14 comments on “Get to know the Top 9 Finalists of Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020

  1. Come on, Alana Rhedey is not 5’11”. I want her to win because I’m also from Baguio. I’ve seen her a lot, she’s beautiful, pero halos magkasintangkad lang kami, I’m 5’7″, OA naman yang 5’11”. Ukisaba nga kuna da, huwag masyado.

  2. @Flor Tula. Maybe you confused Monica Ala Rhedey with Andrea Fe Gomez who is shorter??

  3. There must have been something wrong with that photo of Baguio City when she competed at MMP; she looked a lot shorter than 5’5″. Anyway, Gazini vibes; @ paul understands…

    CUTE nose on Cabadbaran City! 🙂

    Iloilo City – born in Italy but pure Pinay? Her nose,… so Maria Assunta Schiavone!

    Boracay, Aklan is half-Danish? I’ll bet Italian immigrants to Scandinavia were her starting point…

    Consolacion is half-Dutch? So is co-Cebuano Visser. Mr. Tinio, can you confirm with your Cebu contacts if the island has gotten plenty of now-permanent residents from Nederlands? And why, po?

    • Erratum … a lot shorter than 5’11”.

      Even then and considering she already has a municipal crown (Miss Baguio) and got taste of a national-level tilt (MMP), at THAT height she should have gone straight to the BBP 2020 Screening! I am assuming BPCI will tolerate nicely her con-current duties as the reigning Queen of The City of Pines, as they did in Franceska Taruc’s case. Mygawsh, even Maureen Montaigne would be gripped with icy fear, her chances greatly diminished by this seeming-goddess. Let’s not even talk about Rushton, Basiano, and Karen Laurrie, the BBP-International types.

      Guys, do you realize what 5’11” MEANS?

      Catriona Gray, the tallest figure I’ve seen of her on social media, was 5’10”.

      Rachel Peters, tallest social media stat was 5’9″. What was Pauline Anne Baker-Cordero last year – short of 6′? April May Short was really; she was among the shorter ones in Monaco (World Top Model). This year, BB-Iloilo Province Thea Cenarosa is also willowy. WHY DO I FEEL ALANA IS NOT AS TALL AS QUOTED HERE?

      • @Flor Tula. Maybe you confused Monica Ala Rhedey with Andrea Fe Gomez who is shorter??

      • @flor baka kuyugin ako here but catriona is not even 5’10. 5’9 1/2 at the most. pwede naman rounded off. She was listed 5’9 at mwp 2016.I met anjame magbitang 5’9 at the most. Rachel peters looks 5’9 . Mitch gumabao is 5’8 1/2. Patch is 5’8

      • @ bonsaihater To get additional perspective, Emmy Sawyer is 173 cm as per Mr. Tinio’s post.

        I checked on measuring tape. That’s just a bit more than 5’8.5″. So, she’s taller Mitch.

        But, back to this post. Alana Rhedey should go for BBP or MWP 2021! She’s played the Minors long enough. Sometimes, a leap of faith is the best way to coax yourself to go the distance; staying comfy in friendly-safe territory will impede growth. I think neither Mutya nor MPE will be of any real benefit and may turn out to be hindrance/distraction.

        In the words of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel,..

        “Love the uneven path. Invent moments, if necessary. Know the rules well enough to break them”.

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