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  1. Wow! MG has just reached the 60 post mark. Congratulations Norman and good morning.

  2. I would like to see a new picture of Michelle Gumabao in swimsuit. PLEASE Norman. Thank you.

    • @ paul Gud AM, po.

      But, wasn’t the yellow number in Pangasinan sufficient for your current needs?

      Sa Linggo na start ng RL. It’s now Friday. Time is tight… Ayaw pa naman ni Mitch na sa pool lang…

      • I would like also to see Michelle Gumabao in a beautiful gown. Para makita natin kung anong klaseng styling ang mas babagay sa kanya. Gud morning to all.

  3. With weight loss, toned muscles, updated knowledge bank, enhance communication skills, right styling and effective packaging, there is no doubt Michelle Gumabao can bring home glories from MU for the Philippines.

  4. Congratulations Norman & Michelle for having reached the 50 POST MARK. Good morning to all.

  5. CLAPPER to pramis sa Miss Globe nga di umubra. To namang blogger todo hype din.

    • @ Maskuladong Xena John Cena is with us, guys! 🙂

      Welcome, po. We hope you enjoy it here. We do.

      Marunong pala kaya mag-Tagalog. SO NOICE.

  6. Scorg dear magparamdam ka. PLEASE MAGBIGAY KA ng mga SUGGESTION mo sa STYLING ni Michelle. Thanks.

  7. @ paul Asymmetric (single-strap) na naman? 😦

    That is OK kung flat-chested ka. I think Mitch has “a great pair of girls”. She might be better served with a design giving more (physical) support. Isn’t Francis Libiran?

    @ ThisIsMe Good afternoon, po. Thank you for the question.

    Many of us are limited in our movements now. Age makes me less-than-ideal to be a front-liner. Heck! My now-blurry eyesight makes me useless as a pilot. But sharing ideas and (hopefully useful) wisdom to peers online – such as here at Norman’s Blog – helps make the endurance less burdensome for all. In day-to-day survival, a positive mindset that seeks answers and provides solutions is appreciated. Yes, po, I am PROUD TO BE CO-PILOT. Domo arigatou gozaimasita!

    (Mr. Tinio is El Capitan, here. We vow allegiance to him. Our role is to commit traffic to his blog.)

    • Thank you Flor for your suggestion. I think Michelle looks good in (yes) asymmetric gown with high side slit to “showcase” her legs. And a not-so-long cape attached to the (durable) strap for added drama. He, he, he…

    • @ paul OK. I’m sure her designer can find a way to pull off the asymmetry while not sacrificing “balance”. However, am iffy on extraneous fabric – capes, veils, ribbons, the like. While can obscure flaws or draw attention to assets, badly-placed only adds VOLUME, makes the wearer look BIG(ger). But, yes, your slit is a great save, as the “void” created (bare skin revealed) will offset the cape, which can therefore and safely be a bit longer… Grecian goddess aesthetic!

      I ALSO RESPECTFULLY RECOMMEND SANDAL FLATS, instead of (high) heels. “Body Positivity” must also recognize one’s height as integral part of character…. Of course, it’s a no-brainer for Mitch, as she’s 5’8.5″. 🙂

      ALSO, I SUGGEST A MONOCHROMATIC EVENING DRESS FINAL for a sophisticated air. Fren, kung lahat sila “royal blue with white feather details”,…. sa MOA, no?…. dapat, siguro, all-white ang stage at background, para lumitaw ‘yun’g “pagka-royalty”. This is VERY moda Italia! D&G. OR, why not “ube-macapuno” – royal violet and white? Very Philippines.

      Make-up must be bold, kasi ma-wa-wash-out ng lighting kapag pastels. Besides, para kita ng audience from afar/from the very back. Fren, you like shimmery or “oily/wet” skin?

      Accessories?… Chunky bracelets! KEEP THE FACE CLEAR OF BLING-BLING, po. WE WANT “TORNADO WALK”. MINIMUM OF FIVE (5) TURNS. The more “twisty”, the more points.

      • SUPER ang GALING mo FLOR. OUTSTANDING SUGGESTIONS for MG. DAGHAN KAAYONG SALAMAT Flor sa imong paspas nga pag-reply. Maayong gabii sa inyong tanan.

  8. Hoy Flor and Scorg, anong suggestions ninyo sa styling ni MG? He, he, he… Thank you. Good afternoon to you.

  9. What kind of styling is best suited for MG? Hair for example – waves & curls, African bun, or just flowing straight? For make up – light & pastel, heavy & bold colors, etc.? Accessories – ethnic, contemporary, big or small? On her wardrobe? Suggestions please. Thank you.

    • Flowing waves and curls for the swimsuit round and top bun for the evening gown competition. I think Michelle looks good in a single strap royal blue gown with white feather details.

  10. Magandang gabi Norman. See umabot na sa 30 comments si MG. Still mataas ang kanyang marketability and bankability.

  11. I hope Michelle has learned her lesson from MG. Winning MUP is not enough . She has to do well at MU to redeem herself from that 2018 nightmare .

    • Her transformation suggests she did. I see Michele as a very determined and eyes on the prize kind of lady.

      • Correct. She is working very hard to achieve the MU goal. Top 10, top 5, top 3 up to becoming (at least) 2nd runner up. Okay na ako dun.

  12. Good morning Norman. Humahataw na naman si Gumabao. Wala pang alas-5 ng umaga. He, he, he…

  13. Ano bang big deal kung puro about kay Michele ang mga posts? This is Tito Norman’s blog anyway, so he has the right and freedom to choose which topic to actually post here.

  14. Food for thought on another COVID 19 Sunday: “Losers focus on winners. Winners focus on winning”. The environment out there is already virulent. Let us not make the celebration of beauty equally toxic. If you admire a candidate, by all means push her up. But not at the expense of pulling down another. “Together we Heal”, to borrow BBP’s call.

    • @ paul and @ scorg “We have a saying in India. Stand straight and no one will ever be able to step on your back”.

      Manpreet Brar, MU 1995 1st Runner-up.


      • Flor pang Miss Universe winner or almost a winner (1st runner up) like Manpreet Brar ang delivery ng lines mo!

        Absent ako Flor last Friday night dahil naghanap na naman ako ng mga ornamental plant. Saturday night to Sunday afternoon, nagloloko ang connection ng internet. It’s a brand new week and I’m back.

        Musta na Flor?

      • @ paul Maayo’ng aga, fren. Fine me. Things begun to settle well here, where I am… 🙂

        GOOD thing you got to get some new plants! My landlord did that, too; the family went to Quezon City Memorial “Circle” yesterday. They bought a GORGEOUS anthurium – green with a pink blush.

        The Fall equinox is upon us! Next day or two is a nice time for general cleaning of the surrounds to free up space and restore the flow of (positive) energy. BALANCE and HARMONY are the goals, which might be more easily attained with lucid minds and tempered hearts. De-clutter. Rearrange.

      • Maayo nga gab-i sa imo Flor. Nice gid ya ang imo pieces of advice for the start of the autumn season on POSITIVE ENERGY, BALANCE & HARMONY in LIFE. Thanks gid Day.

      • @Flor beh if you want to get sick……..kaw na lang beh, busy kami..hehehe
        But kidding aside, our country is seriously ill right now and we must all do our part for it to heal..

        Shout out to our government, we’re ready and already doing our part, how about you po?

      • Scorg and Flor don’t get sick, ahh. Let us (including Fabian & others) heal our feelings together for Michelle Gumabao, 28, Philippines!

  15. The only way to find out if Michele will indeed clap in MU is to send her there. Me thinks she will do well and make us proud.

    • Exactly! If she played her cards very well, she might reached top 10 and pushing the envelope even further to reach at most top 3, maybe she might even clinch the elusive 2nd runner up we’ve all been waiting for.

      • If she reaches the top 3, maybe 2nd runner up is the least probable. She’s smart and comfortable talking in public..her confidence will even soar higher once she advances to the final 3. I believe this is what happened to Cat that’s why she was able to deliver that winning answer.

      • Very good observation/commentary. We hope that MG will be the first Filipina to clinch the first wnd runner up position in the MU. Thanks.

  16. Feeling ko pag yan ang pinadala, clapper yan !!! 85 %. Sa Miss Globe nga muntik pang maging clappee! Di umubra ang kanyang kuda doon

    • Andito na naman si LAGING NEGA. Laging negative, laging galit. Ha, ha, ha…

  17. Guys, nothing we can do about Mitch’s visibility.

    Why would Nix Soriano pass the opportunity for a celebrity endorser?

    BANKABLE ANG ARTISTA. And c’mon, choosy pa ba sina JG at Mdme. SSL? They have investment to recoup and make enough profit to repeat all this next time/year, on top of operational expenses, taxes, salary, etc… Bottomline muna ang priority nila. Not yet altruism/magnanimity.

      • @ Fabian Reyes I am merely complying with market forces. @ paul will agree. 🙂

        ANY POST CONCERNING MITCH… watch the comments SOAR, both quantity- and quality-wise.

        So it was with Pia and Catriona. This ain’t a bad thing, fren. This is welcomed. Khab khun khup.

      • Agree Flor. MG is very bankable selling like hotcakes. Marketability and psychographics are with her at this time, so strike while the iron is HOT.

    • Correct Flor. Siya ang gusto nang nakararami although marami rin siyang bashers/haters. But Michelle Gumabao is very bankable. Ganun talaga sa showbiz & pageant industry.

  18. ooppps Michele Gumabao spotted again.. sabi ng was masyado pa halata eh hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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