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  1. Alaiza is funny to talk to. I know she will do good during casual interviews. But her q and a will be either a hit or a miss with plenty of hits I believe.After watching this episode, My ranking is still the same, MUP-amelincx, 1st RU- Gumabao, 2nd RU- Ysmael, 3rd RU- Malinao, 4th RU- Smith.

  2. I cannot speak for others, pero isa ako sa mga critical when it comes to Alaiza’s comm skills. And never ko namang sinabing boba sya. Hindi rin grammar at diction ang issue ko, i dont care about those. My problem with her is at times she says too many words before she can really get her message across. I know that she has the content. But she has to practice being more concise and cohesive. She also needs to work on making her delivery more engaging. I cant exactly pinpoint what it is about her delivery, but look at her camp-mates Bella and Christelle. The two girls also don’t have perfect grammar and perfect diction, but both have this quality that just makes you want to listen to them even more. Pauline Amelinckx and Billie Hakenson also have this quality.

    I have yet to watch this interview so i dont now if she has already addressed these concerns.

  3. In fairness, I find Alaiza’s advocacy the most relevant and innovative. I hope she sustains it, pandemic or no pandemic.

  4. Those who criticize Alaiza for her communication skills should really watch her interviews. She isn’t the most fluent in english, but the girl can speak and is very smart. She’s insightful and mature, yet playful and personable. She is sure to do well in the personal interview. And this is her edge over the other english speaking MUP candidates. Other girls have good grammar and diction, but it’s Alaiza who delivers the most substantial and interesting answers.

    Aside from her agriculture advocacy (she seems so well versed on this), I like that Alaiza also talks frequently about being a probinsyana, but without pairing it with a sob story. She grew up to a simple life, but she doesn’t act like this makes her somehow deprived in any way. The simple life isn’t a bad life at all.

    Anyway, clearly I like Alaiza. But We’am is also a stunner, I must say. She seems to have a quiet confidence about her, it’s refreshing.

    • Kaya nga nagtataka ako bakit nasabi nila na mahina sa communication skills si Alaiza (kasi masyado perfectionist ang mga Pinoy when it comes to grammar, diction, pronunciation and all) at may attitude problem daw sa stint nya sa ASNTM when in fact she was just true to herself. She even said “I can’t lie” when asked by Cindy in one episode if she wanted to quit.

      • I don’t really know what happened in AsNTM. I only saw the clip where Alaiza announced that she’s quitting the competition. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. She expressed her decision graciously. It isn’t “attitude” to leave something that isn’t serving you any more—it takes a lot of guts to do.

      • @ Alyssa Alam mo naman sa modelling industry, dozens, if not hundreds, risk rejection on plain sight. So, if you’re chosen or signed up, you should be grateful. The ANTM concept is to present the realities of the INDUSTRY. You backing out is almost an insult to the judgment of the agents/headhunters. They’ll think, “attitude. Should have hired that earlier girl…”. Also, bear in mind na unahan ang mga agencies sa new-fresh faces – the “next BIG thing” – and the models themselves can be cutthroat, demanding, or greedy, switching until they get what they want. 😦

        No, I am NOT alluding to Alaiza. I have NEVER watched ASNTM. I, too, don’t care about “that”.

        What I did watch, long ago, was “Janet Dickinson Modelling Agency”. Only had two seasons, tho.

      • May mentality kasi ang mga Pinoy na kapag straight forward ka o sinasabi mo lang naman ang totoo, may attitude kana agad. Kapag hindi ka magaling mag engles bobo kana agad when in fact ones proficiency in the English language is not a measurement or gauge of the level of ones intelligence.

    • That season of AsNTM (S4) and S6 were the shittiest kasi sobrang obvious ang pagiging bias nila. Also, the winners (both from Thailand, the host is also Thai) were boring. S4 should’ve won by Sang-In from Korea and S6 Jach from Philippines was fucking robbed. Actually, parang indirectly finorce ni Cindy (judge) na magquit si Alaiza. I remember magpopost sana si Alaiza sa FB, pero di niya tinuloy kasi ayaw niya ng issue. Pati si Julian Flores (BBP 2014 Top 15), hinehate ng judges kahit ang gaganda ng photos.

      Anyways, fans lang naman ni Michele mostky haters ni Alaiza kasi sobrang threatened sila. Napakatoxic. Galit sila kapag ibabash katawan ni Michele, pero non-stop sa pagtawag kay Alaiza na bobo kahit hindi naman.

    • @ Abcde …and I will add…

      Marunong si Emmy. Ngunit, taklesa. Difference/s? Apparently, more than (just) age.


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