16 comments on “Bella Ysmael: Fit and Fab

  1. Her only hurdle for winning any International crown is her distant Islamic/Lebanese ancestry… I believe it is Miss International who would favor her the most since she is somehow distantly related to the Aranetas and most Japanese are technicaly Agnostics.

    • @ serge Miss Fit Philippines! Mr. Tinio, quick, po! Advise The Camp to turn in her Application.

      F – facial beauty, I – intelligence, and T – toned body. SILA ‘YAN, HINDI AKO.


      • Why not Flor? She can easily romp away with MFP title. But her eyes right now are on MUP crown and she has a very strong chance of taking it.

      • @ serge Fren, look closely at the Swim photos of Adee (MUP-Oriental Mindoro).

        CINDY KURLETO! Arrghhh…..


  2. Sya lang talaga nakikita kong complete package sa MUP, she will definitely be a strong contender pag ito pinadala natin

  3. Flor the facial beauty, class & temperament, knowledge & communication skills, talent and the classic sexiness – ARE ALL SUITED for Miss WORLD. Bella is, indeed, DESTINED for Julia Morley and Not for Paula Shugart.

    YSABELLA YSMAEL SCREAMS – Miss World Philippines 2020/21!

  4. ! ‘Ai, dios mio

    @ Pierro Rocco Dude, alam ko conservative ka. Ano’ng masasabi mo?

    Finally, here’s my MUP 2020 “Body Five” – Cities of Paranaque and Davao, Romblon, Negros Oriental, and Cebu Province. Cavite and Pasig City, puwede rin… Said Pia, “the Swim desfile is for MUO to determine who among the candidates takes (good) care of herself'” (distillation).


    Someone can sing during the halftime…. Mr. Tinio, si MUP-Cagayan ba ‘yun’g “karaoke kween”?

    • @ Pierro Rocco Or, should I replace Cavite with Camarines Sur? Billie or Kia, who is HAWT-er?

      Non-negotiable ko si Riana. I WANT HER TO GO TO CTS 2021. She can be Sam Lo’s successor.

      @ Norman Thank you for the confirmation, po. Your blog is a drug…. In a happy way. 🙂

      • Flor both Cavite and Camarines Sur should go to Mutya Pilipinas and ME next year if their ages still qualify. He, he, he…

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