10 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Spotlight on Jennifer Linda of Palawan

  1. ‘Yan ang totong katawan ng isang Pilipinang balingkinitan. Natural ang hugis, especially sa belly part, at hindi pinuwersa sa gym. I thought she should consider joining Miss Bikini Philippines. Anyway, MUP is a good platform for her to advance her experience in the field of pageantry without expecting anything. Medyo hindi kase ako kumporme sa nose ni Ate Girl talaga. Dapat sa Korea s’ya nagpa-nose job. Mas mura magpagawa dun, pero garantisadong maganda ang pagkakagawa, natural na natural ang dating, kahit itanong n’yo pa sa mga Korean stars.

    That’s all.

  2. Pls move on …
    Pageants are not for you
    Looks very much like the Harvard wannabe Adrienne Calingo

    • @ Fabian Reyes Honga, no. 🙂

      Btw, how is she? Adrienne, I mean.

      “Linda” means “cute”. Jennifer Cute, MUP-Palawan 2020. Oh, Balabac comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by adventurous travel vloggers. Maldives of “Palawan Sud”, it’s nine (9) hours from PPC, about the same time from Manila to Ifugao (Banawe). Bring your own refillable water bottle so as to do away with disposable plastic (PET) ones.

  3. Lots of potential!! She look so exotic!! Reminds me of Venus!! If she does not get lucky she can compete again or join BB. Pilipinas!

  4. I like her pic w the black evening dress. modelesque when she doesn’t smile .I like her tanned color.
    Hi Norman, I do hope height bare foot is also indicated

  5. This girl has a huge potential….
    Beauty, brains and body….
    She just needs to improve on her styling..
    Something more form fitting but classy…
    And maybe some upper-lip fillers..

    • @ Closer2Fame Are you basing her “brains”on THAT answer (she gave at her Provincial)?


      Mr. Tinio, PLEASE sit down with Atty. Bronce, the Palawan AP, and herself… Assist her in making it more concise. I get her point. But because of the Filipinas pageantry propensity for wordy rhetoric in an effort to SLAY the “selection committee”, the initial deluge is outright confusing.(sigh)

      • Nahhh… I’m basing it on her drive to succeed… I don’t think she’ll win any National pageant for now but her fighting spirit makes you want to root for her.

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