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    • @ Fabian Reyes Seems there is some animosity towards ToP, and these two communities have implicitly allied against it. Watch TL’s latest episode… It is NOT the “community that lifts and supports each other”, as Mr. Tinio describes to me (below). There is SCHISM. Ang basa ko, may nagbigay sa ToP ng lead, ta’s ginawa’ng blind item, PUMUTOK. To’ng kabila, nag-namedrop…. AWAY. 😦

      You like ToP because of their blind items, right? As Pia said, you depend on them for juicy-crunchy info few, if any, other fora provide. YOU LIKE THE EXCITEMENT AND ADVENTURE.

      PN’s cannot enjoy that luxury. Their figurehead is highly-respected/trusted… That trust is EVERYTHING. You do well to totally ignore ALL communities beyond this blog Mr. Tinio may still be, like all of us, in pursuit of excellence. But here, at least, you are relatively sheltered.

      Be SMART. Most of us here, commentators, matatanda na – 40+. We should know better.

      Our blogger has said he will take positive cues/tips from his online ecology, his commitment to us. In return, he expects our support. ‘Yun na lang ang gawin natin… Hanapan siya ng SPI (puso). 🙂

    • @ Fabian Reyes AH-HAHAHAAHHH!…. 🙂

      Looks like Cindy Crawford won’t have to go to MWP anymore. And (alleged) scandal was a non-issue. But to be absolutely fair to both, they nailed the Q&A nicely.

      Parabens, Team SamSam – Lo and Ajdani!

  1. Abcde, Bonbon and Flor WALANG MASAMA sa isang Pinoy o “Halfy” beauties from other parts of the world (Filipino diaspora) if they want to represent the Philippines as long as they are beautiful (& with a good figure), intelligent, excellent communicator, healthy, and most all – nice & relatable (as in MABAIT). Of course not to forget that she should be a holder of a VALID Philippine passport. Yun na.

  2. Paul, ang galing ng memory and research mo. Kudos to that. Pero hindi porke ginagawa ng iba ay tama na at dapat tularan. Pag kumain ba sila ng bubog sa bansa nila kakain ka din? Kidding aside, it’s not a good practice to represent so many countries in international stage. Remember you are wearing the name of your country then after you will wear a different one. Walang problema kung talagang kinailangan lumipat ng bansa due to war, calamity or any other valid reason to relocate. But to go to other countries just to join pageant is again not good practice. If you are going to raise the overseas worker, remember they still maintain their citizenship its just that their work is located in other places.

  3. ANO PROBLEMA? In 1985 Miss South Africa Andrea Stelzer could not compete in MU because of the ban (racial politics). She went to Germany in 1989, joined the Miss Germany competition (Universe) and won. She represented Germany in 1989 MU and ended as one of the 10 semifinalists. Another case – Natascha Börger, a Venezuelan contender who lost in Miss Venezuela went to Germany (again), joined the Miss Germany Pageant and won. She represented Germany in 2002 MU and also became one of the 10 semifinalists. On the other hand, Vanessa Carreira, a Portuguese beauty went to South Africa, competed for Miss SA and won the title. She represented SA in 2002 MU and ended up as 2nd runner up.

    Si Melody Gersbach (half German) kung hindi lang siya namatay sa aksidente noon, papunta na rin siya sa Germany dahil gusto niyang sumali sa Miss Germany to have a chance to compete in MU. Katrina Dimaranan, a former Binibini Pilipinas-Tourism winner, represented USA in 2018 Miss Supranational and went home as 1st runner up to Miss Puerto Rico.

    In addition, Evelyn Abena Appiah represented Ghana in MU and ME, respectively. But is now representing USA in Miss Grand International. So many girls around the world/universe are doing that cross-country thing in pageantry. Filipinos/halfies from various Filipino DIASPORA are NOT the only ones doing that, SO WHAT’s the PROBLEM?

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Have you read the comments of @ Bonbon and @ Abcde?

      So, going by your examples, Lo and Cortesi’s case is akin to Vanessa Carreira’s… Leave their birth countries to try their luck abroad. Or, where pageantry is lucrative.

      Can and should we, therefore, PIRATE foreign beauties (Pinay halfsies or not) to wear our sash? Simply because we want to maintain our position in the global crown count? I’m not moralizing. To rephrase, does the end always justify the means? 🙂

      • Flor going to another country (for pageantry) and BAD attitude are two different things. Bonbon and Abcde HATE Cortesi and Lo because they have BAD attitude. What’s WRONG HIRING or PIRATING Filipino/halfy beauties ABROAD especially IF THEY ARE GOOD GIRLS?

        Vanessa Minnillo COULD NOT REPRESENT the Philippines because she hates her mother (and probably her mother/native land as well).

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados You know why I asked, kung OK ka with it? Kasi, given how things are going right now, with SA and our ASEAN neighbors as indicators, it’s going to get more difficult for us… Perhaps we need to jump the gun to maintain what lead we still retain?

        Were you able to watch the Swimwear desfile at MUM(yanmar) 2020 (atm)? Juices! Ang FINO-BANAYAD magsipaglakad! I WILL NOT MIND AT ALL IF MYANMAR BECOMES THE H’HEN NIE OF 2020, especially if they send a rep with a back story just as gripping. 🙂

        If so, then the Camps must be pro-active and AS EARLY AS NOW dispatch scouts to locate the most stunning young women to take under their care/wings, wherever in the world they might be. For example, are you aware that RL Lacanienta fielded a Jap-‘Nay bet to MU(Japan) 2020, atm?!!

    • @paul

      You obviously don’t get the point. At least Katrina Dimaranan finished her BBP reign kahit di siya nagcompete internationally. Si Celeste Cortesi after ng Miss Earth, MIA na. Ano yun korona lang habol, pero walang pake sa responsibility? She might be the prettiest MEP, but she’s the most useless. The least she can do is finish her reign, pero walang delicadeza si girl. Si Miss Austria Earth 2018 medyo ganun din, but at least she finished her reign sa MEP before sumali sa Miss Austria Earth.

      • IDIOT! Ang problema kina Cortesi at Lo ay ATTITUDE. Doing cross-country is another thing and I don’t think it’s a problem.

      • @paul

        Awww… Resulting to name-calling? HAHAHAH. How low. Also, kailan ko sinabi na ayaw ko kay Samantha Lo? She’s one of my favorites during BBP 2019 and up until now. Read the 1st word of your reply. That’s you. 🙂 You still don’t get my point. Bye.

      • This bayot na @Paul is a typical Bipolar na bordering Schizophrenic with multiple personalities. I read the sequel of your posts and I think he over reacted which he always does by name-calling and berating girls/candidates in this forum….behaving like a bully, definitely a victim of bullying himself at some point…SMH!
        He should change his current medications because I don’t think it’s helping him cope up. Best thing to do is to ignore this bayot comments/posts like I did, once.😊

    • ERRATUM: ARE GOING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO DO PAGEANTRY instead of “are doing that cross-country thing in pageantry.” He, he, he…

  4. On the issue of halfies candidates. I don’t see any issue on that especially if those halfies are really citizen of the Philippines. But those candidate who will just go here in the Philippines to join pageants knowing that we are pageant power house is a no no. When the pageant is over or after their reign in case they won or the opportunities are gone. Nasaan sila? Nandun sa talagang bansa nila. Meron pang iba na hindi naging successful sa pageant ng bansa nila, pupunta dito sa Pinas para sumali din. So anong tawag sa kanila? #oportunista.

    • CELESTE CORTESI! Di man lang nag-effort mag-aral ng English, Filipino, or other Philippine language/dialect.

      Tapos gusto pa nila isali sa MWP and MUP? I say BS. Di pa tinapos ang reign as MEP. Number 1 sa pagka-oportunista.

      • @ Abcde Is it possible the girls (even boys!) use a pageant crown to justify extension of their residencies/stay/VISA’s? Hindi ‘yata taxable whatever income they make while here…?

  5. That was intense. PLENTY of ground covered, and even then not everything was discussed…

    … such as, those instances wherein out of the blue, you get a message detailing alleged incriminating/damning evidence against a candidate. I did. I simply told the person/robot, “send it to the organization. I am not in a position to do anything about it”. 😦

    Guys, do you support FULL DISCLOSURE? Means, if a candidate fails to inform the organization FROM THE START about “hidden skeletons”, then nothing can be done (by organizers) to shield her/him once lurid details are leaked/squealed. Or, is it candidates’ full discretion what to own up to and be entitled to blanket protection regardless?

    And a question for YOU, Herr Blogger… 🙂

    How do the issues discussed between these two groups/communities impact on YOUR PN’s? And to extend, what do you expect from us, your commentators/viewers/fans/critics/lurkers?

    • We are part of an online talk show community that supports and lifts each other up. I can only take positive cues from them. Support is the main thing I expect from you guys.

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