual, for the most part if I am not mistaken. Let’s see what the inaugural stand-alone MUC will put out, considering Colombia with in excess of 800k SARS-Cov2 cases is 5th worldwide!

      • I did not watch their pageant, Flor. So, online din pala ang naging presentation nila. Well, I think that’s the trend. Regardless, pero sa iisang pageant pa rin kinoronahan ang MUV, MUW, at MUI.

        I am sure Colombia will crown another stunning lady in their country.

        That’s all.

  13. Wow… the prettiest is being sent to Miss World…
    I guess their gunning for the MW crown this year…
    At least it’s less competition for Universe and International… I suspect that the next Miss Universe would be from the Americas but not Venezuela or Colombia… Possibly from Central America & the Caribean… Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. are sending their best bets…

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