13 comments on “Alaiza Malinao for Cream Silk Philippines

  1. Best body without a doubt… but her hair looks dead… what happened?!… She should have kept her once thick long hair as straight and healthy… A trademark Filipina feature that the world absolutely loves…


    Ang kanyang buhoy ay nangangailangan comprehensive “recovery treatment.” Para ng walis. HINDI KINAYA ng Cream Silk.

    • I disagree. She is modelesque and so sexy but not in a provocative way that fits the bill for a calendar girl vibe. And stop it sa calendar girl na yan, hahaha, napaghahalata na fan ka masyado ng alcoholic drinks you just mentioned. Wag pahalata masyado mamsh.

      • KittyCat you’re such an IDIOT! I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I live a healthy lifestyle BECAUSE I HAVE A NUMBER of HEALTH CONCERNS. DAKO KAG DAUT.

  3. I love love love her advocacy. I lived in Isabela where farming is almost everyone’s bread and butter and sad to say but from 15 years ago when I first understood how the world functions until now, our farmers are looked down on and treated so poorly. So happy a beauty queen finally has the heart for this profession. Farmers need more voices.

    Doesn’t hurt that she’s uber gorgeous, down to earth and universally appealing. xo

    • Naniwala ka namang totoo ang farming advocacy nun sa Sulop, Davao del Sur?

      Down to earth ka jan. She is the BAD GIRL of ANTM along with Gwendoline Ruais.

      • Don’t you know how ANTM works? It was so obviously scripted to gain the ire of Pinoy fans and make some noise for the show.

        Oh yeah, I do believe it to be true. Of course the advocacy might have been padded to make more impact. But that’s not new, every single pageant girl does that to some extent.

  4. She has the best body figure among this year’s candidates.. She also has one of the best advocacies by recognizing the efforts of the farmers and ensuring that their produce will always end up in the tables of Filipino households. If Bella, Pauline, and Michelle will falter during the coronation night, Alaiza has the chance to get the crown. I also love her photo for creamsilk ad campaign.

  5. Seriously??? After 6 hours of posting this article, not a single comment?? No one is intersted???

    Okay, next!

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