13 comments on “Pia Wurtzbach X 5 on the cover of British Thoughts Magazine

  1. The 4th one is my favorite.
    There is really something about Pia when it comes to pictorials which Catriona does not have.

    • @ 4M You make it sound like this is a looming naval battle between England and Spain, and more specifically between Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I. 🙂

      Let’s take it from those ladies themselves – THE ONE WHO COMMANDS THE WIND, WINS.

      Speaking of naval battle, how do you feel about Teresita Ssen’s thrust to become a Philippines Navy reservist?

      • oh my i had no idea!!! I took a long break from checking pageantry news when covid erupted..

  2. Is it just me or is there anyone else here who wants drum her giant knockers to the beat? 😁

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