5 comments on “Kia Moreno: Don’t count her out

  1. Magna cum laude from UST
    Nice skin
    Beautiful face
    Just needs to hide a little bit of her face .. with a wave of hair maybe

  2. The Region 5 (Bicol) cluster is STRONG, with the likes of Ortega (Albay, and the subject of the other post), Galeria (Sorsogon), Flores (Catanduanes), and Moreno, here (Camarines Sur).

    Sila rin ‘yun’g masasayang kasi MUPO does not have the luxury of altruism. They will have to put the bottom line first and foremost in this, their inaugural edition. Or, a bankable bet will win 2020.

    Herr Tito, sabihin mo na lang sa handlers/managers/AP’s nila, hanapan ng kani-kanila’ng minor pageant. There, their dominance will be so obvious, absolutely no one will dispute their winning! 🙂

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