10 comments on “Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020 Launch and Pride of Place

  1. Congratulations Norman. Your credibility earns you the respect and trust of the pageant community.

  2. Tito Norman, pls check RJ Ignacio’s tutorial on make up . RJ and Sam Brusas look very professional on screen

      • Tito Norman , I would gladly swallow it if that’s what we needed to turn you into a ‘perfect ‘ Norman Tinio on screen .
        Appearance matters …… most especially if you are judging a beauty contest . Pls stop resisting . U have Already improved tremendously in terms of how you interact with your guests . What’s another layer of foundation and concealer ?

      • @ Norman OK. Watched it, na. Game!…

        Did MBC pay copyrights to Pia et al to use the term “Queentuhan” (their post-Pageant chat)?

        Very nice, in general. Went down quite smoothly. Mr. Tinio in bow tie was LOVE. 🙂

        I would now like to add to my at-least-mental-Bucket-List… Sultan Kudarat! That ridge walk looks fun. I imagine it could be done at night… What time of year is best for stargazing? Baka may NPA?… (no offense meant, just curious. I have not been to this part of Mindanao).

        Baguio City, I like that part where the drone moves from Good Shepherd Convent to Mines View Park, giving us a vista of pines and fog… And I did not know Iloilo has a similar “pine-y” place!

        Speaking of Iloilo (City), Sharon Idone is like a petite Alaiza. She gives Puteri Indonesia vibes! I suggest for her a crack at BBP. Nipis ng katawan at sexy, like MUP-Pasig City, Riana Pangindian.

        BEAUTIFUL VOICES from the Cities of Cabadbaran and Naga! Like forest pigeons cooing.

        ACS (Alfonso C. Supetran) Manufacturing Corporation is a major sponsor, like Tanduay Distillers. They must be long-time partners of MBC…. JG/MUP has Procter&Gamble, GSM (Pia’s calendar).

  3. LOVE the Panel of Judges! Mr. Tinio, tropahin sila’ng apat. (I’ll try to watch the video later…)


    You will get a Yuletide gift basket from MBC which will include rum (do you drink, po?), whitening soap, another brand of fabric conditioner, and toothpaste (with complementary toothbrush thrown in). Hatid-ALIW!

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