10 comments on “Miss Universe Thailand 2020: Keyword Battle

  1. OK. Thank goodness for lunch break…. Napanood ko na in its entirety. 🙂

    First of all, my apologies. Thidaporn is #52, not #18.

    Mr. Tinio, pakisabi po kay RLL na mapapasubo ‘yan’g si “Miss Full Stop” niya. I reckon she misunderstood. “Polygamy” refers to HRM. She essentially gave it her approval. Now, I don’t know what Buddhism says about such matter. I do know she needs to be… less feisty. She’s giving the Catriona rebellious streak! Unfortunately, Thai’s, imo and in general, are less forgiving than Pinoys.

    I GET THE DEAL WITH WANVISA! She’s an intellectual. MEO, please get her for 2021/2! Her take on “Fantasy” – (distillation) what is real(ity) now was (considered) fantastic in the past. The difference was that individuals were willing to push the boundaries and make the fanciful realistic. Therefore, what is there to delineate the two? it can come true if wanted badly enough and given enough time (and from a Buddhist perspective, this needs to happen spontaneously and as a matter of course as to not appear contrived).

    The Praveenar (#8) vs. candidate #38 (was it Nuttha?) echoed Paweensuda’s MU 2019 Question Round – Security vs. Privacy. Cheraim-Chaiyanthus, MYGAWSH. Michelle Dee would gag. Twins!

    • What do you mean by HRM?!
      In fairness, she got the Taboo topic which is very polarizing… I wonder why they assigned the hardest one with her? Is this part of MUT’s test to prove she’s trully worthy or part of a propaganda to give way for another more favored winner?

    • @ Closer2Fame His Royal Majesty, the King of Siam. 🙂

      Go ask MN, SM, and RLL* what the BIG deal is.

      * – Miguel Naranjilla of Ashtie Nights (AN’s), Sam Brusas, & RL Lacanienta, all of whom are based in Thailand now.

      Alam mo? Madali lang naman ‘yan…

      … puwede naman’g timbrehan ni Paula (Shugart, not Ortega) ang TPN kung si Emmy ang napupusuan ng creditors ng IMG. MGA BOSING NA LANG ANG MAG-UUSAP.

  2. Diverse-looking candidates, very nice. MUT has been attracting strong candidates since they placed top 10 in 2015. It took 5 years from Venus for Pia to snag the title.. maybe Thailand will do the same.

  3. Parang MUP din.
    They have a very dark skin beauty which I’m happy to see.
    They also have candidates with Ms. PH Cavite and Davao haircuts.
    Some of them are also wearing chunky platform shoes 😛

  4. Guys, look at two LOVELY’s. Back row, leftmost, is Pathinya. A girly-chinita Tugonon. And front row, rightmost, is dusky Praewwanich. A Nellys Pimentel look-alike. 🙂

    Other notables in the group photo : willowy Cheraim Chaiyanthus, the Michelle Dee clone, back row. Middle row has, of course, Praveenar and Polfah Punnika Kunsorntornrut. Front row has Chaling-like Benjarat, the one beside her who looks like Mutya Datul, and the Emmy.

    @ Closer2Fame How would you feel if Polfah gets the MTE assignment again? LOLZ. Like McGarry being sent to Intercontinental twice.

    @ Fabian Reyes Your Areeya, 88, is EXQUISITE. She got “Artificial Intelligence”. But I think her opponent Thidaporn (18?), with “Human Intelligence”, got the warmer reception from fans.

    Mr. Tinio, was RL able to attend this event in person? What did he think of Emmy’s walk? And what’s the scoop from Miguel Naranjilla and Sam Brusas’ ends?

    … Ayan, po. You have an idea how the “Justine Felizarta x Gila Salvador” showdown can pan out.

    Quite feathery this year. Chanel SS 2019 HC, but in white. As if Mademoiselle’s camellias awoke.

    I would so want to continue watching. But the WIFI is buckling… Will try to resume tomorrow…

  5. Ayaw talaga paawat ng Santolan station…
    Gusto talaga magkaroon ng Miss MU at Miss Earth this year… Goodluck!

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