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  1. Tulad ng nasabi ko sa Titas,

    May TV partner, nga-nga naman sa pre-pageant activities so paano mo makikilatis yung personality ng mga babaita!

    Wala rin namang direct income para sa mga girls yung pagpo-post nila ng Havaianas at Downy banlaw dahil hindi naman sila ang direct contact nung advertiser!

    In fact, as one of the insider have mentioned, the girls are required to pay 25k each as sort of joining fee kaya hindi pa man nanalo may utang na! Empowerment nga talaga, uyyy!

    Ang Binibini nai-singit mag-glamshot photo! Ang Miss Venezuela na mas late sa MUP ang launch, nakapag-glamshot din! And most recently, ang MU-Thailand, hitik na hitik sa pre-pageant activities! And kung ang Century Tuna eh nakapag-execute ng live pageant despite the quarantine restriction, what’s hindering MUP to do so?

    Which all boils down to pera pera! Talagang walang pondo!

    • gurl may Ring Light series naman, dun mo kilatisin personality ng mga candidates. And bago ka magcompare ng national pageants you might want to take into consideration how successful each county’s covid response and containment is. Busog lusog sa pre-pageant activities sa Thailand kasi kumilos yung gobyerno nila at successful sila sa pagpigil ng spread ng covid. Eh dito sa Pilipinas? Wala, inuna munang gumastos ng almost Php400Million para sa buhangin na inaanod pag malakas ang ulan, tapos saka magpapapresscon na ‘wala na tayong pera’ para sa covid response kaya dasal dasal na lang na may ibang bansa nang makaimbento ng vaccine.

      Tapos yung Century Tuna wala naman silang pre-pageant activities na required magkita kita in person kaya nairaos nila. Yung finals night lang ang physically conducted, and sa case ng MUP next month pa yun so hindi pa natin majjudge

      as to the swelduhan ng mga girls at yung supposed 25k each payment, wala ako masyado alam dyan so hindi maganda kung kukuda ako about jan. Pero like what I have been commenting before, iba iba ang sitwasyon sa bawat bansa kaya iba iba rin ang approach nila sa mga pre-pageant ganaps nila, kaya walang sense magcompare at magpabonggahan ngayon.

  2. Why are some so dead set about making an issue na walang persa ang MUPO? Hindi nyo ba naconsider na baka IMG mismo yung walang pera. IMG ang nagrequire sa mga NDs to have a candidate by Nov. 1 dahil gusto nilang ituloy ang MU. At unfair kung mag aappoint lang ng delegate ang MUP Org given na meron na silang official candidates even before the pandemic happened.

    Sa totoo lang ang daming complications nito outside money issues. Pero syempre sa mga utak ng mga anti-MUP Org nakumbinsi na nila sarili nila na pera pera lang talaga to. No matter how many other reasons ang lumabas, hindi na makikinig yang mga yan kasi sarado na mga utak nila, biased kasi.

    • @ unorthodox Ah-hahahaah….!

      Una ko’ng narinig ‘yan’g “pera-pera na lang” mula sa isa’ng pageant vlogger na baby-faced. 🙂

      Grabeh IMG! ‘Sus, kung ganyan ang trato nila sa mga ND nila, mabuti na lang pala at nag-bail-out na ang BPCI.

      My take lang naman…. November coincides with “book-closing-for-the-fiscal-year” in some business circles. Smells like a creditor lurking. SARS-Cov2 pandemic notwithstanding. What’s the rush now? BPCI and JM/MW/ALV must be laughing their (beep!)’s off.

      Is the MU 2020 (Mouawad) crown the prize for “Best ND/Franchisee”? Well, if so, I find neither Emmy nor Amanda queenly enough. Praewannich, probably…. Please tell MUT, po.

      • @Flor if reports are true that WME-IMG mandated MUO to be self-sustaining then that must be what’s driving Mama Sugar to push through this year. Imagine sinabihan ka ng parent mo to fend for yourself kasi super bad ng credit score nya. And hindi lang to be on your own ha, you also have to support your parent kasi hindi na sya kumikita as big as how it used to. Coz as it is, ikaw ang pinakalucrative sa mga anak nya dahil yung ibang anak nya hindi profitable ngayon.

        To be fair sa MUP hindi lang sila ang nagpupumilit matuloy ang nationals. Just this morning Venezuela pushed through with their finals and Thailand is also actively in the middle of pre-pageant activities. Nagmumukha lang masama at “desperate” dito sa Pilipinas kasi napapalala ng pagmishandle ng gobyerno natin sa covid. Imagine if only our government took the same measures that Thailand’s monarchy did eh di sana pati BBP nakakapagfinals na ngayon at ongoing na ang pamimigay ng gold medals ng Miss Earth sa mga kandidata habang rumarampa sa pool-side.

        As to your MUT concern, some people shared to me that TPN is really dead-set on crowning a Thai-blooded queen (in the direction of Amanda). I haven’t spoken to enough people to verify this tho. If this isn’t true then I believe Praveenar Singh is still the best bet for them, though she seems to have lost that spark that she had on her first attempt. Praewannich also in my opinion is still not living up to the hype of her name. Emmy is becoming a heavy favorite because of her comm skills but I see in her the same thing I see with our Skelly: they come across as more “Miss Teen Universe” both in their looks and in their pageant skill sets. Overall despite TPN’s basking on the Mouawad connection I don’t see anyone in their current roster that can get past Top 10 in MU. As of now I can see Indonesia’s Ayu placing higher than anyone in the MUT2020 roster.

    • @Unorthodox, IMG’s business is events marketing. In these times of business lockdowns and social distancing, live spectator sports, concerts and other in-person events have been canceled are not permitted to hold. Some sporting events are permitted now but strictly on a no-audience condition and beamed only on cable TV or pay-per-view online streaming. I could imagine the huge difficulty of getting corporate sponsors, advertisers, and broadcasters to air your event. If at all, they could not be had under the old rates that can sustain any events marketing firm’s bottom-line. I’m sure this is the predicament IMG is into lately. But this is the same boat where all companies in the entertainment sector are in. Pageantry is no exception

      • Philippine pageantry is just blessed that we have some enterprising innovative minds that braved the seemingly insurmountable odds and still hold events by leveraging on latest technology, and by successfully convincing corporate sponsors and business partners that it still pays to advertise on the only-available media– the online platform. It may sound presumptuous but I think other pageantry organizations, both local and international, should benchmark on the achivements attained by MUP and MEP.

      • @scorg I think that’s exactly why IMG is pushing for Miss Universe this year. They can’t generate ticket sales from their other endeavors, and their only ‘sure’ source of income are the annual franchise fees from around 80+ countries generated by their pageant subsidiary.

  3. On a comment below which insinuates that MUP is forced to pursue with the online pageant because it has a lot of bills to pay: It seems uncanny how some quarters seem to downplay the innate resiliency, innovativeness, and agility of Filipinos that drove MUP and ME to buck the odds and pushed through with the core business they are sworn to deliver to the public. Yes, pageantry is a business, and as all businesses are, it needs income stream to survive. But we have to take credit that MUP and ME are able to show the world that pageantry is still a viable business even at a time when the faint-hearted ones retreated. We have to give credit to our valiant pandemic business heroes who did not “close shop” but leveraged on technology to still deliver services to their valued customers, the general public. We have to give credit to our pageantry trailblazers who showed the world that corporate sponsorship is a very viable proposition even in online events

    • Finally, we have to applaud them that their brand message continues to ring loud and clear at a time when the world needs encouragement and confidence to stay afloat and an assurance that we will soon together rise up again from the depths.

    • No amount of flowery words from you can deny the truth. Sad. So unfair for the girls.

      • @ CatrionaFan OK. NOW, I clock in here….

        Remember when MUPO said that they would conduct the pageant in such a way that the ladies could earn (personal) income, too? Presumably, it would have been that e-commerce scheme (or similar) mentioned by Bosing MG (he’s apparently the computer “e-geek/nerd” techie in the bunch). Well and good…. Although I did comment, “lumalaban pa lang ang mga kandidata, pinagkakakitaan na sila”.

        Mr. Tinio, WHY, po, DO WE GET THE IMPRESSION NA HINDI NATULOY ANUMAN ‘YUN’G ORIGINAL PLAN NI MG? And the RL Series was a hastily put-together (back-up) “Plan” B?

        HINDI KASI MAIWASAN’G ISIPIN NA WALA PALA’NG PONDO SINA JG… KUNG GANU’N, BAKIT PA NILA KINUHA ANG MU FRANCHISE AGAD? “MUO offered it to us”, was JG’s response to a similar question from CAG (SF), apparently to dispel notions of a concerted effort to wrestle it from BPCI…

        Kasi, guys, hindi maiwasan’g maihambing sa MSA at MUT. Their presentation doesn’t look “poor”.

      • When the franchise was offered, no one knows na magkaka covid. If you will remember they are in good start with all the activities they have. Nagkataon lang siguro na may pandemya at hindi na consider yun. Ang hirap gumalaw ngayon. Meron mang magandang plano ang organization kung wala namang willing to work with them because of the current situation. Mahirap din ilagay sa alanganin ang welfare at health ng candidates.

  4. Airtime lang ang binili ng MUP right? so sa mup pa din ang over all production cameraman and etcetera. sir norman how many host would you like to see on the Finals? 1 or 2? and who are they? i bet your taste is good. if mu have sherri hill. who will dress our Phenomenal women?

    • I wouldn’t mind KC Montero hosting since he is familiar with the ladies now due to Kumu. As far as his co-host is concerned, Venus Raj would be a good commentator. I would like to see the ladies dressed in identical Rhett Eala cocktail wears for the opening number if ever. Now if the Designer needs to be female, then I would go for Patricia Santos perhaps.

    • Yes. I think this is how it will go. From venue, production team, hosts, etc MUP/Mercator ang in charge. TV broadcast time lang talaga ang pinakasagot ng GMA.

      Kung ganito talaga super thank goodness kasi super dry maghost ng mga talents ng GMA

      I also think Albert Andrada will pretty much be the Filipino equivalent of Sherri Hill in MUP, since Albert is already part of the org naman na

    • For the host, I will go for Edu Manzano. I know its old school but we all know the caliber of Edu in hosting. I would also like to see the Queentuhan girls as commentators.

    • Sana walang talent ng mercator sa production. OK na sila as model pero not as a host. Bawas exposure sana. Naalala ko yung MU 2016 puro mercator talent ang nasa pocket seats ng stage.

  5. As a rejoinder to my comment in the blog entry on ME, I equally applaud MUP for showing the world that no pandemic can stop the Filipinos from celebrating beauty. While some pageant organizations retreated to their dug-outs and hibernated their swaggering slogans during the onslaught of this pandemic, MUP braved the lockdowns, qurantines, travel retrictions, and social distancing, and most of all, rallied corporate sponsors to celebrate beauty with them in the midst of the pervasive personal, social, and economic fallout of this health menace. Ascribe it to the innate pioneering spirit of the Filipinos, but I think the force that propels pageantry to surmount formidable obstacles to still mount their core business is its newly-acquired character—it is a platform for noble advocacies. Notice how only the advocacy-driven organizations remained active during these perilous times.

    • Because of this, the Philippines seems to be the only place in the world where pageantry continues to pulsate with life. “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, our tourism tagline proclaims. Indeed!

    • Nice try. But we know why the pageant has to push through. They cannot afford the bills but BPCI can. SPIN it!

      • so ibig sabihin wala ring pera ang Carousel since pinilit nila ipush through ang MEP at Miss Earth this year?

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