7 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Spotlight on Maria Niña Soriano of Pangasinan

  1. Yellow gown and gulo hair reminded me of Netherlands mu 2014. It also works for maria Nina giving her the mask of Zorro Catherine zeta vibes

  2. A teacher by profession, Nina appears very active in her Christian missionary work. Pageantry indeed attracts ladies from unexpected places. But lest we think she is one Bible-quoting pious long-sleeved-long-skirted bespectacled marm—her Varsity swimming, fencing and dance troupe stints at DLSU in her student days is enough proof that she is as regular as any youth can be. But even if she is a zealous prayerful crusader for Christ who may not be expected to make forays into pageantry, I think it helps tha MUP is also a platform for advocacies to reach out to wider audiences. Lest we also forget, the first recorded beauty pageant in history took place in 486-465 B.C. in the Old Testament, won by Esther. Will she be MUP’s Esther?

      • Thank you, Sir Norman. What I just wanted to stress is that pageantry has a place now even for Bible-quoting Christians because it is a platform for noble advocacies. Pageantry is a celebration of beauty. Christianity is a celebration of new beginnings, new life– new beautiful abundant life. It is a welcome development that devout Christians get to be included in this diverse assemblage of celebrators of life’s beauty.

      • @ Norman Good evening, Boss Blogger.

        Ano po’ng height niya? TALL, the men in the family; look at the fam foto. LONG limbs. 🙂

        Btw, po, could we expect one more S2 episode for MUP candidates before 25 October, specifically Carol Quiza and Perlyn Cayona, the East-to-West Mindanao duo? Kasi mamaya, po, sa AN’s, Davao Region – Alaiza and WeAm.

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