16 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: My Pre-Ring Light Series Selection of 20

  1. My mup Pauline amelincx
    First ru Bella the ballerina
    2nd ru Isabel galleria
    Mga walang away na maganda vow. Yun di na kailangan. Mag defense at ipaglaban ang beauty

  2. My Top faves in Random Order….

    1. Michelle Gumabao- Gurrl u better step yow pussy up cause the other girls are getting close and might snatch the crown from u… Your only edge over them front runners is your comskills & personality but those are not enough for you to hit the homerun in a BEAUTY PAGEANT!… I want a lean-fit top model on corronation night! i know you would SLAAAY the q&a but I also want you to look drop dead gorgeous doing it! And hopefully at that moment, I would whole heartedly say aoohhhww she is MISS UNIVERSE!!!

    2. Isabela Galleria- the whole nurse and patient storyline is genius! IMO, the pandemic and u being infected actually brought u closer to the crown… gurl, you got the ideal beauty and modeling skills of an international winner… We just need your confidence in communicating to back it up! My advice would be milk this situation upto the last drop… We need you to speak more! Who knows, you might actually win!

    3. Pauline Amelinckx- I love your hunger for the crown… I see the dedication… You got the beauty, comskills & modeling skills to win our national title… But would your sash and comskills be enough for you to make the TOP 5 of MU? Anyway I love that you are getting leaner and modelesque… A healthy tan and RF on the cheeks could easily secure your Top3 placement but you need a better storyline than the 2 other girls for you to win the top prize!

    4. Alaiza Malinao- another ideal storyline .. Your physical beauty and modeling skills is definitely the one to beat!.. I see the confidence and hunger… I just want more substance during interviews to prove yourself worthy and win it!

    5. Bella Yshmael- You got the beauty, experience, & pedigree to win the crown, I love the personality and comskills… You actually got the good to win an international crown but is it MU?!… The social media campaign is working but I still need that big bang fron you that would slay the competition… I was hoping u also would catch Covid 19 but I the other girl already beat u to it… You just meed a meatier juice to propell u to the top… and Please, you may not be the tallest girl but you can fix that with FASHIOOOWN!!! GIVE US DRAMA ON THE RUNWAY!!!

    6. Apriel Smith- You are the total package… well almost… You have the looks, the body, the experience in modeling and pageantry… You can speak… but we need a more meaty story from you so we could root for you to win… I want you to speak your mind.. there a lot of viral topics to choose from… We want your opinion… Bare your soul and show us that you desserve win!

    For the rest of you, goodluck!

    • Why would you want anyone to catch covid just for a crown? Geez. I hope that wasn’t serious.

      • Oh please… Covid19 is nothin… I suggested far worse than my usual beucal fat or rib removal…

      • Um, sure. If you call a sickness that has caused almost a million deaths and counting around the world “nothing,” sure. The candidates are young and healthy, and probably have the financial means to get good medical services. But the people they may potentially infect as carriers of the disease, including the elderly and healthcare workers, we’re not certain. Covid for clout and crown? That’s really kind of revolting.

      • @Alyssa

        Yeah, sure… Get over it!…
        If you can’t… then sue me! 😆😅😂🤣

      • Too bad she’s too cute for MU and her back story pails in comparisson to the other girls…

      • @ Closer2Fame Anyare, po? ‘Asa 6-Pick niyo naman si Pauline. 😦

        …UNLESS poser ‘to, Admin….

        Guys, kung wala’ng back story, puwede ba’ng advocacy na lang? Anu’ng mas matimbang sa IMG?

      • @Flor

        Im no poser & I mean what I say.
        Yes Pauline is in my TOP 6.. but to me, here highest placement would be 1st runner up… Her beauty is not for MU.

        IMO the crown would go to either Michell, Bella, Alaiza or maybe even Isabela.. I highly doubt if Pauline or Apriel would get the top prize.

  3. Northern/Central Luzon means the two from Pampanga, the karaoke kween from Cagayan, Baguio City, the rider from Aurora, the two Ilocana’s, and Elcano from Batanes… who did I miss, Mr. Tinio?

    If I were Cluster Head for “Luzon Nord” AP’s, I would be devastated…. But, we are grateful for the trust, the opportunity. We look forward to hosting the 2nd edition of stand-alone MUP once the SARS-Cov2 pandemic wanes. We are excited to show you around, and go “BeyondTheCoastlines.


    Tracy Maureen Perez will also be sad. Still, rally on for Apriel and Lou!

    General Santos City was a delightful surprise, Blogger Boy. You will get tuna from the food courier, as a token of gratitude and appreciation from the LGU. Not CT, not chunks in a tin can. Enjoy!

      • Pangasinan, too.

        I’m surprised Pampanga/Central Luzon failed to make an impression; I thought Nicole Silvernale Of Angeles City… Seems Tiglao and Tarlac’s Omay (currently slugging it out at AFDQ) are the Cluster’s more prominent queens atm, in addition of course to Baguio City’s Baeyens.

        Mr. Tinio, PLEASE convince last year’s Mutia ti Naguilian to make a go for the A&Q “Fresh” auditions for MWP 2020/21, po! And Saniata ti Ilocos Sur’s Donna Erno. 🙂

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