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  1. Norman magandang umaga. Naka-70+ comments na si Michelle Gumabao before 8:00 AM. Congratulations.

  2. Miss Universe Philippines 2020 – Michelle Gumabao
    MUP 2020 1st Runner Up – Ysabella Ysmael
    MUP 2020 2nd Runner Up – Pauline Amelinckx

    • Only these 3 girls can compete with Ms. Sawyer of Thailand when we talk about communication skills.

  3. Congratulations Norman at naka-50 comments na si Michelle this morning. Only Catriona and Michelle can generate these many comments both form their fans and haters. The two girls share a number of similarities. Both are tall but heavily body/physically bashed. Both are excellent communicators. Both are in the show business. And both are destined for bigger things and successes in life.

      • Magiging 2nd runner up din si Michelle Gumabao sa 2020/2021 MU. Di ba Flor ang sabi mo runner up lang ang goal natin in the next edition of MU? Because we are waiting for the comeback of Patch Magtanong in either 2021/2022. He, he, he…

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados PAK! Gow… The elusive 2nd Runner-up finish, finally!


        Ta’s, 19 year-old Emmy Sawyer will give Thailand it’s third. Atty. Patitay will be sent to Nepal 2022.

      • Pwede ganito ang mangyari si next MU Flor –

        Miss Universe 2020 – Emmy Sawyer of Thailand
        1st Runner Up – PWEDENG Miss Peru (Supra 2019), Miss SA, Miss USA, etc.
        2nd Runner Up – Michelle Gumabao of the Philippines

        Okay ba Flor?

  4. My choices for MUP :





    • Unsolicited Pieces of Advice/Recommendations:

      Ysabella Ysmael – Go to ALV’s MWP for the Miss World Philippines 2020/2021 title;

      Alaiza Malinao – Go to CQ’s Mutya Pilipinas or be the Calendar Girl of GSM Blue for 2022;

      Pauline Amelinckx – Go to ALV’s MWP for Miss Eco Philippines 2020/2021 title;

      Billie Hakenson – Go to CQ’s Mutya Pilipinas or find modelling jobs in ASEAN after the pandemic;

      Sandra Lemonon – Pumasok na sa showbiz, probably sa GMA at bagay sa Bubble Gang;

      Apriel Smith – Go to CQ’s Mutya Pilipinas or magtayo ng tindahan sa Cebu after the pandemic;

      Paula Ortega – Go to ALV’s MWP for the Reina Hispanoamericana (Fil) (paulit-ulit na daw ito);

      Rabiya Mateo – Go to ALV’s MWP for the Miss Multinational Philippines 2020/2021 (ulit-ulit din);

      Ms. Sorsogon – Mag-apply na nurse sa abroad at maghanap ng Kano/European na mapapangasawa para maging magaganda/gwapo ang mga anak; and

      Michelle Gumabao – Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

  5. OK. This is what all this boils down to.

    The athlete mindset considers this as a GAME. Mitch will train and play for this as though it were a qualifier for the Volleyball Gran Copa do Mondo.

    Great. But bear in mind, 1) if her team screws up/falters at any point, then it becomes little more than psychological warfare thereon, 2) the referees won’t care how hard she’s worked; they’ll penalize her if they don’t like what they see, & 3) if she insists on being Team Captain, then Coach should have already sent scouts to decipher the competition by now, and advise her on the best course of action.

  6. We do not need invincible , we need delicate and vulnerable. Someone’s strength is not simply based on physicality . Women In the Philippines have been leaders of their respective families not because of their iron fists . It’s their femininity that commands respect from their husbands and children.
    That’s why I want Bella Alaiza or Pauline to win
    But Michelle is ok for as long she works on her weight and overall presentation

    • Kulang din sa ganda sina Riyo Mori (2008), Leila Lopes (2011) at Zozobini Tunzi (2019). It is NOT only about facial beauty. And Michelle is beautiful enough.

      • All three you mentioned are actually gorgeous women. Hindi sila kulang sa ganda. We can agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there is also a concept of universal beauty and those three you mentioned ARE universally beautiful. But let’s admit, Michelle being beautiful enough is not enough.

      • Zosi Riyo and Leila were excellent in their stage presentations … and they were all in shape
        I cannot say the same with Michelle.
        And Michelle ‘s motto is ‘ I’m a sportswoman , I’ve been trained how to win or lose ‘ . Her eyes are not on the prize .. not like Pia and Winwyn

  7. Alam niyo mga Millenials, back in the 90’s may pa-contest si Vidal Sassoon! Ang nanalo dun si Cristine Bersola at si Rhodora Cortez, ganyang-ganyan yung pictorials! Wala lang lang sinabi ko lang, pampa-pampam!

    Anyway, eto talaga ang bet ko, sabi ko nga sa IG, kahit kinabukasan ang laban, mananalo ‘to dahil mabilis sa thought organization and abreast sa current events!

    Kung nakita niyo yung mga panlaban ng Thailand, mga nakakuha ng Goldern Tiara puro lumalamon ng mic!

    Sa FB naman, pinag-side by side yung interview during Binibini yung QnA ni Alaiza at Michelle, well, obvious naman kung sino lumamang!

    Sabi nga ni Lu Sierra, Miss Universe doesn’t model, she SPEAK! Napanood niyo ba commencement address ni Deshauna Barbers, talagang makukuda ang trend ngayon!

    • Pero bago makasagot si Michele ng questions, kailangan niya muna dumaan sa rampahan, which is her weakness. Alam natin na it would be easy for her to win based on speaking alone, but will she survive the Top 10 to Top 5 cut with her bad catwalk?

      I’d rather have Pauline or Bella na ready sa rampahan at kudaan. 🙂

      • Her pasarela is NOT BAD. It is good enough. And she has been practicing her pasarela for months now. 2011 Miss Universe Leila Lopes is not that also very good when it comes to pasarela but she won the title.

      • @Pierro Rocco

        It is bad. She may have been training for long, but still no improvement. I agree that Leila Lopes (and Olivia Culpo – THE WORST) has a bad catwalk, but she was charismatic (Olivia, I still don’t know how she won).

        Again, why would you settle for Michele when you have Bella and Pauline who are also great speakers, prettier, fitter, and have better catwalks? I also prefer Alaiza over Michele because Alaiza can easily place at the Top 5, just not sure if she can win.

      • As long as you train her line of thoughts. Kailangan mong magsakripisyo nang malaki Fabian para mapahusay mo ang kanyang communication skills.

  8. Norman wala pang 8:00 PM naka-30 comments ka na kay Michelle Gumabao. Congratulations to both of you. Magandang gabi sa lahat.

  9. It’s about time to have beauty pageants that advocate global health (aside from HIV-AIDS) and allied concerns. We can have Miss World Health Organization (Miss WHO), Miss Health International, Miss Global Health, etc.

    We can have as well beauty contests that support sports & (physical) development such as Miss Olympics, Miss Sports International, Miss Global Sports, Miss FIFA World Cup, Miss Asian Games, Miss ASEAN Games, and the like (para mas masaya).

    Beautiful and intelligent health professionals can join the first set of pageants. Beautiful and eloquent athletes like Michelle Gumabao can join the second set. It (partly) answers the issues/concerns on diversity, accommodation, acceptance, etc in the pageant world. O di ba mas bongga.

  10. Zozibini Tunzi said LEADERSHIP should be taught (to young women) because society-at-large still expects women to be subservient (to men).

    But bear in mind that ESPECIALLY NOW AT THIS DIFFICULT TIME, in fact leaders have (supposedly/allegedly) taken advantage of their authority/mandate to further/impose their agenda. Both here and abroad.

    Humanity has not been lacking of female leadership. And if the case of a former President of our country is any indication, women can be as “agile” as men when it comes to “evasion”.

    The common enemy is the SARS-Cov2 virus. What will save the day is KNOWLEDGE, one that will allow us to pin the pandemic down, as how Mary steps on a snake in one depiction of her.

    Medical researchers and innovators are the ultimate front-liners now! And if only because she is a Doctor of Medicine, MUP-Negros Oriental should be granted the opportunity to represent us at MU. She has no reason to be intimidated of the volleybelle (as we witnessed in the AN’s episode). After all, even the hosts said so, told her. “Kaya mo ‘yan! Kinaya mo Med School, MUP pa”. 🙂

    • Hoy Flor, si Miss Negros Oriental HINDI DAPAT sa MU sasali if we are talking about the global pandemic. Ang dapat niyang salihan ay Miss WHO. Or pwede rin siya sa Miss Global Pandemic, Miss Global Covid-19, Miss Health International, Miss Vaccine International. O mga beauty pageant organizer bumuo na ng mga beauty pageant DEDICATED to the ADVOCACY & CAUSES of Global Health. Yun na.

  11. Top athlete. Team player. Sports commentator. Grassroots sports development advocate. Motivational speaker. TY personality. Academic achiever.

    The New Normal needs a New Beautiful—strong, articulate, invincible.

    Michele Gumabao. “Confidently beautiful. Beautifully invincible”.

  12. I liked Michele when she joined BBP—not so much now. I’m not sure if it’s her styling that’s off for me, but she seems too overdone in MUP. She doesn’t seem as fresh nor as personable. She’s still pretty, but not so memorable. She can speak though, no doubt. But so many Filipinos equate intelligence with being able to speak fluent English, when what we should be looking for is substance. Not to say that Michele doesn’t have it, just saying that just because she can speak, doesn’t necessarily mean she’s already MUP calibre. I think Michele needs to dig a little deeper for something that sets her apart.

    • True. In a way naging pageant-patty na. And let’s not forget her disappointing performance nung Miss Globe 2018, especially when she wore that business suit. BBP18 Michelle >>>>>>>>>> MUP20 Michelle > MG18 Michelle.

      • She was NOT meant for Miss Globe. Michelle is DESTINED for something bigger – MU. She has been working very hard to get in shape and improve her pasarela. So why don’t we support her?

      • @Pierro Rocco

        Miss Globe may be a minor pageant, but it seems like napilitan lang siya during that time. Look at Leren and Nichole, they were also huge favorites during their BBP batches and they were obviously disappointed when they only settled for Miss Globe, BUT THEY STILL GAVE THEIR ALL. But Michele? Volleyball was her priority.

        Minor pageant or major pageant, you should give your all. Also, “Michele is destined for something bigger” will just be justified if she was robbed, but she wasn’t because of her disappointing performance.

      • @ Abcde Mitch was unlucky. The BBP’18 batch had Cat, Ahtisa, Jehza, Karen G., and Ewa P. THESE FIVE (5), IN RETROSPECT, THWARTED HER BID to go up against Tamaryn, Sthefany, & H’Hen, which imo are the weakest foreigners in recent memory (I mean, imagine what Pia in 2015 & Rachel in 2017 were up against!). In other words, 2018 would have been a GREAT time for her to compete at MU. And not a few of us agree she was at her prime then…

        Mitch’s game plan isn’t water-tight. And as what some keep saying, she cannot bank on her “competitive-spirit-cum-leadership-as-impressum” advocacy ALONE to guarantee her win.

        Yes, you can argue, “well, that was BBP and here at MUP/MU, the rules are different”…

        True. She has a clear advantage now. It’s hers to lose. Same as Cat’s position back at BBP in 2018.


      • @Flor

        Yes, BBP18 was a very competitive year and Michele was actually my alternate MUP18. BBP18 was her prime. However, I disagree with you saying that the MU18 Top 5 is weak and Michele can easily beat them. The Top 5 are “rampadoras”. Michele may easily beat them in the interview rounds IF Michele survives the Top 10 to Top 5 cut, which I doubt because the cut is based on catwalk.

        Also, MU 2017 is one of the weakest batch. Only South Africa, Thailand, Venezuela, and Philippines are crown-contenders and the fact that Rachel is (personally) the weakest MUP in the past 10 years.

        I was just really turned off by Michele because of her Miss Globe performance. Just because she wasn’t competing in a Major pageant, she has the excuse to not give her best.

      • @ Abcde H’Hen and Sthefany had MONSTER pasarela’s! But Tamaryn? Meh…

        Yes, 2017 was made more memorable by Poonlertlarp and Keysi. I also liked MU-Canada, who famously wore the “old Hollywood” M5 gown (as described by Lu Sierra).

        Kara McCullough and Monalyssa Alcantara were admittedly bland. But my personal/sentimental fave from that year was the MU-Colombia most of us here in the Philippines find underwhelming – Laura Gonzales-Ospina. I’m unsure of the alleged politics that secured her win at SC, but I don’t care about that… I just adore her WICKED SASS. 🙂

      • To be fair, I think Michele really was too good for Miss Globe. Many of our PH reps in general could’ve competed in better pageants than Miss Globe, Michele included. I can’t comment on her performance there though because I didn’t watch the pageant itself. I’m really not against Michele in any way, I just don’t think she’s as strong as she was in BBP. Her greatest advantage is her speaking skills, but to me there are other girls in MUP who are more facially striking and refreshing to listen to. The sports thing is all good and well, but generally comes off to me as bland. Alaiza and Isabela are not strong speakers, but they appear passionate and insightful. Pauline is a good speaker and comes off very charming and sincere.

  13. How can sports give Michele an advantage when probably majority of pageant queens and candidates are involved in some kind of sports activity ?Look at Apriel Bella and Alaiza!
    And Who among our previous MUP winners do not play any sport ?? Maybe only the nerds like Shamcey And Janine . The rest are all sports fanatics . That’s how they get in shape,

  14. Being an MUP candidate is already an achievement in terms of training, exposure, and connections to the next stage of one’s life journey. While all are beautiful inside and out to deserve the crown, only one can be adjudged as winner. In this critical times, the one candidate who stands out in the horde of confidently beautiful women is she who projects strength and invincibility to face the personal, social, economic and spiritual fallout from this pandemic. In this bevy of equally beautiful bodies, stunning faces, eloquent speakers, outstanding scholastic and career achievers, remarkable social advocates, and noteworthy community leaders, the single most important competitive edge is the proven ability, stamina and will-power to rally everyone to win. Bringing the discipline of competitive sports to pageantry can strengthen its platform to sharpen its relevance as agent for social change and development. Admittedly, only Michele has this differential advantage.

    • @ scorg Boy, panoorin mo ‘yun’g YouTube episode ng The Sovereign, where she discusses why Gazini fared less-than-expected-by-her-avid-supporters.

      Root cause : the MU Judging Panel consisted, and presumably still will be, ENTIRELY of women.

      Ang mga babae, ayaw namin ng malakas ang dating. ‘Yun’g nagmamrunong/nagmamalaki…

      Our @ DanDan said something that hopefully will be of some help to Mitch – SHE MUST KNOW HOW TO SMELL THE ROOM (which will serve as venue for the Preliminary Interview).

      It has already been said here before – the Lara Dutta-Teresa Licaros formula characterized by brimming self-confidence bordering on appalling – will NOT win you the MU crown now. Rather, it is the ability to express/deliver content in a down-to-earth manner, one that feels no need to devour life to get results, that is desired. Examples? Iris, Zozi, and Demi. 🙂

      Needless DRAMA will NOT help. It cost Pellisier, Gonzales-Ospina, and Anderson crucial fractions of a point… Exaggerated “s”-curves be (beep!), as per our @ unorthodox.

      So, we need a leader? “Leader” sounds so “s”…

      In any case, tell MUPQC to maybe just tone it down somewhat without necessarily giving the “cheerleader” vibe our @ Fabian Reyes is loathe of.

      • @Flor, with due respects, I have to remind you that these are extraordinary times. We are in a pandemic. We cannot apply now what worked before. For a queen to inspire confidence in these times is to project strength and invincibility. Only a top athlete, not just a woman who plays sports in her leisure time or for workouts, possesses that attribute. Nowadays, the universe does not need a role model with superb catwalk, with slender modelesque body. Nor it needs another eloquent speaker. The universe needs someone who “walks the talk”, who is trained to win, who has the discipline to rally a team to face challenges.

      • Flor hindi naman nagmamarunong at nagmamalaki si Michelle. SIYA talaga ay marunong at MALAKI. Echos! He, he, he…

    • With only few changes (words/phrases) in the entire paragraph, this can be an EXCELLENT OPENING STATEMENT of Michelle Gumabao in the next edition of Miss Universe. See, LOVE talaga ni Scorg si Michelle at ginawan na ito as early as September 2020. THANK YOU Scorg. Oh Michelle cut & paste na. BUT DON’T FORGET to recognize your source. Good afternoon.

  15. Both Lu Siera and Hector Joaquin Colon Gonzales mentioned this trait as crucial in a MU titlist.

    A word that begins with the letter “h.

    The problem with intelligence is that it is a lure…

    It makes you appear (a word beginning with “s”, synonymous to arrogance but euphemistically).

    Because to be frank, the perceived front-runners at MUP atm are all giving me “s”-ness. IN THEIR HASTE TO IMPRESS, THEY NOW SOUND “S”. It is often misinterpreted, if conveniently, as “confidence”.

    If MUP 2020 were to be crowned THIS Sunday (13th), then only one will comply with Siera’s and Gonzales’ exacting standards.

    She has already guested on PN’s.

    Many want her to crossover to MWP.

    She will fully comply with @ Fabian Reyes’ desire for one who is sweet and unpretentious.

    And if I might add, I saw proof on YouTube that she attracts the RIGHT kind of boys – respectable, respectful, and with deep-sexy-manly voice. 🙂

    • Mas bagay siya sa MWP Flor. Kulang siya sa charm, radiance and being animated/bubbly, etc. Mas bagay siya kay JM dahil may pagka-British ang temperament at sa kanyang talent.

      • @ paul …Well, at least we are both on the island of Luzon in terms of who she is. 🙂

        Btw, JM’s “British style/temperament” is characterized by “simple pleasures, hidden luxury, and a delicious blend of sophistication and indifference”. That’s Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s description. Or, in American singer-songwriter Jewel’s lyrics in “Foolish Games”, “… fashionably sensitive but too cool to care”.

        HAHAHAHH! Parang mas appropriate sa hula mo kaysa sa tinuturing ko… 🙂

  16. NORMAN I bet hindi matatapos ang araw na ito aabot ang comments sa Michelle post na ito sa 50. And by tomorrow it will reach the 100 post mark. WHY? The needed elements are present and they are the following:

    1. Fabian Reyes is anti-Michelle Gumabao;
    2. If Michelle is discussed, fans of Bella & Pauline will join to defend the latter;
    3. Alaiza, Isabela, Apriel & Billie have been mentioned & they will trigger more good & bad comments;
    4. My good friend Flor Tula will support Fabian in his cause (he, he, he…); and
    5. Scorg will surely post comments because after all the lady is Michelle Gumabao.

    Good day to all.

  17. What about the 3 best speakers together -Michelle Bellla and Pauline
    And then the 4 kabogeras – Alaiza Sorsogon Apriel and Billie

    • For the latter part of Season 2 most likely. I have long wanted to guest Isabela Galeria but the Province has been keeping her busy with activities on all weekends – Sundays especially.

      • Norman bakit so busy si Galeria on weekends especially on Sundays? Nagtitinda ba siya ng daing sa palengke ng Sorsogon City o ng mga bulaklak (Aglaonema, Calidium, Calathea, etc.) sa tabi ng highway sa kanyang probinsya? PLEASE CLARIFY. Maraming salamat at magandang umaga.

      • The Provincial Government of Sorsogon lined up several activities for Isabela around the province – either for Tourism and Charity.

      • THANK YOU NORMAN for the FAST REPLY. Dapat pagkakaabalahan niya rin ang pag-improve ng kanyang communication skills at kaalaman sa iba’t ibang bagay. Another thing, she SHOULD PRACTICE DOING MAKE UP and HAIR STYLES the will MAKE HER LOOK BEAUTIFUL. PLEASE ADVISE Isabela & HER HANDLERS NOT TO RELEASE UGLY PICTURES of her. Salamat.

    • Flor, of course, it is a LOT EASIER to SPELL SORSOGON than Maria Isabela Galeria. He, he, he…

      • @ paul ‘Ala! Ba’t ako? Ako nga nag-remind kay @ Fabian Reyes that it’s “Galeria” of Sorsogon.


        ‘Di hamak naman’g mas madali i-baybay (spell, v.) ang former sa latter…

        YOU’RE TRIGGERING/BAITING AGAIN. Just to create traffic for Mitch.

        Sige, let me propose THIS – A MANO-Y-MANO BETWEEN A #Binibini AND A #PhenomenalWoman. Mr. Tinio, please put together a verbal-intellectual tussle between Montaigne and Gumabao. I want to see which of them is worth the time and attention.

  18. …. So, presumably, the next four (4) Sundays – 13, 20, & 27 of September and 4 October – are dedicated for MUP candidates, kasi these “are all set as early as now”. Mr. Tinio, bundle deal with MUPO? What we REALLY want to see is how you and Atty. Nad put the Q&A training module together, po… 🙂

    Topics to round off October – 11 and 18 – will NO longer be MUP-related, I presume and hope.

    Blogger Boss, will the 23 October (Friday) episode be PN’s first-ever “not Sunday” one? It will be The Camp’s on-line “Miting De Avance” for ABC, to be hosted by yourself with TPP as venue, right?

  19. I don’t understand why she’s a stand alone
    She has not won yet
    I think the other candidates will feel offended by this . I would if I was an MUP Candidate .

    • Because I am experimenting on a new theme that works best with a solo guest. If it generates healthy views, then I will do a variation of the same to another lady.

    • She’s a STAND ALONE because Michelle is an EXCELLENT COMMUNICATOR. PWEDE 10 ang GUESTS if the 10 of them are POOR/WEAK SPEAKERS. Ano ka ba Fabian!

    • Correct. Pero pinapahaba pa ang pageant time not just because of the pandemic but the organization needs to raise funds like Downy, Havaianas, etc.

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