10 comments on “Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020 Launch and Pride of Place

  1. Tito Norman, pls check RJ Ignacio’s tutorial on make up . RJ and Sam Brusas look very professional on screen

      • Tito Norman , I would gladly swallow it if that’s what we needed to turn you into a ‘perfect ‘ Norman Tinio on screen .
        Appearance matters …… most especially if you are judging a beauty contest . Pls stop resisting . U have Already improved tremendously in terms of how you interact with your guests . What’s another layer of foundation and concealer ?

      • @ Norman OK. Watched it, na. Game!…

        Did MBC pay copyrights to Pia et al to use the term “Queentuhan” (their post-Pageant chat)?

        Very nice, in general. Went down quite smoothly. Mr. Tinio in bow tie was LOVE. 🙂

        I would now like to add to my at-least-mental-Bucket-List… Sultan Kudarat! That ridge walk looks fun. I imagine it could be done at night… What time of year is best for stargazing? Baka may NPA?… (no offense meant, just curious. I have not been to this part of Mindanao).

        Baguio City, I like that part where the drone moves from Good Shepherd Convent to Mines View Park, giving us a vista of pines and fog… And I did not know Iloilo has a similar “pine-y” place!

        Speaking of Iloilo (City), Sharon Idone is like a petite Alaiza. She gives Puteri Indonesia vibes! I suggest for her a crack at BBP. Nipis ng katawan at sexy, like MUP-Pasig City, Riana Pangindian.

        BEAUTIFUL VOICES from the Cities of Cabadbaran and Naga! Like forest pigeons cooing.

        ACS (Alfonso C. Supetran) Manufacturing Corporation is a major sponsor, like Tanduay Distillers. They must be long-time partners of MBC…. JG/MUP has Procter&Gamble, GSM (Pia’s calendar).

  2. LOVE the Panel of Judges! Mr. Tinio, tropahin sila’ng apat. (I’ll try to watch the video later…)


    You will get a Yuletide gift basket from MBC which will include rum (do you drink, po?), whitening soap, another brand of fabric conditioner, and toothpaste (with complementary toothbrush thrown in). Hatid-ALIW!

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