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  1. Just saw this post. I hibernated somewhere to refresh a bit. Nakakasawa na kase ang Covid-19 and, admittedly, grabe ang anxiety na idinudulot nito sa aking whole being.

    Anyway, Michele’s Creamsilk headshot is a full-stopper. She proves that she is sui generis from the other girls. She is a runaway winner in this round. Her total look shouts she is Creamsilk’s poster girl. Ang sarap makita ang mukha n’yang ‘yan sa Creamsilk bottle, sa trulili lang.

    Ang tanong ngayon: Matutuloy ba ang coronation night ng MUP this October? Dapat lang. The girls have invested so much time for this pageant, and they deserve closure. Kawawa naman sila if ma-extend na naman ang pageant. We have already suggested a good option para matuloy ang pageant, and that is i-swab na ang mga girls 14 days before the pageant night pati na ang mga pageants and people involved in the production. MOA Arena naman can accommodate a handful of pageant fanatics with proper social distancing protocol still to be observed. Nakakainggit lang talaga ang Thailand, their pageant life goes on albeit the horrible pandemic.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund and @ paul ‘Kow! Mayru’n din’g “Miss Full Stop” sa MUT…. Pero at least ito’ng atin, pro-Establishment ang peg kaya hindi mapapahamak. Unlike the other one… 🙂

  2. halata na sa fez na late 20s na si ateng
    chumachanda romero

    pero girl all the best
    push mo yan spike mo mga fez nila

  3. May mga nagtatanong – Bakit daw nauna si Michelle Gumabao sa Cream Silk campaign? Because she is leading the MUP race.

  4. Scorg nasaan ka na? Magparamdam ka. Bakit hindi ka pa nagpo-post ng comment dito? VERY BUSY BA? Anong ma-say mo sa Cream Silk and Michelle Gumabao? Thanks.

  5. A good walk is something very hard to develop because it requires a certain kind of personality
    Sam Lo is a major major example of that

    And with the ‘ cool chick ‘ vibe that Michelle gives off, I can only see disaster unwrapping before our very eyes come MU 2020-2021… kung sya nga talaga ang itinakda

    Ps prove me wrong

    • @ Fabian Reyes Are you referring to Lo’s performance in MGI last year? Wasn’t that walk concocted by Silver Linings, prompted by that frilly dress (as to highlight the fringe)?

      I’d rather even a simple-plain glide, as typified by Rachel (Peters), Sophida, Canada, and Teresita Ssen’s 1st Runner-up at RH 2017 (except Rachel of course, at MU 2018 in Thailand).

      Patraporn Wang at MUT 2019, from Prelims to Finals, walked and turned consistently well – fluid, sultry, and effortless. And at the MUT 2020 “Mall Romp”, Emmy, Amanda, & Cheraim-Chaiyantus (this last one, though, “binakla” ‘yun’g mini-platform awra-awra at the end of the runway.

      • I know
        .. though I was really taken aback by her loss . Her beautiful face and body and her comm skills were more than enough to make up for her ‘manly ‘ walk
        I think Sam Lo should try to redeem herself by joining MW

      • @ Fabian Reyes Well, then, pray that either Paton or Purvor wins CTS (before September ends, if no more hitches). So, “Cindy Crawford” can give it one more/last shot come 2021. 🙂

      • … for the record, I am rooting for someone else to win CTS. Neither of these two P’s.

      • Kung tatanggapin man si Sam Lo nina ALV (MWP), CQ (Mutya) or Lorraine (ME), baka HINDI RIN SIYA MANALO because of the bad attitude and reputation she inscribed in the pageant world. Kung ikaw ang national director/franchise holder ng isang pageant, ayaw mo ng sakit ng ulo dahil sa isang beauty quuen na may attitude problem. I think mahihirapan na siya.

        And Michelle is a good girl.

    • Her walk is not bad at all. Communication is her strength, beauty, height, discipline, good attitude ano pa?

      • I agree , Miss Tissa
        Her walk is not that bad
        It’s just a little too complacent
        She should get some pointers from Venus and Miriam … or even Bianca Manalo

    • @ Fabian Reyes and @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Lahat naman ‘ata, phi-no-photoshop, na.

      SOP na. After all, the technology is now well-established and if not over-used can give great results.

      Besides, it’s the next best thing to cosmetic surgery…. Because it’s digital, it’s totally reversible.

      • Flor Totoong-totoong photoshop. At gandang-ganda ni Michelle Gumabao.



  6. Sponsor ba ng MUP 2020 ang creamsilk? Sa BBP sponsor nila ang creamsilk before. Ang mga MUP winner sa BBP nagiging endorser ng creamsilk. Senyales ba ito?

    • @ Bonbon & @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Maayo’ng aga, boys! 🙂

      Yeah, I was on the same wavelength…Why Unilever, a competitor of Procter&Gamble (Downy)? Why not Pantene (which debuted in the country years ago with the EXQUISITE Mayumi Kennedy Cabrera as muse, daughter of BenCab to an American journalist) or Head&Shoulders (no, I am not implying Mitch or Sandra have dandruff)? Between the two, I prefer MUP-Taguig City for this.

      TOO MUCH HAIR on MUP-QC; magastos sa shampoo! 😦

      Doesn’t Ever Bilena have their own shampoo now?

      Ah! Basta ako, loyal to Hana, primary sponsor to MPE.

      • Flor, Mayumi Cabrera is so (mid to late) 1980s, so more than 3 decades ago. Parang black & white pa TV namin noon. He, he, he… Maayong hapon sa inyo nga tanan.

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Honga! Kami rin…. 🙂

        I recall now when the ad debuted on TV. It WAS in black-&-white…

        I only saw a color photo of MayCab some years later in a glossy. She was the muse for Jewelmer, I think… She had on pearls.

      • Yup Flor, familar din yung Jewelmer print ad nya. Marami yun sa mga magazine nung kabataan natin. He, he, he…

  7. Michelle Gumabao – Miss Universe Philippines 2020 & 2020/21 Miss Universe 2nd Runner Up (para realistic & achievable).

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