11 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 for Aerian Essentials

  1. Josketch! Fin nag tata juanan na taU ng mga Shoo feet va loor!

    Kc kung hindi daw lavan thera and peg eh tin thera ng chi Nel ass ang peg!

    Ngayon heto naman ang peg!

    Nakakalurky na!

    Jibberish mo na ang feg ko the hill may ma nga nakaka vasa nitey na shoo feet!

  2. From the pics of the ladies, I see the imagery of compassion more than bravery, which the branding tagline “Live Bravely” proclaims. Yes, the New Normal is a brave new world. Courage is essential to face this ferocious unseen enemy. But in the yet absence of a vaccine, humanity’s best defense to stop the spread of this virus is the face mask, aside from social distancing and personal hygiene. To me, wearing one is more of an act of compassion: we mutually protect ourselves. For Aerian Essentials to project the essence of bravery, its imagery may creatively include the backdrop of the battlefield where this unseen enemy stalks humankind– crowded spaces, cramped areas, etc.

    • BTW, in the light of the fact that a vaccine may not be available anytime soon, and spikes in new cases are erupting again in Europe and still goes unabated in the USA, Latin America and Caribbean as well as India and Israel, Aerian Essential can be promoted by pageantry organizations worldwide. It certainly can be an essential wearable in the celebration of beauty.

  3. I like their facemask. understand why sobrang mahal. wish ko lang mag promo sila ng 3 for 1k hehe. so seems like may mask na sila na gagamitin for the coronation night. wala pa ba creamsilk shot si miss bohol? kakainip waley pa papageant tsk. since jonas already shared the half sketch of the crown. i hope ma share na din nila ung stage plan kahit half half lang din.

  4. Bella Alaiza and Apriel are the top for me
    Honorable mentions include the girl from the top tier with a brown mask, the girl at the bottom in red , and the Venus Rah wannabe

    • Ginawa talagang tindera ang mga Merlie. Ang cheap ha !!! Kapos sa budget. Ano naman kaya ang ititinda next time? Kalokah

      • @ Norman The girl “from the top tier with the brown mask” is MIG, po? The hair, tho… And I wasn’t expecting that head-on/frontal shot, knowing her (likes to pose at an angle).

        “The girl at the bottom in red” reminds me of Gabrielle Basiano. 🙂

        I also like that one with the “carabao” cart.

  5. That’s a really nice shot (photo) of Mdme. SSL. 🙂

    High foreheads apparently show the mask off best (examples are Laguna and Biliran).

    Second row (from above) is proof that a truly memorable face can instantly be recognized even with half of it concealed. With the exception of her, dead center. Is it, perhaps, Oriental Mindoro, Mr. Tinio?

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