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    • @ Fabian Reyes If it will require winning MUP to coax-prompt-force this reconciliation, then no.

      THE BEST RECONCILIATIONS HAPPEN AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC EYE, WHEN BOTH PARTIES AT ALREADY AT PEACE. War is a drug, like excitement and adventure. But it is tiring.


    • Another reason she cannot WIN the MUP title – inaway nila (Sandra’s Team) si Bessie Besana.

  1. MUP is not game over yet . Despite Paul’s multiple desperate attempts to hype ( up) Michelle’s worth , it’s still any one’s game .
    And Sandra is one of those who could clinch it

    • Desperate attempts…! Ha, ha, ha… Simpleng tanong at term (na hindi naintindihan ni Celeste Cortesi) kung kaya bang masagot ni Sandra – How can we reduce the high rate of malnutrition in the Philippines?

  2. Sobra si Sandra , pang MU talaga . Very smart and classy . She needs to gain more confidence .. and ‘own it ‘

    • Try nya sagutin ang tanong na ito Fabian – What kind of affirmative action program does the Philippine Government need to implement in order to lessen if not totally eradicate the growing threat of violent extremism in the country especially in the south?

      Ikaw Fabian try mo rin sagutin ang tanong na ito at graduate ka pa naman ng UP Manila.

  3. Ang KABAITAN ay ISA lamang sa mga konsiderasyon sa pagpili ng mananalo. HINDI ito ang TANGING batayan. MARAMI pang IBA katulad ng kaalaman at husay sa pagsagot sa mga tanong bukod sa natatanging GANDA.

    Ang tanong – Marami na bang ALAM si Sandra sa mga nangyayari sa ating bansa at sa buong mundo? Nagbabasa at nanonood na ba siya ng mga balita araw-araw? Alam ba niya na may pandemyang nangyayari ngayon sa sangkatauhan? Alam ba niya kung papaano makaiwas na mahawa ng sakit na ito at iba pang impormasyon na kinakailangan tungkol sa COVID 19.

    Kung ang sagot ay – OO. Mabuti. Laging tandaan hindi kabaitan ang tanging magpapanalo sa isang kandidata at LAMANG ang may maraming ALAM. Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.

    • Wag ka dito magtanong.
      Punta ka sa social media pages niya.
      Siya tanungin mo diretso.
      Pag sumagot si Sandra, ipost mo dito.
      Trying hard to be pabibo pero nagmumukha kang engot kakatahol sa maling puno 😅

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados See? Told you war is addictive.


        I respectfully suggest to go outside and tend your plants. Let Sandra’s Team do their job.

        Her participation is evidence that A&Q is unloading old/immovable stock – Riana, Mitch, Apriel, herself – to make way for new blood – Hannah, Pat Babista, Carina, Pauline, Paula, Cinderella, Shaina, the “FRESH” recruitment for MWP. This is clear feng-shui.

        Something similar was done at KF some time ago. But I’ll leave that for Blogger Boy to discuss…

    • Uyy! Triggered sa comment ko si Paul, because it’s true.
      Naka all-caps pa 😝
      Tanong ka ng tanong dito, blog ito ni Norman not Sandra.
      As I’ve said before, present your numerous questions directly sa social media accounts ni babae.
      It’s ironic that common sense isn’t so “common” & seems to be a rarity for some people 😅

  4. Beauty wise Pak na Pak .kaya makipagsabayan sa dyosang mananalo fr kamuning
    Happy bday dear if the results doesn’t blend w your plans you can always join mwp

    • @ bonsaihater Parehas kayo ni @ jed ng iniisip….

      What if The Camp opts to field Bella, too? Just assume neither win next month.

      If so, the results at this inaugural stand-alone MUP will provide indication as to how well Lemon can fend off the Roxas scion. And if a repeat showdown at MWP between the Cities of Taguig and Paranaque would be feasible.

      • @flor Sandra beauty wise and I’ve met her in person Hindi suplada at charming. Nagpa pic ako w my niece. Maganda talaga sya tall enough 5’6 true 5’6 and utterly charming. I heard she can speak Spanish . She can do well w Reina .
        Bella is facially beautiful . My concern w Bella is she is not statusque but she is so graceful and screaming class. Bella might do well w Alvin pageants . I’m not sure if she can join bbp being related to the aranetas can you enlighten me if Bella can join bbp? She is mi prototype

      • @ bonsaihater Given her pedigree, I doubt Arnold would decline her. However, her classy-elitist image is not what makes for a bountiful show business career in the country, so I am thinking he would give her NOT the “not-Blue Crown” (BREAKING NEWS : the new MW crown, for 2021, is reportedly NOT blue!). I get a Kimi Mugford vibe from her; she can be sent to India assuming the SARS-Cov2 pandemic can be properly contained then. Egypt (Eco-International) at best. The recent less-than-desired results with the “similarly-alta’s” – Rodriguez and Laura – prove old money simply will not cut it.

        Now, a BBP-International win would be glaringly tantamount to crass nepotism! AGAIN, Bella would more probably get a minor crown. MY DEAR SWEET ANGKOL WILL LOVE HER. 🙂

        Her being a baylerina will make it peanuts for her to execute a LETHAL tornado walk at MGI. All she needs to come up with prior is a well-choreographed poolside pasarela to delight and stun all.

  5. mas bet ko talaga sya sa RHA. ung pakisawsaw nya sa issue ni maureen at alv is forgivable naman. pero nasa tao kung paano nya i interpret ung nasabi ni sandra. do you think alv will allow her to step in until to become a titlist? But i think a top placement in MUP is possible.

    • @ jed When Sandra joined MWP 2016, Mdme. CQ held the franchise… For the sake of argument that RHA was already here, Arienne Calingo, by virtue of her being the 1st Princess, would have been sent to Bolivia. What was Sandra at the time?… 3rd or 4th Princess?

      Would ALV treat her any better and give her a higher placement if she opted to “return” for a fourth (4th) attempt at representing Philippines internationally? Look at this presumptive timeline – 2016 MWP, 2018 BBP, 2020 MUP, and 2021 MWP (again). But yes, at 26 she is still OK age wise.

      The question is – WHAT NEW THING DOES SHE BRING TO THE TABLE? Otherwise, why bother? Nagbabaka-sakali lang for celebrity-related employment opportunities? Like Cortesi? Pero kung sa bagay, ALV is in show business and Sandra as a former “Dos” talent sounds tempting….

      • @flor bet cortesi and Sandra I could attest that the bday girl has a good heart. I think it’s impt for a country rep to have this..people around her always say she is mabait. Her problem is di sya updated sa current events at it girl Yun packaging nya ..in two years she learned fr her weaknesses and I’m sure she will come back stronger. I’m not saying she will win mup Alam Naman natin Sino bet ko(p) pero Alam ko lalaban talaga si Sandra this time .who could ignore Sandra’s body form.

  6. Flor napakarami ng post ni Norman after kay MG. However, MOST of them are struggling. Some cannot even generate 10 comments. Meron pa ngang NAGREKLAMO na anim na oras NA pero bakit wala pa rin daw nagko-comment kay Miss Sulop, Davao del Sur. Yung iba inabot na ng isang araw o mahigit wala ay pa rin. As of this writing ako lang ang nag-comment kay Miss Baguio. Ako lang ang NAGANDAHAN sa kanya. He, he, he… Pero si Michelle Gumabao humahataw pa rin at mahigit 60 comments na.

    Paki-explain nga Flor (with your expertise in Social Sciences, Psychographics & Pageantry). He, he, he… Salamat Flor. Magandang umaga sa iyo.

    • @ paul Fren, I am neither a product of CAL nor CSSP. What LITTLE I know of “araling panlipunan” I only learned in a brief span of time, at work…. Anyway, if you like Bea Maynigo, then by all means provide her post with traffic. If it is any consolation, a Thailand-based vlogger shares your admiration of her. I even mentioned her in the Perlyn Yamuta Cayona post (about Baguio City opening up to tourists again last Tuesday and what she plans to do about it).

      There is no social science, really. If you like a candidate, you comment in her favor. Conversely, you demolish the competition. This is WAR. 🙂

      Also, bear in mind that Mr. Tinio is earning from the traffic. You are helping him. He blogs for a living, after all. It doesn’t matter where you comment. Important is to get comments & reactions.

      • So ani na lang ang mahitabo Flor, magsige na lang ug post si Norman about MG para daghan ug mo-post ug comments. He, he, he… Good afternoon.


      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Fren, hindi mo na dapat pinatulan. Ikaw tuloy ang buking.

        ‘Eto’ng si AR, tagal na siya todits… He also manifests as “I” (makes me think he has three separate accounts – I, II, and AR as is).

        The REAL reason Lemon got special mention (read : her own birthday post) is because she and Mitch are official Cream Silk endorsers. Mr. Tinio, if you recall, commented previously to questions as to why the lay-outs of the two were released ahead of the other MUP candidates and the reason was that the couple (Mitch and Sandra) were part of the celebrity launch (which I assume included the Sorsogon First Lady, heir to the Barrio Fiesta restaurant fortune, I think). ARTISTA, MARKETABLE, BANKABLE. MUPO probably will get a share in their TF’s. Bottom line, remember? This post might even be part of the bundle/deal. But knowing Blogger, he will be mum.

      • Hayaan mo lang Flor. Tingnan natin kung ano ang sagot. At kung sino ang… ha, ha, ha…

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