7 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 3 Teaser

  1. Honestly Tito Norman has the knack for ‘it’
    He said he doesn’t have the time to interview every single MUP candidate
    But he has time to spend with the Chinatown people

    • @ Fabian Reyes What exactly do you mean by “it’, po? Not sarcastic, hopefully….

      This is so far his FIRST (if not only) episode for Ms&MrCPhl. And the guests aren’t even candidates-in-the-2020-running, but past titlists… At nagpapaalam muna siya, siyempre.

      Also, today is the beginning of the Ring Light series. Out of deference to MUPO, he can resume individual features tomorrow. He did say in the Perlyn Cayona post, “I must interview (most, if not all of) them”. Siya pa pagkakaitan nina JG at Mdme. SSL ng pagkakataon? 🙂

  2. Mr. Tinio, sina Jacob may-ari ng Ever Bilena, no?

    I will be more stringent and cut down to 15 – Maria Isabela, Chiara, Caroline, Perlyn, & Weam (15-11), Adee, Zandra, Christelle, Maria Fee, & Cebu’s Finest (10-6), and Bella, Alaiza, Paula, Pauline, & Mitch (5-1).

    Over at MUT, my initial 10-pick will be Pathinya (frightfully skinny atm but very pretty so she just needs to put on muscle if ever she wants to try again…), Thaweeporn (Aoom), Alexandra (the Thai equivalent of Evelina Papantoniou), Amanda, & Emmy (10-6), Praewwanich will be Kim Docekalova, Chayanthus (Cher-aim) will be Patraporn Wang, Praveenar Singh will be Tanachapon Boonsang, Polfah Punika Kunsorntornrat will be Miriam Somnpromas, and Maya Wanvisa Goldman will be Paweensuda Drouin. Their Final will be in two weeks! 🙂

      • @ Norman The reason I asked is I saw a post long ago (‘di ko maalala kung FB, IG, or YT) where his (then) infant son attended his (the baby) first Board Meeting at the company. 🙂

        I think it was captioned something like, “heir to the Ever Bilena cosmetics empire”.

        Then I also saw a post on Jacob’s FB of him bathing his boy… I think this is a tradition in Chinese families? Fathers take a direct, hands-on role in raising sons?

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