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  1. Two male finalists really tried their best to not do a Catriona twirl and a Pia smize while walking on stage 😉

    • Maybe, but Jason did the Ximena/Ara shouder shrug in the evening wear part. Pak! 👍🏼

      I found it refreshing that the openly gay finalists were just being their true selves. Walang attempt magpa-macho in both their presentation and manner of speech.

    • @ Raf Now that you mentioned it,…

      The gym culture in Philippines is, gender preference-wise, a level playing field. CPF’s market!

      This sort of openness would be unthinkable in professional sports.

      @ Miguel I will assume Enzo is the other one…. He’s ADORO. Very positive aura. 🙂

      • @Flor Not really sure about which team Enzo plays for but the other one in the Top 8 was Jojo Urquico. Now that you mention it though, hahaha. He’s too refined lang siguro. Atenista eh. Hahaha

        I had Enzo winning due mainly to his platform skills but he came across flat during the finals. He also wasn’t physically up to par with guys much older than him

        The other 2 who didn’t advance to the finals were Hans and Gian.

        The rumored closeted one is the tallest candidate.

      • @ Miguel Wow! BodyCon 2019 must have been easy, for Enzo to have nailed…. 🙂

        Braga and Paparo. Hhmmm…. One allegedly is “scandalous”, as per a wordpress blog. In my comments here, I refer to it as “sa kabila”. Du’n ko rin nalaman na allegedly closeta si “tangkad”.

        How old si “tangkad”? Here, his age is 33. On an Fb page, 25.

        Si Dra. Candy sa AN’s, Atenista din, no? Kasi, La Sallian’s sina Bessie at Moks, Ta’s, Nigel, UP. Or, si Miguel (Naranjilla) ang Atenista?

        Ganu’n pala ang mga Atenista – fino. Kasi sina Bessie at Moks, may pagka-hustler ang arrive. Ang mga La Sallians pala,…. Ay, hihihihh…. (bakit magalit).

      • @Flor

        Gian Ruiz. Not Paparo.

        I don’t know the academic backgrounds of the AN peeps except for Nigel who’s from UP. Why are you suddenly talking about them? Anong connect? Hahaha

        I don’t wanna go into the damning videos of these contestants but there’s one, apart from the F4, who has a group sex vid making the rounds of twitterverse where you can cleary see it’s him.

    • Pamhinta? How exactly do you define it? All 4 openly gay contestants were so comfortable in their own skin. 2 even made the Top 8.
      Stop hating old man and start working out para di ka naiinggit.

  2. 2011 pala nagsimulang sumali si nelson sa pageant. touching ang answer nya sa fashionissimo 2011 at nanalo sya. Maliit pa katawan nya nun pero maganda na rin.

  3. Gorgeous bodies galore. I am glad Samantha Lo redeemed herself. Life was not easy for her these past months. Samantha and Sam deserved to win because they have the most well-proportioned bodies among the contestants. Purvor and Matic gave the best answers especially the later who said “age is not a choice but fitness is”. That would be My mantra starting today.

  4. @ kevinkevins and @ Abcde …and Nelson FINALLY smiled! 🙂

    Nelson Banzuela has been a gym regular for many years; he started as a skinny youth and made his first mark in the Mossimo Bikini Summit. His current physique is proof of LONG-TERM DISCIPLINE. Adding to his aura is a very masculine vibe. There’s nothing soft-y about him! Yet, he is gentlemanly enough to address host Alden Richards as “idol”.

    But that being said, it seems CTS prefers not-too-ripped. Even for the ladies. Even in previous…

    Also, NEVER invoke sports! Sports is NOT Century Pacific Foods’ target market (niche). That is more the domain of brands like Milo, San Miguel, and Ginebra. Look what happened to the German girl and Grace. Grace probably realized her mistake, clearly lost her nerves (very Rushton!), and failed her attempt for a save.

    @ Fabian Reyes and @ Baby Nica Mr. Tino included Sam in his PN’s S1 episode for CTS, if you guys recall… So, no axe to grind. Also, she is now 27. And her winning here might bind her contractually. UNLESS, she resigns… But that surely won’t reflect well on her.

    • … at give homage na rin to the Ageless citation recipient and 1st Runner-up male, Erie Matic.

      A co-alumnus of Hayden Kho at Bodyshots, the now 40+ dad-to-a-son was likewise 1st Runner-up to then-winner JR Valentin, Jr…

      … the ADORABLE good cop in the WONDERFUL film, “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros”.

  5. I knew Sam Lo was going to win
    I wasn’t expecting Sam A to win .. but he looked good that night
    Next stop for Sam Lo : MW .. as long as she can prove she has Filipino blood and owns a Philippine passport

    • @ Fabian Reyes Recall the past post about A&Q recruitment/casting call for MWP 2020?

      Looks like the camp is determined to comply with the “FreshFilipinaForTheWorld” impressum – ALL NEW FACES. And Samantha Ashley Lo isn’t!

      But where does that (also) leave Sirene or Ahtisa? Unless, they switch… Or, go independent.

      Now that I think about it, when ALV said to Charles on heyadamg that previous winners can try again, I wonder if he meant that it’s OK only that they dissociate from A&Q…?

      And you know what? Two (2018, for Ahtisa) and three (2017, for Sirene) years have passed since the two former Bb’s stints at BBP. PLENTY of time for…. (beep!) if they ever deemed it necessary. Not that there was any reason to think it was. But if they did, THIS time is best, while quiet. 🙂

  6. Di ba wala man lang si Sam Lo sa predictions ni Tito Norman?? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

    • Tito Norman, is that true ? Did you have some ax to grind with Sam Lo … like maybe you were a victim of her ‘ bad attitude’?
      She’s got a solid body and great comm skills , 2 major ingredients needed to win the contest .

  7. Na pull-off nila ang physical pageant without audience and maganda naman. Excited for MUP!

  8. Yung famous ang mga nanalo.

    Para sa akin, ang pinakamaganda ay si Zai.
    Pinakapogi naman si Nelson.
    Di nga lang sila ganun kagaling sa QnA.

    Sa mga babae, maraming magagaling sa QnA.

    • Sobrang ganda ng katawan ni Nelson. I first saw him sa vlogs ni Lloyd Cadena. Nagulat ako na ganun kaganda yung katawan niya.

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