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    • @ Frankie Deleo If the international pageant win stats are the basis, yes, apparently not…

      But as a race, and we INEVITABLY discuss GENES, the “Chine” have a LARGE pool. Notice how they find no difficulty in spotting the ideal/prescribed body type for practically any sport.

      But at least sports/athletics is objective; pageantry has plenty of leeway for subjectivity. And “subjective” means tastes can change… 🙂

    • As the saying goes: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

      For a simplistic analogy, look at Westminster Kennel Dog Show competition. For some dog-lovers, a “Pug” may be the most gorgeous breed there is. But for others, it may be the most despicable looking canine ever bred. However at the ultimate Westminster Dog show competition, every breed is in equal footing and deserves every consideration for the coveted title.

    • dang, opening up with a disclaimer “not being racist” and then writing something overtly racist

  1. Guys, go check out Benedict Yu (IG : @benedictyu), a candidate at the on-going Bachelor of Malaysia 2020.

    Photos with his habibi are SO SWEET.


    • @ Ver Can we blame it on @ Closer2Fame?…. “Chinese fingers” daw kasi. 🙂

      This whole finger placement awareness began with Cat at BBP 2018…

      BUT, compare mo, nemen, with Alexi Enriquez of Mandaluyong City (Lady # 3), with BOTH hands on her face. The difference? Alexi does NOT cover her neck! Helpful tip, hopefully, to all sana.

  2. Kevin and Justin for me
    Can’t find anyone among the girls pretty enough to justify mention ..maybe it’s just the pics

  3. Jerrick Luy, Justine Yap, and Camille Buenaventura are certified stunners in their headshots. Camille may step up her game by joining nationals. I wonder what her height is. Nagagandahan ako sa kanya.

    That’s all.

  4. Yyaaay! My baylerina is so back! 🙂

    LOVE the color scheme this year – black and an earthy neutral. Sophisticated ang dating.

    Mr. Tinio, first time ko maka-comment ng near-midnight… Tama’ng-tama’ng I caught the last few minutes of AN’s episode, live. Maganda talaga rehistro ni Weam Ahmed, very telegenic. Reminds me of Birta Abiba Porhalsdottir (whom Brian Gocheco picked among his faves at MU 2018).

    • … ta’s, po Sir Norman good Monday morning.

      You tagged in this post Herc Ang, Kate Tan Pian, and Justin Yap.

      Does this mean they are your preferred titlists/winners, po, at this point (the start)? Or, simply because they are personal friends. No malice. Just curious…

      • @ Norman I like how guys use single-syllable names – Beef, Herc, and Don. No malice.

        I think it’s also a practice among Thai guys. I’ve heard of Bush (Lerchan Goh-air), Beer (Kritsadapat Kritsiritsawat), Job (Tawatchai), and Tor (Surasak Mungkaew).

        Speaking of Thailand, will be you able to sneak in an exclusive interview with any of the MUT 2020 candidates before the 10th October Final, po? Or,… why not restore ties with Fahsai? You could ask her which among the 30 she and Patrapon Wang are training…. When does she plan to visit Manila? And if so, who will host her – MUPO, BPCI, or Catriona on a personal capacity, po?

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