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  1. First of all, I love my Scott Hawaii rubber “slippahs.” They’re comfy when I’m burning my candle while doing digital designs. Havaianas are pricier though than your other run-of-the-mill flipflops (the authentic ones, not the China knock offs you see on some major online stores) and some of their items are more expensive than my basic slip-on Birkenstock (yup, I’m square). Check the pricing on both US and Philippine sites (https://us.havaianas.com and https://havaianas.ph) and be amazed that some pairs cost US$80. That could feed a small community on quarantine.

    Alright, as an etcher, I’ll chose a few photos from the bunch to simulate how promotional posters can be designed out of the mishmash of photos available. I can’t find a single photo that is truly poster-ready but there are interesting elements in several photos than can either be enhanced and/or tweaked to serve the purpose. Again, I’m not judging the girls per se but the outputs as presented.
    People who like Havaianas project either sunny or laidback personalities who don’t take things too seriously (depending on the colors chosen) so let me work on that premise. Photos that show girls who look fun or chill fit the bill. Anyone who dons full couture and wear slippahs does not make sense (only one in this entire bunch is guilty of that).

    In the first group, I’ll pick the topmost right photo (carefree, rolled eyes, hair a little frizzy, white crop top and good choice of psychedelic colored flipflops). The only tweak I will do is change the background because it washes out her white get up. I will probably digitally spray that with either azure or teal.
    The 2nd group has the most interesting elements that can be played around, so to speak. The ebony skinned girl in the topmost right did the best pose of all the girls (the angle and placement of her hands and legs provide the right symmetrical base while showing the product being promoted in two angles). However, I will crop her out of the photo (minus her shadow) and superimpose her entire body into the background used in the second photo in the middle column (girl in the green meadow). That would have been a perfect shot. I can also work with the second photo on the leftmost column (chill girl lying on her back with her legs on the wall), except that I wish she placed her hand on the belly or on the side rather than her crotch. I’ll change the wall color and use the wall in the topmost left photo of the 4th group (off white with two floral paintings). I’ll deepen the floor using either dark teak or mahogany hues which would go well with her tan millinery and yellow woolen blanket. That would be the chicest photo in the whole bunch.

    For the 3rd group, I’ll crop out the breezy looking girl on the top middle photo (blue floral dress sitting on a wooden day bed) and superimpose her on the middle top photo in the 2nd group. I’ll digitally twist the metal chair about 25 degrees clockwise, lower the table to the level of her knees, and change the palette of her flipflops to a solid white. That would make the whole photo marketable.
    In the 4th group, I’ll pick the lowermost right photo (girl sitting on the concrete steps) as base. I’ll digitally remove the house (or cabana?) in the background to make it appear like she’s sitting on the breakwater with her back in the open sea on a late afternoon. I’ll change the color of her flipflops to a light shade of yellow in contrast to her entire lavender/pink dress that looks rather forlorn. I also wish she smiled a bit like that girl on the second photo of the first column (well, her face can be digitally imposed).

    On the 5th group, the last photo on the left column maximizes photographic perspective well (blurring the background and emphasizing the foreground). I would have preferred though that her feet were not cropped out of the photo and move her pupils a little to the center to make her appear looking straight at the camera. Lastly, I would change the color of her flipflops to either canary or tea green. That would make the whole shot print-ready (like a calendar).
    I’m just sharing my thoughts once in a while.

    • @Luke, professionakl analysis comes once in a while in this commentary section! I’m appreciating it. I am learning how to analyse advertising creatives. Thank you.

      • @ Norman Tajaran is getting GLOWING reviews everywhere! She is described as a “more polished Janicel Lubina”, and personable. I predict she will place/finish well, beyond expectations.

        Mr. Tinio, I am listening to Episode # 9 of AN S2. Apparently, now just a little over a month before the 25 October Final, the Ring Light campaign is not delivering as hoped for. Still poor viewership…
        I think the problem is that the term itself – Ring Light – fails to get an emotional response from the general populace. Let’s face it – unless you work as a beautician or in a beauty parlor, who knows what a ring light is?

        MUPO took on a steep learning curve. At least now, that curve is begun to level like NCR’s SARS-Cov2 reproduction number, r nought.

        Rabiya is giving Tori Anne Singh vibes with PLENTY of comedic wit. Or, a dusky Ahtisa on energy drinks! 🙂

        P.S. Taray ni Miguel Naranjilla… Minorka. Blogger Sir, what is essence of woman? For Rabiya, it is “women protecting women”… Finally, please tell them that 2h20m20s is JUST TOO LONG, po.

      • @ Norman Macoy (AN community member, I assume) commented “Rabiya is a speaker while Sasha (Tajaran) is a conversationalist”.

        Tell Atty. Bronce to advise Tajaran to do away with “parang” (like), such as “… parang, kasi sabi…”.

        Sasha, in another comment, is compared to Patricia Tumulak. @ CoolBrew will LIKEY. 🙂

  2. Aklan with the same ugly make up .
    I don’t what mirror she is using . She’s definitely prettier without make up on

      • Most women are lot prettier with make up on
        Not Christelle
        She’s not ugly … but I prefer her bare face

      • @ Fabian Reyes Christelle complies with ME’s “Beauty of Face”.


        The Camp will divert her to MPE after this – my BOLD prediction.

  3. Who is that girl in a red and black bikini reading that very boring Hillary Clinton book ?
    She’s got a nice body .

  4. OMG, guys! You know what all this looks like?

    The candidates’ sponsor visit at Panasonic, in Miss International Beauty Pageant.


    But at least it looks a lot better than the Jojo Bragais shoot at BBP 2020.

    Mr. Tinio, ‘yun po ba’ng pagkulay sa buhok nina Vickie at Sam B, orchestrated by KF? If so, what is the intended message, po? And why didn’t Maureen? Finally, who will KF field to MWP 2020/21?

    • Flor, those are obviously wigs. It is for another Bragais campaign shoot where the ladies were made to look like dolls.

      • @ Norman Sir, please tell MUPO to have a culminating activity to bring ALL sponsors together.

        So far, it’s an SUV, fabric conditioner, false eyelashes, and now this, flip-flops. When will the silver-doped face masks from Singapore come in, po?

        Ta’s, tama ‘yan. Huwag masayado’ng marami’ng sponsors. Just a few GOOD ones. And next year, iba naman… ‘Yun’g mga interesado maging sponsor, in the following years na i-accommodate.

      • The Aerian Essentials masks might make its big appearance during the safety-laden finals where the ladies will wear them while not on the spotlight in front of the judges.


    ‘Yun’g nasa pinakababa na katabi ni Mitch, NOICE. Bagets of Pageantry has been informed…

    My favorites are Skelly, Perlyn, and Paola. Ang SWEET ng arrive nila.

    Mr. Tinio, puwede po ba sa isa’ng future episode ng Pageantry Norms, co-host niyo si Brian Gocheco? He is TOO CUTE.

    Si Piczon, kaloka pose. She’s a ballerina, too, right?

    • There you go again Flor. Nakakaloka ka. Ha ha ha. While Everybody is going gaga over flip flops, yong Bag talaga ang napansin mo. LOL

      • @ serge ‘Di, ‘a…. 🙂

        Napansin din ni @ Closer2Fame. Look at comment below.

        The bag is so designed to contain/hold a pair of Havaianas plus your other stuff/junk. It’s Marketing! And marketing (pamalengke, more chic substitute for “bayong”).

        Speaking of which, ang alam kasi’ng flip-flop brand ni @ Fabian Reyes is Spartan. ‘Yun ang isinusuot tuwing namamalengke. Yan’g Havaianas, pam-porma sa cute boys.

        … just make sure you feet are soft, clean, and white. Guys LOVE feet! Even chicken feet (“tiil”), but as “pulutan” (accompaniment to beer).

  6. I also like Pauline. She is cute. She is like a little girl who is giggling after owning flip flops.

  7. Way over the top , the way things were described below
    Who have heard of this brand before ?
    It’s not like Nike Adidas or Even Skechers which is in your consciousness . And they are flip flops !!.
    I remember the days in high school where I would wear oversized red Spartans during our monthly periodic exams .
    I will wait until MUP starts landing major endorsements before I say, ‘MUP , you have arrived!’

  8. I love Bella’s playfulness
    But Sorsogon and PAuline are the winners here . They both look very classy .
    Apriel andAlaiza are runners up .
    The bottom one next to Michelle looks amazing As well

  9. I also like that lady who is holding a book and resting her legs up on the wall. She also makes me crave for that flip-flops.

  10. How the Brazilian poor man’s sandals flup-flopped its way to the top in international footwear fashion is a remarkable story of rebranding. It is interesting that the iconic brand is partnering with MUP, a pioneering organization in pageant branding. Now we are assured, as the confidently beautiful MUP aspirants are, that every Havaianas slippers we wear represents an indomitable spirit of innovation, truly a step in the right direction towards building our own personal brands.

  11. If I’m the Marketing director of Havaianas, I would pick Apriel Smith as the model… to me she nailed the face and pose. She actually wore the slippers which is meant to be and it still stoodout against her gorgeous dark skin… I just wish that she had the same styling from the background, and head to toe of the Girl at the bottom left who even hanged the bag to showcase the brand….

  12. A leisurely walk Beyond the Coastlines in Havaianas, garbed in Dowmy-perfumed soft top and trouser comfies, with a Huawei P40 Pro in tow… Can’t wait for the the MG car to show up!


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