13 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Ring Light Series Episode 1

  1. tito @normant sa baguio daw po yata ang finals? The reasons are understandable if ever doon nga ganapin. ang tanong saan naman kay doon? they will use universities stage or they will go outdoor? la me alam sa baguio so anyone who can tell possible venues for mup coronation?

    • @ jed HAH! Nagkatotoo ‘yun’g biro ko. 🙂

      Universities? Saint Louis, University of the Cordilleras, UP, and NU ang alam ko….So, ‘di na MOA?

      The Laperal House is a DREAMY backdrop for a NatCos showcase! BenCab’s Tam-awan Village, too. The Baguio Botanic Garden is SPACIOUS, ideal for social distancing. I don’t know if the City Government will allow use of The Mansion for VIP-sponsor receptions…

      North Luzon and CAR probably because of relatively lower SARS-Cov2 cases is ideal but right now only tourists from Region 1 – Ilocos Norte and Sur, La Union, and Pangasinan – are allowed entry, though before they go they have to secure hotel reservation and produce health clearance.

      Also, November ang start ng high season (read : higher-than-usual hotel rates), so habang October go! Kahit kami noon, tuwing Semestral Break kami nagpupunta. Although mahal pa ang strawberry dahil off-season dahil kaunti pa (double the price of the February to April harvest, Panagbenga….).

      • Add University of Baguio and Philippine Military Academy. Baguio opens its door to tourists from region 1 this October first. Launching of the opening last Sept 15 with consultations b/n DOT sec and gov officials from region 1. Sept 21 opening moved to Oct 1 due to new + covid cases

      • @ john manalo Oh, I thought the 21/22 Sept opening happened. Thanks a lot for the update.

        From 21 to 1 is a week or so… Hopefully it is enough time to stem further spread…

        Yeah, now I recall UB! I’ve been there. Please excuse my memory gaps. It’s a BIG school. 🙂

    • I’m in Baguio and this rumor is making me giddy af. Although locals are sooooo against having tourists right now. Silip nalang kayo sa PIO baguio page on FB and you’ll see the comments against tourists anytime soon and it seems like the news of possible MUP here hasn’t reached the locals ears yet.
      But yeah, finals venue if you are looking for a stage and auditorium setup, UB gym would be most ideal, it’s where most concerts take place. I know Baguio Convention Center has been renovated and if they dont plan on having much of an audience, that would be good but the stage would need so much work. But come to think of it, Shamcey has ties with Baguio Country Club. So having it in their largest ballroom might be possible too.

  2. I learned something new today – TENT POLE. My first time to encounter the term. 🙂

  3. Many of the girls speak really well. Michele ends up to be the one sounding rehearsed …. even though she was the finale of the first episode .
    So It’s gonna be anyone’s game . Whoever gives the most impactful answer will win the pageant . It’s destiny waiting to happen to one lucky girl .

    BTW, Biliran impressed . I wasn’t expecting her to sound that way .

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