11 comments on “Full steam ahead for Miss Earth 2020!

  1. Ramon Monzon is the President of Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)!

    PSE is where the elite circle of companies in the Philippines are!

    So, sponsorship-wise, hindi mamumublema ang Carousel!

    If not for the travel restrictions, kaya pa rin nila i-held live ang Miss Earth sa Filipinas!

    Suerte ng mananalo sa virtual pageant na’to kasi by the time na ma-ease na travel restriction even if 6 months from now, there’s a possibility na siya lang ang maimbitahan sa mga coronation sa ibang bansa kahit na intended for other pageant pa yon!

  2. Beauty of face standouts for me are: Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Netherlands, and philippines

  3. Ako Lang ba nagiisip na ayaw ni Lorraine me pH winner ay complete package? Para di manalo sa me

    • @ Kimi95 Herell was insufficient for you, po? Oh, also @ paul shares that view, na huwag….

      Pero, ‘di ba nga, ‘yun’g allegedly incomplete package (specifically deficiency in facial beauty) ang precisely nanalo’ng Pilipina? So, parang baliktad ang argument niyo, po….

      Me, personally, Herell was OK. Ibasco, puwede na… I don’t like Ong and Henry. Here we go again!

      • @flor I’m talking about the new pH queens after ibasco. Yun maganda kulang sa you know. W Celeste mas may k pa si saluda. Yung biba kulang Naman sa fehz
        Yung 2020 same like Celeste di nga Lang kasing ganda ni celeste
        Sobra ganda ni herell even Angela is a beauty

  4. Our homegrown pageant is showing the world how! Indeed, no pandemic can stop the Filipino from celebrating beauty! While some seem to cower in fear and retreated to their dug-outs, ME bravely faced the formidable logistical challenges of mounting a show in the midst of lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, border closures, and social distancing. Thanks to the innovative spirit and resiliency innate to Filipinos, ME capitalized on what technology has to offer. The Philippines can truly stand proud as the Pageant Powerhouse in the world—beautiful people, beautifiul ideas.

  5. It seems like we have a good batch of ladies joining. Good for Miss Earth, Good luck to the ladies. I hope we can see more ladies joining in the next few days.

  6. Come hell and high water, the show must go on. This exemplifies the resilience and indomitable spirit of Filipino. My great appreciation to Miss Lorraine Shuck and company.

  7. This is 32 candidates, na. Assuming by month’s end, 40 max. OK na rin.

    BUT, one country per day for the “Earth Talk”? Pa’no kung ‘di popular ‘yun’g candidate? Zero (0) viewers? Kakahiya naman… MEO, DAPAT MAY NAKAABANG KAYO’NG “VIEWERS”.

    Kumpleto “P-group” – Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, and Puerto Rico. Kailangan, MAGANDA TO THE MAX ulit ang Elemental Court para ma-sustain ang momentum. From these head shots, I will choose three (3) for now – Portugal, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand.

      • @ PAQUITA X ‘Ay, honga. My apologies to Paraguay. And thanks for correcting me, dear.

        You know what this means? STEFANIA STEGMANN. 🙂

        (I now have an idea who @ PAQUITA X is, Admin and @ Norman. Hihihihh…)

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