12 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2, Episode 3

  1. Makati is pretty and very articulate
    I guess you didn’t watch SamBrusas’ interview

    And Baguio is very charming

  2. Tito Norman , maybe you could spice up the interview by asking them the basic stuff like abt family and education

    • @ Fabian Reyes Uhhmmm…. CAG interviewed Chantong, Martin Sy (Munez’s 1st Runner-up), and Gocheco (the 2018 winner, no?) in SF. That was a bit spicy. I think ’twas “Boys’ Night Out”.

      Resumes/curriculum vitae should be available at ChinoyTV, if not at Mr&MsCPhl page, mismo.

      Would basic stuff interest most viewers? Sometimes, we are left to catch bits and pieces here and there… In this interview alone, we learn 1) Nina and her brother are not staying at their grandma’s house for fear of inadvertently passing on the SARS-Cov2 virus. Her current beau, Tanchip, was with the 2018 batch himself, 2) Jacob (was born and?) grew up in the USA and joined the Armed Services for a time, which he described as “sobra’ng disiplina at hirap”. Of course, we already know he is now husband and father, and through his wife is linked to the Ever Bilena enterprise.

      What might be missed is that NOT all candidates are from Manila. Marie Que herself is from Mindanao. Mr. Tinio devoted a post to her some time ago; you probably recall that still… Archives!

      In any case, I do know for a fact that the candidates are quite articulate in general and their individual profiles at their pageant page reveal MUCH. Go there and see for yourself, po. 🙂

      • I don’t think the guy grew up in the States . He doesn’t have the demeanor and the accent of one . The body habitus and the skin alone are a give away . Para syang Lyna boy

      • @ Fabian Reyes Oh, yeah. You’re right…. Now, I wonder why I got to thinking that…

        I watched it again. He (simply stated that he) spent seven (7) years in the States.

        Green card holder siya, Mr. Tinio? Kasi, he also said he has to finish the PBA Bubble “before going back”… Could account partly for why he’s “puyat”. USA time pa rin ang bio-clock niya, po?

  3. Actually, one of my wishlists to join major beauty pageants is Marie Que, a former Miss Chinatown. She is beautiful, intelligent, and queenly.

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