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  1. Her ballet pics are very powerful
    And with the pics above , I do not see why we should doubt sending Bella to MU
    She’s the only one who can win MU
    Alaiza is fine as well .. if the goal is to make top 3-5 this yr.

  2. They are definitely playing on their strengths…

    Bella withe her classy demeanor…

    Aliza with her body…

    and Chrystelle with I’m not sure….


    Bella is definitely TOP 3 material…. possibly surpassing Aliza Malinao and Apriel Smith who are both inferior to Bella when it comes to comskills.

  3. Very pretty.
    Minimal “photoshopping” going on in the photos unlike the assumed “frontrunner” na addicted sa photoshop and filters kaya pag nasa video na, you wouldn’t realize that it’s her 😉

    • @ ThisIsMe “Kabogera” isn’t her game plan. That’s Alaiza’s. As per orders of The Camp. 🙂

      What do you think of Christelle Abello? Would you say she is the middle ground?

      Notice how ONLY Bella, out of all the candidates, elicits the word “classy” in comments.

      • @Flor Tula I haven’t put much attention to Christelle. I can’t say if she’s somewhere in between ‘Kabogera’ and ‘Classy’ as you say it.

        But can’t one be classy yet still exude that brimming confidence?

        I think the common factor among Pia, Cat, Demi, Iris, Zozi and Paulina is that you can feel their confidence and that desire to win from their photos, videos and moreso during the finals. Their eyes scream ‘I am Ms. Universe!’

        I’m sorry Bella is pretty and well spoken but I think she should be sent not this year. The experience of losing this year will make her even better.

      • @ ThisIsMe I think that if The Camp can put one ward each in the Final and Semifinal cut, it will be a STELLAR (enough) inaugural attempt on their part, considering they put all three of their apples in the same cart at once, and one that is perceived to be the toughest Nationals right now, and the dominance of A&Q.

        Alaiza is probably most like Pia (very street), Bella like Demi (bookish), and Christelle like Iris (amiable).

        If it is their paradigm to devote their efforts entirely to MUP/MU (and shun the others – MWP, Mutya, MPE/ME, BBP, etc.), then they came in at a great time. MU, the pageant brand, is at a crossroads, enduring the double agony of financial uncertainty and a pandemic that effectively made stage shows difficult. What lessons this emerging team of trainors will take will be fully RELEVANT/CURRENT, purged of flippant and outmoded notions and approaches. Good for them!

  4. Sobrang alta!!!! I really like her. She could be MWP as well. Lola Hulya would love her and her ballet talent!

  5. The best pics I have seen Bella in .
    Congrats to the Valenzuela duo and the photographer
    She has the best chance to win MU among the current candidates
    Alaiza and Pauline … then Michelle and Billie are my Alternatives

  6. @Flor, I agree. There is something incredibly sexy and attractive with graceful aging. There is a hint of self assuredness, wisdom and experience that youth can’t compete with.

  7. Excitement. Adventure. HAH! A jedi craves not for these things. – Master Yoda.

    Happiness lies in the path of the Prophet. Not Sinbad’s… I hope these many nights have taught you a lesson, Dunyazad. That you’ll abandon your thoughts for adventure. They will, after all, avail you nothing. – Shah’razad.

    Graceful aging is sexy. – a commentator on normannorman.com, on a recent post on his FB account. Guys, in fairness, ampogi niya! 🙂

    • @Flor, I agree. There is something incredibly sexy and attractive with graceful aging. There is a hint of self assuredness, wisdom and experience that youth can’t compete with.

      • @ Cool Brew … kasi daw, bored si Bella at na-unsiyami ang anuma’ng plano’ng mag-adventure tripping.

        For her and Mr. Tinio, once all local travel restrictions are finally lifted, I highly recommend strolling through the coconut- and rice paddy-dotted interior of Bohol. There, at the very base of Chocolate Hills, are PLENTY of charming sights and experiences. 🙂

        Only today did I resolve that lingering question in me. “GrAy”, NOT “grEy”, is the color spelled.

    • There’s no grace in getting old if you can’t get it up . What is good in having sex appeal if you can’t deliver ? Viagra can only do so much .
      I have seen extremely good looking guys in their 50’s … and surprised to find out they are not active in bed anymore .

      • @ Fabian Reyes Apparently a non-issue for @ Cool Brew. He is quite literally aglow in photos. 🙂

      • Flor I didn’t mean to barge in
        I thought you were talking about thnigs in general
        Just compare Bruce Willis to Ashton Kutcher

      • @ Fabian Reyes No problem, fren.

        I have always allowed both wind and current to take me wherever. And what lessons be gleaned.

        Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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