3 comments on “And on other Phenomenal Women fronts

  1. Mr. Tinio, I saw your “flyer” for the S2 Premiere of PN’s.

    My question is…

    Do you have FULL control in terms of subject matter selection? Or, does your host site – TPP – have a say?

    Why am I asking?

    If the “lovely Visayan dance” between Romblon and Iloilo City at AN’s was any indication, and as we approach the October 25 Final, then it might be nice to shift the spotlight on the other noobs (as yet still un-featured, or scantily if so), such as the four in this post. Because to be frank, I’m getting a “MUPO-needs-to-pay-bills-soon” vibe. And to do that, they are milking their more bankable candidates for all they’re worth. Don’t tell me na after all the public engagements the candidate-I-am-referring-to has done, ta’s hindi pa siya manalo, baka magtampo/sumama loob…

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