4 comments on “Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020 begins today

  1. Three (3) things I am fairly certain of with regards to AFDQ.

    1) A perceived front-runner is over-hyped. How her participation is this derby will aid her BIG(ger) cause/objective is unclear. Her demeanor doesn’t scream “Queen!”. Or, it does. But, the other kind…
    2) If early returns on the Online Popularity Poll are any indication, AND LET’S ADMIT THE FOLKS VOTING ARE WELL-INFORMED ALREADY, then a traditionally-strong province will take the backseat for now. And,
    3) Presumably, MBC got ideas from MPE’s own virtual attempt. In return, MEO must closely observe how a broadcast media giant can improve on it, with the hope that ME’20 will be even better!

    May initial 3-Pick will consist of two from Luzon and one from Mindanao. And @ Fabian Reyes is right! The nose males a huge difference! It can single-handedly make or break a face. 🙂

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