11 comments on “QUEENtuhan with Venus Raj

  1. Dapat mag guest sina Venus and Miriam sa Ashtie Nights Team Korona tingnan lang natin kung hindi sila ma vertigo

  2. parang may mali na kay Venus… di naman masama ang magkaroon ng faith pero kapag nasosobrahan na parang iba na ang dating,. tapos pinipilit nya pa magkaroon ng english twang ewan ko basta may mali talaga ang hirap lang iexplain.

  3. Venus has come a long way . She’s obviously more confident now . But the road she and Miriam are taking .. idk .

    • I mean Gary V’s spiritual journey s fine
      But Miriam’s and Venus’ ??? It’s lunacy

  4. I wish tv had been nice to her. I dont why they fired her from UKG . I thought she was doing a great job . Her energy and enthusiasm was very evident .

  5. Seeing Venus brings back Vegas memories. Not to mention the fact that my joints are 10 years older 😉

    Side note, gone are the days when MU details are announced months in advance. The org really needs an owner with pageant passion.

  6. One of my favorite Ms. Philippines.
    She certainly had that “winning glow” during MU finals back in 2010.
    Could have been our 5th MU winner if not for the Q&A.
    Not fond of Q&As in pageants because people tend to judge a candidate’s intellect based on her/his manner of speaking. Highly overrated aspect in pageantry.
    Politicians are good public speakers but would you trust a politician? Never!

    • Actually, mas tinitignan ng mga tao ang delivery over content… Minsan kahit delivery lang yung maganda, nagmumukhang matalino…

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