16 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 for Cream Silk Philippines

  1. Dapat si Apriel mag-model (next) sa Caronia (nail polish) brand.

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados In advertising circles, it is a complement. It means the lady has beautiful fingers/hands.


      @ serge Humabol sina Alaiza at Sigrid…. I just realized the reason this is all happening – it’s because JG/Mercator bagged the contract for Pia to be Cream Silk endorser. I wonder now if OLAY – Mr. Tinio, GCQ na, po. Ano na si Mimiyuuh? – will be a post-Finals salvo? Why don’t you also check out who the major sponsors are at MUT and MSA? Look for commonalities…. Baka may “aviso/basbas” ng IMG…? Find out which global brands are IMG corporate/VIP clients.

  2. The opening statement is so funny. Just when you thought only Michele….

    LOL you had a separate write up for Michele ahead of the other girls who where just in one article then you say such thing 😂🤣🤣🤣

    haha kaines, like sa pg una mo kay Michele at separate write up pa, kasalanan pa ng readers hahahaha

  3. The opening statement is so funny. Just when you thought only Michele……

    LOL you had a separate write up for Michele ahead of the other girls who where just in one article then you say such thing 🤣🤣🤣

    haha kainis, like dahil sa pg una mo may Michele at separate article pa, kasalanan pa ng readers hahaahhahah

    • Michele and Sandra were one day ahead of everyone else because they were launched alongside celebrities and beauty queens. The other MUPH ladies posted only early this morning, Baby Nica.

      • andami pong feature kay MG lately, while some candidates hinde man lang nababanggit. Mejoy umay na. Patagalin mo naman ng konti ang susunod na article about her para di masyado halata and ma excite din nga tao 😂😉

      • Don’t worry. The others will get their own spotlights. I just hope that the less popular girls will get positive feedbacks – much like my next guests in Pageantry Norms on Sunday.

  4. So Michele Gumabao isn’t special after all? Itinakda pala kasi chosen by Cream Silk ha. 😂

    • @ Abcde Plus Mitch and Sandra (previous), Unilever got twelve (12). 2020-21 CALENDAR!

      Mr. Tinio, Sir, magpa-give-away kayo ng MUP-Cream Silk calendar sa PN’s. 🙂

      Like this, I want – Paula for October, Zandra for November, Kia for December, Ninya for January, Regina for February, Bella for March, Sandra for April, Nina for May, Caroline for June, Riana for July, Mitch for August, and Apriel for September.

  5. Nina (below) – island girl vibe! THIS image, I would use for a campaign to launch a fragrance based on tropical blooms – jasmine, white ginger (locally called “kamia”, also a lady students’ dormitory at the UP system Diliman campus), “sanggumay” (another girls’ dorm there, where a post early in the pandemic dwelt on Mdme. SSL and hawt Dad/hubby Lloyd donating packed lunch to the student residents), and gardenia (“rosal”, also one of the prominent figures of Philippines’ communist movement). But as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel said, let us “speak of women, not flowers…. complex, impossible to decipher, difficult to make out what components were used”.

    ORTEGA! But,… the dim, tea-like backdrop… gloomy… (sigh).

    Mr. Tinio, why is an old photo of Kia used? Was she absent during the shoot, po? But, yeah. She could be the new face of Cream Silk, that mug printed on the product bottles, billboards, and print ads. If ever that materializes, po, does her TF go to MUPO? They’ll just give her a share/portion? And for that matter, does she automatically become signed (up) to Mercator? For how long?

    Riana,… looks flossy Rihanna. Bling-shine! A sophisticated look, a most welcome change!

    Short hair power care of our fave “tropa” – Zandra. 🙂

  6. zandra is wearing a wig? hope not. sana ganyan na kahaba ang buhok nya. she looks good and more soft and more feminine with that hair length and style. sir norman anong episode po sa ringlight start magkakasama ang mga phenomenal women bukod sa prelim.

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