22 comments on “Gabby and Honey: Big Hair, Don’t Care

  1. I couldn’t care less for this shoot. Kinda outdated with no real purpose. Paolo seems stuck with the drag-type styling and concepts…

  2. Unsolicited piece of advice: Gabby and Honey pag pareho kayong matalo sa Bb. Pilipinas next year, go kayo after kay Madame Cory Quirino for her Mutya Pilipinas. She offers a number of beauty and modelling titles. Mukhang malaki ang chances ninyong manalo sa kanya. Good luck to the two of you.

      • Try and try Flor. Huwag gayahin si Toni Hipolito na sa Bb. Pilipinas lang sumasali – 3 beses, 3 beses ding natalo hanggang sa umabot na sa age limit. He, he, he…

    • Speaking about Toni Hipolito, She could have been TOTGA for me if not for Miss Globe International 2016 crown which was handed to her on a silver platter.

  3. While the concept is nice, it is obvious that it was photoshoped! Kitang-kita pa silhoutte nung hairline kung saan ika-crop!

    Wala na talaga direksyon pinatutunguhan ng MUP!

    Good luck na lang!

      • @ Norman Sir, with all due respects to the two ladies here, could you have Maureen Montaigne as SOLE guest on one episode of PN’s S2, po?

        Imo, she is the most expected/anticipated(to-win) Bb this year. Yet, she has brought along some measure of semi-controversy. Her camp switch, her snub of the offer made by Dr. Amaal Rezk/ALV, and most recently the transfer of the SupraFilipinas franchise to MWP as to leave her high-and-dry considering she was seen as a strong contender for the BbP-Supra title, all contribute towards making followers and observers think, “what’s the deal with her, anyway”?

        I am quite confident she will trust you with both her feelings and views. Thanks again a lot. 🙂

      • @ Norman Also, po, could you come up with a Calendar of pageants for this month and the next to guide us readers?…

        … kasi, if I understand correctly, wala’ng naka-plano for December anymore. Lahat ng BIG’s, 2021 na.

        So, this September dapat ay mag-start ang ME, finishing 1st week November. Ta’s, CTS 2020 results is expected within the month; anyway, nag-virtual na sila. What about Aliwan Fiesta and ChinaTown? Finally, any word from Deliart Association and my dear sweet Angkol? And Aya A.?

      • It’s not easy to finalize a calendar of pageants because they are subject to changes. The only thing moving to the finals this month is Century Tuna Superbods. Chinatown will be October

    • This is on Jonas Gaffud.

      Everything bad in Philippine pageantry is Jonas’ fault.

      Walang hiya ka Jonas.

      Akala niya credible siya dahil he was instrumental in the rebirth of the Philippines as a pageant powerhouse?

      Remember the Miss Universe pageant drought of the Philippines in the aughts under the auspices of BPCI?

      Also Jonas’ fault.

      COVID-19 is also Jonas’ fault.

      The sluggish pandemic response of the DOH under Duque is also Jonas’ & the new MUP organization’s fault.


  4. umaahtisa si gab. speaking of Filipina looks. This is for me the best look/ make up of honey. sana wag i straight ang buhok ni honey sa finals.

  5. I love it…

    Love everything about this… hair, make-up, styling, etc..
    The big hair is such a standout…. My only complaint is I wish Honey’s pants was at least 2 inches longer… to hide those platforms and create Avatar-like proportions…

    But over-all they nailed it….

  6. Talaga’ng may credits for moral support. 🙂

    Here are the two most popular Independent (neither A&Q nor KF) candidates at BBP 2020. Both have tasted international competition. Both guested in the same Pageantry Norms S1 episode.

    BIG hair…. magastos sa shampoo. Recall, Mr. Tinio, your One-on-One with ME-Ghana 2019 (now MG-USA 2020)? She said she used up a bottle of shampoo in under a week! All that represents additional trash, ending up either as landfill or flotsam. Convince your contacts, po, in the personal care/ethical products industry to make available an option for consumers to buy via a dispensary (meaning, do away with packaging and put up 24/7 “refill stations/kiosks” EVERYWHERE. Folks bring their OWN containers!). Parang style sa Socialist/Communist way…

    • i checked MGI USA. truth nga. sure top 5 yan flor. lam mo naman si angkol. Galing pa yan sa ME at naging Favorite mostly ng pinoys. lalo na kung ghana pa i represent nya papanalunin talaga for a chance na mag host ang africa for MGI.

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