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  1. Michelle is working very hard in all aspects of pageant preparation. But she does NOT show most of them in social media for a number of reasons. Just wait until the pageant night.

  2. Fabian ang tawag doon sa ginawa ni Norman ay – careFUL whisper (to you).

  3. Invincible means too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Being one of the country’s top athlete, who was “trained to win”, whose discipline in competitive sports is team play, collective focus on the goal, and dogged willpower to win, Michele’s personal brand shouts invincibility. Being a sports enthusiast nor a fitness buff does not make one invisible. It may get one’s body in shape, but not one’s heart, mind and physique in shape for the most formidable task of inspiring confidence to millions who are suffering from the personal, economic and social fallout of this deadly global pandemic. What the universe needs now is an “Empowering Beauty”, so MUT says, a “Phenomenal Woman”, so MUP says, and a woman determind to “Embrace Your Power. Face Your Future”, so MSA says. They all point to a demonstrated strength and invincibility as necessary facets to be “Confidently Beautiful” in today’s universe.

    • @ scorg Don’t discount the fact that she is show business scion-blood. And she profited from perfect timing, just as volleyball became lucrative enough to attract posh corporate sponsorships.

      Mitch feels invincible because socio-economic-cultural factors aligned in her favor. Had she done this even just perhaps five years earlier – 2015, corresponding with Pia’s win and Alaiza and Kylie’s first forays – I don’t think she would be so… “s”.


    • Outstanding monologue my friend. Go, go, go! Let’s fight, fight, fight for our Michelle G. Thanks a LOT Scorg.

  4. Michelle said she knows how to win or lose . She’s not exactly eyeing the crown as she’s ok one way or another
    And why equate sports involvement to invincibility ? Most pageant girls are sports enthusiasts because that’s how they get in shape.

    However , I donot count Michelle out because of her poor Globe performance since that’s not necessarily a gauge of how she’ll perform at MU ( Balagtas won Miss Globe but clapped really hard at MU; Olivia J and Botswana didnt fare well at MW).
    If Michelle wins MUP , I will support Her
    But I want Bella ….. or Pauline or Alaiza to win ..because the best shot at making top3-5 .

    • @Fabian

      The issue with her Miss Globe performance was the lack of dedication to win. Yes, Miss Globe is just a minor pageant, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to not do your best. Leren and Nichole M. gave great performances even if they were obviously disappointed that thet only settled for Miss Globe.

      • She was NOT meant for Miss Globe. Just like Catriona was not meant for Miss World. BOTH are destined for the UNIVERSE!

      • @pierre

        Cat didn’t win because she was robbed. Michele didn’t win because she gave a lousy performance. Don’t compare the 2.

      • @ Fabian Reyes, @ Abcde, & @ Pierro Rocco

        Guyz, I realize now that had Mitch won (The) Globe, she would STILL go for MUP/MU.

        Ta’s, suportahan pa siya ni Biday Pilar. That would be just great, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    • @ Fabian Reyes and @ Abcde Marunong pala siya matalo. Kung ganu’n, why the seeming attitude at (The) Miss Globe? Choosy?


      …. or, ‘di lang siya makaporma kasi nataon/natapat siya kay Cat in 2018? Aminin! 🙂

    • Michelle has the best shot in making it to the top 5 & 3 in MU. Bella is really appropriate for MWP, Pauline to the Miss Eco International, and Alaiza Malinao to become the Calendar Girl of either Tanduay or GSM Blue.

      • @paul

        I disagree. Making the Top 10 to Top 5 cut will be difficult for Michele with her bad catwalk. Pauline, Bella, and Alaiza will easily make the Top 5. Pauline and Bella may enter the Top 3 and win.

      • Abcde – Poor Assessment of Michelle Gumabao. Bella and Pauline are small framed like 2019 Miss Indonesia. She did not make it to the top 5 even if she was a very, very good communicator. Alaiza can’t survive the initial Q&A round and she is a b__ girl.

      • @paul

        Okay. Ayaw niyo na binabash si Michele because of her body, pero kayong mga fans niya todo bash sa katawan ng ibang contestants? Pathetic. Also, the first round isn’t even a Q&A, it’s a speech, which I’m sure Alaiza will survive because her communication skills is better than decent.

        Fred didn’t make the Top 5 because the other girls are better than her in terms of catwalk. She’s 9th or 10th for me (between USA). Ikaw na nagsabi na despite her being a good communicator, ligwak pa rin siya sa Top 5. How is she different from Michele? Michele even has a worse catwalk than Fred. Ikaw na nagsabi na communication skills alone will not help a contestant make the Top 10 to Top 5 cut. Michele has the best shot of making the Top 5 pala ha.

      • abcde

        Initial Q&A refers to the preliminary interview.

        Saying small framed is not body bashing.

        Michelle has still the BEST shot making it to the top 5 & 3. He, he, he…

      • @ Abcde and @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados I’m now confused…

        Akala ko ba, malaki katawan ni Pauline? Anubey?! 😦

        I will say this, and I agree strongly – Mitch’s weakness in the delivery stems from her “cheerleader-jologs-K-Pop” intonation. But this can be remedied quite straightforward.

        Pauline and Bella register, with their “more modulated” tone, polished, “alta”, sophisticated, less excitable, more level-headed. I LIKEY!!!

        Btw, you guys know if Daisha Jimenez is still serious? No, I’m not referring to sickness…

      • Flor hindi malaki ang (whole) structure ng katawan ni Pauline. Just few parts are big. Actually she needs to take GLOXI to earn 2-3 inches more to make her figure more proportionate.

        Si Michelle malaki talaga and needs to lose LOTs of fats and maybe, muscles.

  5. In terms of physique, intellect and advocacy, the competition is really a close race. But as I’ve said before, Michele’s competitive edge is the image of strength and invincibility, two very important facets for pageantry to be a relevant force in today’s pandemic reality. Just look at the newly minted branding taglines of the more innovative and progressive global pageant organisations– “Empowering Beauty”, “Embrace your power. Face your future”, “Phenomenal Woman”– don’t they all talk about strength, power and invincibilty? I think it did not happen by chance. I believe itt is a conscious effort by MU’s country organizations to reinforce the “Confidently beautiful” mantra in the face of the tragedy this pandemic brought to humanity.

  6. Norman magandang umaga. Wala pang alas-5 ng umaga nakahigit sampu na si Michelle G. Siguradong aabot ito ng 73 comments ngayong araw.

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Alanganin, naman. Gawin mo na’ng 75+. 🙂

      Bakit nga ba 73? Is the figure significant for (American) Vogue?

      Oh, I recall you asked about the (hard copy) magazine supply chain here in Manila. I get the impression no one prints anymore; e-‘zines are the new normal of popular publication. Even the venerable National Book Store chain now has few printed material, just waiting to dispose old stock. For the life of me, I never thought I would see this day – a paperless existence! Even currency is available in a virtual format now…

      • Thanks for the valuable information Flor. I MISS the printed copies because I keep them in my aparador and maleta. He, he, he… Good afternoon to you.

      • Flor DAPAT nga talaga 74 (19) because it’s the birth year of celebrities such as Mikee Cojuangco, Paolo Bediones, Hans Montenegro, etc. and beauty queens like Charlene Gonzales, Abbygale Arenas & Sushmita Sen. He, he, he…

    • Correct observation Ryan. We need someone who is a very, very good communicator and is quite comfortable with the crowd/people. She has this radiant and relatable personality which is also necessary for a MU winner.

  7. She definitely talks like a winner….
    I was a tad bit iffy at 1st because she kept touching her face and nakapangalumbaba… thats like badluck in most Asian culture…. but she got the hang of it later on… I think answering questions while on video… live or not, it should be part of her trainning ASAP…. And if ever you’ll swipe your hair away from your face, be more lady-like… She should also avoid saying Ahh or Uhmm as an involuntary response to dead air… but over all, she can improve.

    • @ Closer2Fame… very helpful suggestions/recommendations to improve further her communication skills & tv/online projection. Thanks a LOT.

  8. Why do u feel like when Tito a Norman is doing a monologue , he sounds like he’s whispering or talking to the wall not his audience??

  9. Michelle talks like a winner. If MUP wants somebody to represent the organization who is champion in life, then Michelle is the one. I can see Michelle and Pauline going head-to-head into the finals. Bella is not far behind. These 3 ladies are in a league of their own.

    • Excellent observation Serge. Indeed, you are right by saying Michelle is the one. Pauline and Bella can be her runners up. Thanks for your positive comment and Good morning.

  10. Game over. She knows how to work the crowd and whip them into a frenzy.

    Mitch will win simply because she is a celebrity. Just like Ruffa, Megan, and Teresita Ssen, she will not come out empty-handed because Filipinos adore their “artistas”.

    The entire interview played out like a show business afternoon talk show exclusive, with the requisite mention of the important role of the significant other, loyal fans, and support staff. Very Sunday afternoon fare! Like taking in a UAAP game… Ta’s, PBA a few hours later. 🙂

    No doubt she will make a great MUP. But I don’t know of a MU who was already a big star in her country when she competed. If anything, MU prefers to be the springboard for her stardom. So yes, @ paul, Philippines will very likely and finally get the elusive 2nd Runner-up finish.

    Mitch, I think what you really meant by “climate problem” in Quezon City is air quality deterioration brought about by the monstrous traffic Mr. Tinio was hinting on. Solution? Move out! If enough residents do so, the urban hub can de-congest & de-convolute. Zambales is perfect. Aldo and yourself can begin your life together there. Beyond Subic/Olongapo but before Pangasinan is a LOVELY-SCENIC stretch of well-paved coastal road. Near a power plant (forgot the name)…Skies and sea azure, a river calms and empties out…A colleague shares his fun time in Potipot island on a previous month-long stay in the province…Haysst! Demasiados recuerdos (too many memories).

    • Flor you have posted an outstanding (& very realistic) commentary on Michelle Gumabao. Thanks a LOT.

      For a day absent ako dito Flor kasi pumunta ako sa isang farm (& jungle) at pinakiusapang i-identify ang mga native species and/or endemic ornamental plant kahit WALA naman akong alam dun. Naging botanist (or botangist) and I found a lot of Golden Pothos and Homalomena Rebescens, a variety of Aglaonema and Sansevieria, etc.

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