7 comments on “Ashtie Nights with Rabiya Mateo and Maria Fee Tajaran

    • @ AkoLangTo Who are you referring to, po?

      Rabiya? Sasha? Any of the Ashties? All of them?


      • Ha, ha, ha… Naimagine mo Flor si medical professional maging hairdresser? Si fashion designer maging tindera sa side street ng Binondo? Si HR professional maging lady boy dancer sa Bangkok? Si banker maging tagapaghatid ng pagkain (food delivery service) sa Makati? At ang schoolmate mo maging barker sa UP Philcoa jeepney terminal. So venture into different fields…

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Si Nigel, barker?! Inglisero’ng ‘yan?

        Nigel Barker. LOLZ. 🙂

        Bakit naman ganu’n (na lang) ang turing mo kay Miguel? Eh, sabi pa naman ni @ Fabian Reyes siya pinaka-diplomatic sa kanila.

        Pero, pansin mo? Si Moks, mahilig sa wine?

        (Speaking of barker sa jeepney terminal, naalala ko ‘yun’g sinakyan ko’ng bus long ago, biyahe’ng Philcoa – Ayala. Sabi nu’ng conductor, “Mga Miss, kapit sa matigas…”. Punuan na kasi nu’n, so nakatayo na kami’ng lahat…)

  1. Rabiya may not win this yr but she has great potential to do well at beauty pageants
    Just needs a little polishing

    • @ Fabian Reyes I agree. In particular, don’t you think she registers a tad self-indulgent?

      Watch Charles’ interview with Venus Raj on his Heyadmg Youtube canale. She said so – I used to talk always about ME, ONLY ME.

      In contrast, Maria Fee (and I know you will dismiss her because knowing you,…) gave a more generous/less self-centered delivery. Let’s put it this way – if MUPO had a charity fundraiser, Rabiya would be the speaker/emcee while Sasha (Maria Fee’s nickname) would work the crowd. BOTH roles are important! The two ladies complement each other. They are SYNERGY, 1 + 1 = 3.

      I hope you saw my reply to your comment as to why Mr. Tinio bothered doing the Basketball Team post…. THIS IS WHY. 🙂

      (Please also watch Delfin Lara’s interview with Hector Joaquin Colon Gonzales. Humility counts!)

      I’m very glad AN put two noobs in one episode, as opposed to previous pairings – Quezon City vs. Oriental Mindoro and Bohol vs. La Union.

      How do you feel about the following duels? Which would you bother enduring three (3) hours for?

      1) Sorsogon vs. Davao City, 2) Paranaque City vs. Quezon City, or 3) Cebu Province vs. either Taguig City/Albay.

      • Yup , I agree. Rabiya sounds a little cocky and self-centered .
        I have yet to listen to the other candidate .

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