15 comments on “Gabby and Honey: (Almost) Twinning Beauties

  1. Gabby looks like Linda Carter..former Ms.USA and the Wonder Woman of the 80’s.. Honey have this PIA -vibe!!

  2. Mr. Tinio, this VALIANT effort on the part of both candidates and their respective Teams is truly delectable and surely helps to sustain interest in BBP 2020.

    But with your recent BBP posts limited to these two, one cannot help but wonder… whether or not the blacklist in effect against you by the organization prevents you from also doing something for the other bets.

    Or, is your calendar until October already set as far as commitments are concerned? Are we also justified in thinking that you will be devoting most of your energy for (the rival) MUP?

    In the meantime, Kimberley Ann Tiquestiques celebrated her birthday and Justine Felizarta put out photos that suggest make-up concerns have been adequately addressed…

    And once MUP is done (evening of 25 October, with MSA happening early morning Manila time of the same day and hopefully will be streamed), where will your energies turn to? And that’s on top of your PN’s weekly vlog…. MYGAWSH. Do you realize just how PACKED your life atm is??!! 😦

  3. May pagka Jolene din si gab. Ako Lang ba or may hawig si gab at amelinx din?
    Great improvement for honey compared last yr

    • @ bonsaihater The Basiano – Amelinckx resemblance is apparent.

      But Jolene Cholok Rotinsulu?…. Not so much. But that’s just me, as well. 🙂

      Honey now has a somewhat quirky, nationality-ambiguous look. Will Angkol like that? Or Biday Pilar? And can you envision 2M (Maureen Montaigne) in Yokohama City?

      • @flor Maureen montagne will most likely win mgi pH (75%) or mi (25% if madam doesn’t give in to angkol wishes) she always snag a placement title like stefi aberasturi. If she wants to win mi pH she needs to soften the looks
        Basiano is undeniably beautiful mi prototype .Honey will be great for mgi Bec of her styling if mm doesn’t get it
        Hana is my sentimental fave last year but I’m not seeing a crown for her this yr

      • @bonsaihater

        Actually, magkahawig nga sina Pauline and Gab.

        I agree that MM will most likely bag MGI, she screams MGI tbh. I don’t think she suits MI. Vickie is relying too much on her being a huge favorite that I want Gab to take the MI title. Not really sure what title suits Honey, maybe Globe?

    • @ abcde as long as gab ace her q and a . She will get mi pH. That face alone and Yun haba , the slim lithe body and height screaming mi pH. Yes I prefer she wins .mabait pa Yan , down to earth.
      Ang ganda din ni Karen Laurie pang mi but Sabi Ng kakilala ko who told me supra will transfer long way back madame will not give mi pH sa aces. Mi pH will be a kf or an independent Yan Sabi nya that’s why gab has higher chances. Karen as a favorite will most likely be intercon
      Sam b or honey will snag globe
      If Sam b Bec a ru sya na ang Hana Ruth of the recent year
      Vicky is not tall enough to be mi pH pansinin nyo puro matatangkad mi pH na fit. 5’7 above I’m talking about the recent years . Highly suggested to get a breast reduction for aling Viki. The face can fight but the body fails .
      Gab being trained by the Trainor of binseethorn have higher chances to win wag Lang pipiyok
      As of mgi pH since day one may Napili na ang angkol na pm na nya Yan sa bpci

      • @ bonsaihater Speaking of Hannah,… Arnold…. 🙂

        SO, HINDI pagkakaloob kay Bb. Masbate ang (The)Globe? Nyek! Biday Pilar will be sad, po. 😦

        At supposedly next month na ang (The)Globe at Grand. Any updates regarding Aya?

      • @flor dahil may pagka curious aka tsismosa ako haha kinukulit ko Yun may update waley update pano di nya bet si Aya . Ako Lang may bet
        Sureness Lang ako na walang aces na hahakot Ng MIP
        Tsismax nya pala na may 2 na title holder na sasali sa mwp

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