13 comments on “The Musings of Sandra Lemonon

  1. Purpose? She comes across as clueless as to what to do to have stable income.

    Mag-negosyo siya. Like Rachel Peters. Just start something. Then, what she makes from that can, in turn, serve as capital for further-future ventures. Lipat-lang ng pera! 🙂

    She studied Art in Macao, right? Can she accept commissions? How about applying for Design positions at prestigious Marketing firms? With her now many show business connections, easy.

    • Lipat-lipat lang…

      Or, kung open-minded siya, mag-Sales. Kahit ano. I doubt few customers will decline someone so beautiful.

      It might help to explore new territory! You might like it. And only one way to know… GO FOR IT. 🙂

  2. Build build build , that was so 2018
    I hope you have learned your lesson and moved on from it
    She is one of the prettiest this yr …
    I think she can win if she aces her Q&A

  3. Not a fan of these public confessionals. Self-hate, dark hole, unworthiness? Those are heavy topics to invoke without providing context. If you really want to help someone through your experiences, then provide the whole story. Otherwise this reads like an anemic “I’m pretty, I’m misunderstood, I’m suffering” indulgence.

  4. I Love everything in this shot. the dress is 😍. magandang gawing opening dress ng mup. pero iba iba kulay. sandra is still a frontrunner. i just hope stop na nya mag post ng SS pics na mabibigyan ng punang hinde maganda. especially if she wins. understand its her right to post everything she wants. But she need to think the limits. isantabi muna ang ganoong bagay while competing and wins/ after reign. MUP and MU has limits. mup and mu winners are representing the organization and not theirselves.

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