17 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Spotlight on Perlyn Cayona of Zamboanga Del Sur

  1. Glad to know that you feature our very own Perlyn Cayona. She was born and raised in a very remote area of Gumpingan, Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur.The locals here are farmers, coconut growers and animal raisers. They happened to own such a large area of land but they cultivated it with their own hands, planted their own food and fruit trees.Its glad to note that we dont have a well-constructed roads and Perlyn did experienced walking in long miles just to go to school. She is not different from us except that she’s taller than the kids her age. In our barrio, teenagers tend to marry early and its interesting to emphasized that education is not a priority of the people here. In fact I can attest that there are only few of us who finished school in our place.
    Ive known her since she was a kid since we are neighbors. The local settlers here knew each other so much.We are proud that she continue to pursue her dreams.May it be that she will never forget her roots and where she came from.
    God bless.

  2. She’s 22 yo. Graduated and passed the criminology board 2016….
    Doesn’t sound right graduating college …’at 17’ 😊
    “ I learned the truth at seventeen
    That love was meant for beauty queens…”🎼🎹🎤

    • @ G …. and High School girls with clear-skinned smiles who married young and then retired…

      And those of us with ravaged faces, lacking in the social graces, desperately remained at home, inventing lovers on the phone… They called to say, “come dance with me”. And murmured vague obscenities…

      WE ALL PLAY THE GAME. AND WHEN WE DARE, CHEAT OURSELVES AT SOLITAIRE. Inventing lovers on the phone… Repenting other lives unknown…. 🙂

      • @flor, actually she would have been 18,
        But that song kept ringing in my ears every now and then,😊…
        Nice to be innocent at 17 again…🤗
        I’m from the same Peninsula….but on the City site😉
        So, good luck to her🙏

      • @flor, my reply got lost somewhere…Take 2😄
        Actually, she would have been 18….
        But that Song kept ringing in my ears every now and then..
        Nice to be young and innocent ‘at 17’ 🤗
        I’m from the same Peninsula….but the City area😊
        So, I wish her all the best! 🙏

  3. I remember her @Beyonfd the Coastlines video. So, the coconut-grating, palay-winnowing, carabao riding beauty is a policewoman wannabe. Fascinating! Knowing that her province is a hotbed of insurgency and ethnic strife, for a beautiful woman to harbor that ambition is very remarkable. She is phenomenal indeed!

    • @ scorg I do not want to sound condescending. But in many parts of the country where “finer” options as far as tertiary education is concerned, Criminology is a commonly-offered course. And it might also not be an expensive one like Medicine…. But, yes, scholarships abound, naman.

      What is also laudable is recent legislation has been pushed, towards lowering the height minimum for the Constabulary service. So, young women at least 5’2″ and young men at least 5’4″ can be! 🙂

      I recall my first time in Bangkok. The traffic cops weren’t incredibly tall, either.

      • @Flor, yes you sound condescending (joke only!). But that’s the reality. In most rural areas, colleges specializing in Criminology, Marine Sciences, Caregiiver Courses and the likes are the only available accessible and affordable option. Upscale courses like Medicine, Engineeering and Accounting are not, and if accessible, not affordable. But we have to give credit to Perlyn for aspiring for a future in peacekeeping. It takes guts.

      • @ scorg Enjoy your mid-day repast, fren. Manila is six (6) hours ahead of where you are, right?

  4. Mr. Tinio, si Nina (Soriano?) po ba ‘yun’g MUP-Pangasinan na na-feature niyo rin, po, dati? Na Christian ang family?…

    I see what might be a trend. Girls who grew up in large (more than 3 children) families, not in the big city, working the farm and/or doing sports in school, become taller-than-average. Alaiza, also.

    (Mitch and Aldo REALLY MUST settle in Zambales eventually and raise a family there.)

    Perlyn, guys if you recall in her “Beyond The Coastlines” video, was the one who grated coconut, pounded rice, and rode the water buffalo (carabao) wagon,… in shorts. Doesn’t she resemble Aubrey Miles? 🙂

    And speaking of those videos, Mr. Tinio, I am reminded that local tourism was one of the thrusts mentioned by MUPO when they took off. What of that now? For one thing, Baguio City (and soon hopefully Boracay) re-opened borders to (Ilocano) tourists two days ago. What do Bea Maynigo and Christelle Abello plan to do (about it)?

    • Local tourism – without this pesky pandemic – is a joy to promote. If only road, sea and plane travels are not restricted, then it would be a cool thing to spend time on.

    • @Flor, I stumbled a few years ago a scientific study on why Filipinos are relatively shorter than their Asian counterparts, and why those raised in rural areas are taller than their urban counterparts. It says that Filipinos, especially city dwellers, tend to sleep late. Sleeping early is crucial during the growing-up years. Knowing the lifestyle in the city, where choildren are still glued on exciting late-night shows, it is no wonder city dwellers tend to be shorter than those raised in the provinces.

      • @ scorg ! Muy bien

        … and the links with the BPO (“call center”) industry. @ unorthodox, age bracket mo ‘to. SHOW @ scorg’s comment to YOUR children. DON’T think that just because you guys have to burn the midnight oil that your kids should, too, ostensibly to “keep you company”.

        In general. I believe globalization and the Internet, while allowing the world to come together more easily, has messed up our species’ biochemistry BIG time. Sedentary lifestyle diseases, lots of options as far as convenience (“trash”) food,… Just look at this pandemic! HAD AIR TRAFFIC FROM CHINA BEEN HALTED COMPLETELY FROM THE START, NONE OF THIS…. (sigh). 😦

      • @ scorg … Also, more and more families residing in cramped city condominiums as land and Nature run out.

        Michael Kors defined luxury as, “natural light, open space, spare time, peace and quiet…”.

        Makes you wonder if perhaps the likes of Perlyn, Nina, and Alaiza are the REAL RICH of today. 🙂

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