4 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 2 Teaser

  1. Matagal na akong nai-stunned nitong si Ms. Jo-an Flores. I find her facially adorable. Maganda ang registry n’ya sa camera. Nga lang, minsan pag nau-overdo ang kanyang make up, nagmumukha s’yang trans. She needs a simple up do. Maganda na ang mukha n’ya at hindi na kelangang i-exaggerate pa.

    I stalked her FB account, may mga pictures s’yang hindi noticing. I hope her stylists give her consistent arrive, ‘yung masasabi mong s’ya talaga ‘yun kahit sa malayuan. Makakapasok s’ya sa semi-final, I predict.

    Good luck, girl! Itayo mo ang bandera ng la la la Laguna!

    That’s all.

  2. I am pleased that Sir Norman’s blogs and vlogs currently focus on the less-talked-about candidates. I am learning a lot about the girls which I never knew before, and may never have the chance to discover at all. Before, some may just be pretty faces and beautiful bodies to me. After reading the featured articles and seeing the vlog interviews, I will soon discover their remarkable intellect and core values. All the more I am at awe at the vast reservoir of multidimensional beauties the Philippines has! The country indeed deserves the title of Pageant Powerhouse of the universe.

    I truly appreciate what you are doing for the development of pageantry!

  3. Hhmmm… Honga. And that’s on a good day and you have to start REALLY early (agaw-dilim) and make your way back (home) before rush hour…

    I am talking about a roughly equivalent trip a (former) client of ours took from Bataan to Laguna. Balikan!

    You know what would be a nice alternative? An underground tunnel for a high-speed train linking Angeles City and Pagsanjan (provincial capitol?). It can bore straight through the Sierra Madre, from Norzagaray to Real (not incredibly sure if I’m hitting the right areas), with a MAGNIFICENT (a la San Juanico!) bridge spanning the watery segment of Laguna de Bay before disembarkation. Bypass civilization altogether! Oh, guys, that’s “buh-eee”, not “bae”. (LOLZ). It was the old capitol, I believe, such that “the lake of Bay” meant the lake’s anthropological history was in reference to that little town by its shores. I had maternal relations there, and at an early age (mine) experienced swimming the warm, weed-choked, and semi-murky water. We had lunch at a “baklad” (fish pen).

    Mr. Tinio, I recall now how in the beginning MUPO gave a List of “highly-urbanized cities” to complement the “provinces” sashes. We now saw this was not realized entirely.

    What is MUPO’s decision on whether or not to continue with the Accredited Partner (AP) scheme in future editions for at least the medium-term? Kasi, look at MSA and MUT… essentially, good old-fashioned Screening pa rin ang patakaran nila. And take note of the attrition rate at MUT 2020. From 98 to 30 in one fell swoop! At nakita naman natin how MSAO showed no mercy to Savannah Schutzler (even if she was an early favorite).

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