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  1. Several months ago (before the pandemic started) I have observed that the National Bookstore branches in our region have stopped selling (printed) magazines. Is it the same in Metro Manila? Is this a digital or an e-copy of Mega Mag? Do they still sell the printed copies? Please share the latest info. Thanks a lot.

    • LOL+ Most of the comments are from you and your second account paul. Flor tula, scorg and fabian round it out…

      Tell me about 100 comments if they are really from 100 different people. lmao!

      • Salamat 4M at nakatulong din ang 4 mong negative comments. Mega pa rin ang panalo at si Catriona Gray!

      • 4M ano ang problema kung humigit pa sa 100 ang comments sa post na ito on Catriona and her Mega cover? WALA! Ha, ha, ha…

  2. One of my most treasured magazines is the issue of The Metro Magazine in which the cover girl is Kitkat Silverio-Ayala (her wedding special).

    Halungkatin ko nga ang collection ko ng Mega magazine. My basic criterion for buying a glossy magazine – the cover girl should be a beauty queen or a supermodel titleholder. He, he, he…

  3. Norman katulad ng sales ng Mega sardines, humahataw din sa comments si Mega magazine at Catriona. He, he, he…

  4. Norman what is your favorite fashion magazine in the early to mid 1980s? Mod, Women’s Journal, Woman’s Today, Mr. & Ms., etc.? he, he, he… Good afternoon.

      • Thank you Norman for the very fast reply. One of my favorite cover girls in that decade was Jeanne Therese Hilario of UST, Miss Maja Filipinas 1989 and 2nd runner up in that year’s Miss Maja International. I still have a copy of her being the cover girl of Woman’s Today. Nakatago sa maleta. Ha, ha, ha…

  5. Flor ano ang favorite Philippine fashion magazine mo noong 1990s? Mega, Metro, Preview, Cosmo Philippines, etc.?

      • Beauty pageant question: Flor if you will be given a chance to be the cover girl of an international fashion magazine, what publication are you going to choose?

      • @ PAUL Reader’s Digest! 🙂

        (If and when we meet in the flesh, I will share a story on that…)

        Italian Vogue. I will be in (early-era) (Gianni) Versace. And Elsa Perett “open heart”. The issue will have an editorial spread on the traditional arts and crafts of Puglia. With Maria Carla Boscono and Carla Bruni as muses/models.


        Punta ako Manila Flor pag wala ng pandemya at pag babalik na ang peso fare ng Cebu Pacific at Air Asia. Poor ang peg. He, he, he…

  6. Norman 2 days na at mabenta pa rin ang Mega Magazine. More than 60 comments na. Followed by Havaianas and placing 3rd is the British Thoughts. Good morning to all. He, he, he…

    Scorg PLEASE explain the psychographics of Mega Mag, Catriona Gray and Fabian Reyes (as Three in One Formula). Thanks.

    • @Paul, it is difficult to do psychographics of a fanbase if one does not have the database, nor adequate resources to gather data. My locale is halfway across the globe and am dependent only on the internet. Anyway, I’m sure advertisers who are in search of an image model, or media outlets for their advert copies, have the profile of the celebrity’s audience or the magazine’s readership. From the scanty data that I know, Mega Magazine targets the upscale market. Cat projects an upscale image and most of her followers, though from a lower market scale, are aspirationals.

      • THANK YOU SCORG. By the way, what was your favorite fashion magazine when you were still in college? O baka naman puro libro sa economics ang binabasa mo noon? He, he, he…

      • @Paul, I don’t read fashion mags. I read only Time Magazine and Life Magazine for the amazing photography. When I was in the US I read National Geographic, Economist and Sports Illustrated.

      • Bongga at pangmatalino ang mga binabasa mo Scorg. He,he,he…

  7. Oh no Mr. Blogger! Why do you have to do a consecutive magazine cover feature of the two MUs. Now people can judge who is the real deal when it comes to pictorials.

  8. Norman mukhang MAS mabenta ang Mega (magazine not the sardines, ha) kaysa Havaianas. Naka-50 ka na kay Mega at Catriona. Wala pang 8:00 AM. He, he, he… Happy Sunday!

      • YES! Ha, ha, ha… We DO NOT criticize Pia. WE just tell the truth. She is just SOOO… OVERRATED by YOU. Matulog ka na Fabian kasi gabing-gabi na dyan sa New York. Sana bukas ng umaga matanggal na ang crab mentality sa yo.

    • @ PAUL Marami pa ba’ng nag-pro-propagate at nagbebenta ng Euphorbia sa Marilog?

      I remember taking the bus from DCOTT to CDO City (Buda route). And along the mountain passes, ornamental plants were sold by roadside peddlers. It was a Sunday,…

      Also, can you fill us in on any up-and-coming pageant queens in Mindanao/Davao Region? Anybody in particular we need to watch for? Anybody you want to mention/plug here? 🙂

      • Flor lalong dumami ang mga nagtitinda ng ornamental plants sa Marilog District Flor along the BUDA (Bukidnon-Dacvao) Highway because the people here are crazy, crazy with flowers. But Euphorbia is not ‘IN THING’ right now. Currently, people are collecting different varieties of Aglaonema (the brighter the color, the better), Caladium (the variegated ones), Calathea (or the Prayer Plant), Monstera (specially the Deliciosa), Pothos & the like, Rubber Plant, Sansevieria (Snake Plant), Alocasia, and many others. I am looking for a (cheap) seedling of variegated African Talisay which is one of the most expensive plants.

        I have not heard of any up-and-coming local pageants here in the Davao Region. For one, Davao City is an “anti-beauty contests” LGU because of its very strict GAD ordinance. Wearing of swimsuits is NOT allowed. Fiestas and local festivals such as our Bulawan Festival have been cancelled, so another the reason for the lack (or non existence) of local pageants this year.

        One of these days Flor (pag ready na ako), I will present to you a number of project proposals on our favorite pastime – beauty pageants and beauty queens. I hope I can do it within the year, In the meantime, focus muna ako sa flowers. He, he, he… Maayong hapon sa inyong tanan.

      • @ paul Isn’t “prayer plant” Maranta (which folds up its leaves at night, as if saying its bedtime prayers)? But yes, Calathea is a close relative… Btw, are the Marilog District growers a cooperative? Also, I wonder if they have the “arrowroot” – Maranta arundinacea. It’s root stock is edible-starchy, and as an ornamental the variegated form is just handsome! I prefer the plain green Caladium and Aglaonema… Now that variegated types have displaced the original wild/plain varieties, it is the latter that have become rare and hard to find. But in elite gardening circles (not me), I am aware that there are individuals who still appreciate these simpler beauties and put together pristine (pest- and disease-free) collections of these, away from the public eye.

        May istorya ‘yan’g variegated Aglaonema! Initial stocks came from an ASEAN neighbor of ours. But,… I think you know. 🙂

        I hope the gardeners of both Bukidnon and Davao are also exerting efforts towards popularizing natives like the Alocasia sanderiana and hoyas (all the rage at Jatujak, Bangkok!). I guess Euanthe sanderiana – “waling-waling” – is passe now. Trends, indeed.

      • Flor roadside sellers are also selling (& popularizing) native species of Caladium, Aglaonema and Epipremnum Pinnatum. So ang mga tao (plant finders) go to the kalasangan (jungles) to uproot or cut the plants from their real environment, cultivate them to multiply the numbers, and then sell them to the marketers/sellers. I have around 10 species of Aglaonema – 5 are dominant green and the other 5 have bright colored leaves.

        But the variegated species from Bangkok are very popular and command higher prices.

        I do not have (yet) the information if these ornamental plant growers and sellers in Marilog District are already organized as coops, peoples organizations and the like. I’ll inform you as soon as I get the data from friends working in and NGOs.

  9. Between this magazine and the Havaianas, definitely I will buy the Mega mag. I can’t afford the Havaianas, ha, ha, ha…

  10. Fabian parang IKAW din si Catriona. Sometimes wala sa mood dahil may pinagdadaaanan. Hindi lahat ng araw fair weather madame. Ha, ha, ha…

      • Paul , Cat said she was a social butterfly during her MU quest . Once she was done, She turned into a complete snob refusing to take selfies with fans . Even Nicole Cordoves has described Cat as aloof .
        Is that a Case of a multiple personality disorder ? Or Does Cat simply behave according to what the situation dictates ( in other words , she’s plastic ) ?

    • @ Fabian Reyes I certainly hope not.

      But now that you mentioned it, hhmmm….

      I was thinking more in terms of… (unverified) legal documents, perhaps…?

      I run the risk of slander with what I just wrote. But you asked, so I answered.

      I will leave this post now with a quote from my epitome of an empowered woman (she who lived when it was difficult to be one). “HARD WORK! NOT TITLES, NOT NERVES, NOT LUCK”. May Catriona get so busy that it will pay off in the end. 🙂

  11. Flor wala pang 5:00 AM, umabot na sa 40 ang comments. See Norman pag si Catriona ang pinag-uusapan, talagang laging trending. Congratulations! Magandang umaga sa lahat. He, he, he…

  12. This issue of Mega magazine is worth buying even if the price is already PhP 250.00. Way back in the 1990s 100.00+ lang ang Mega. And sad to say that Sari Yap passed away a couple of years. But Mega mag is alive and kicking with Catriona Gray.

  13. Hoy FLOR hindi namin pinag-usapan ni Scorg na padamihin nang padamihin ang comments pag may post on Catriona. Sadyang masarap siyang pag-usapan. After all, Hector Joaquin Gonzales said that she is the best Miss Universe (and her most favorite). He, he, he…

    Flor marami akong ornamental plants – Aglaonema, Calathea, Caladium, Monstera Adansonii, Pothos, etc. Anong gusto mo? I hope one day (pag makaluwag-luwag na) mapadalhan kita or pag makapunta na ako dyan sa Maynila. Ito bilang pagkilala sayong kadakilaan sa Diliman.

    For the record Flor, I STOPPED teaching way back in 2004. I do short-time projects such as research work, community development work, documentation and translation work, etc. Baka may project ka dito sa Mindanao, willing akong taga-bitbit ng Louis Vuitton bags mo. He, he, he… Pero dahil sa pandemya, paghahalaman ang pinagkakaabakahan ko ngayon. He, he, he…

    • ERRATA: ‘HIS most favorite’ and ‘pinagkakaabaLAhan.’ Sorry.

    • @Flor, trhough @Paul’s language reflects that of a social realist, and mine is that of a business pragmatist, we don’t ever discuss any commentary partnership. How? Africa is very far from Mindanao in spatial and virtual distance! What’s happening is the so-called “meeting of the minds” (on Cat and Michele), despite the glaring polarity of our writing styles.

      @Paul, it’s nice to know you used to teach. At PSHS and UP High, I bet. Your presesnt preoccupation with ornamental plants is very interesting. Frankly, I am completely clueless when it comes to plants that I have to google how your ornamental plants look like. Davao weather and topography look perfect for agricultural ventures.

      • Thank you Scorg for clarifying things (further). Saan mo naman nakuha ang info Scorg that I had taught at PSHS and UPIS? He, he, he…

        Marami videos on ornamental plants sa YT Scorg. Again, thanks.

      • @OPaul, you mentioned before that you attended a PSHS graduation ball in the same Manila Hotel ballroom where MUP had its Press Presentation. From what I know, those who teach at PSHS also teach at UP High. That’s the inference… but maybe incorrect?

    • Hello! I tried looking for the video where he mentioned Catriona being the best Miss Universe but could not find one. Can you kindly post the video title here pleeeease?

      • @ KittyCat Title : Interview with Hector Joaquin Colon Gonzales (1 Sept 2020, approx. 42 min)

        YouTube canale : Critical Beauty Salon

        He also says MU is the best. I wonder how JM feels about that. 🙂

      • KittyCat have you already seen the video of Critical Beauty salon with Hector Gonzales? Thank you.

  14. Scorg I CANNOT COMPLAIN. Our family has been so BLESSED despite the global health pandemic that started in the first quarter of this year. Food supply is abound. Movement restrictions have been eased since mid of May. Covid-19 cases are very low in our province and the entire Davao Region. We are doing good and thankful to the Almighty God for all the blessings. By the way, I busy myself (daily) planting and nurturing my ornamental plants because people here in Mindanao are crazy right now with different varieties of Aglaonema, Caladium, Calathea, Pothos, Monstera, and other flowers.

    How about you Scorg? How is the situation in SA?

  15. Kung sa American Next Top Model surely ang comment sa underwater photoshoot ni Catriona,
    Nice photos but the face is not strong enough. Aminin, di na capture ng photographer young beautiful face ni Catriona

    • Gagah, ISA pang may crab mentality. Hindi kasalanan ni Catriona. The editorial staff chose the picture to be used for the magazine’s cover. I am sure napakaraming pictures, e yun ang napili nila.


  16. This pandemic has the potential to plunge us all under water. If the economy is screetched to a halt, and supply and demand mechanism freezes, everone’s market value diminishes. Mega Magazine and Cat remind us of the timeliest and powerful message of the times: “Still, we rise”. We have to continue celebrating life’s beauty despite the stark realities facing humanity. That’s why I applaud MUP and MEP, and the many pageant vloggers/ bloggers like Sir Norman for keeping the pageantry industry pulsating with life—despite the formidable odds– in the process averting further erosion of pagenatry’s market and social value. That’s why I deplore the many pageant organizations, both local and international, who easily surrendered their principled “raison d’etre” to this pandemic, showing defeatist attitude when the call of the times is a valiant stance against this menace that negates everything beautiful in this life.

  17. “Under water” in Finance means having less value than when it was purchased. Mega Magazine’s cover concept is a metaphor for where this pandemic psychologically, financially and socially plunged us all into. But Cat’s depiction of the sad state we are all into remarkably resonates the caption “Still, we rise”. Under water, we literally and figuratively “can’t breathe”. But Cat showed with aplomb that one can still be confidently beautiful in the midst of this human tragedy, ever hopeful that we can still rise above the water, to celebrate beauty triumphantly once again!

    • I hope this message is not lost especially to the followers of pageantry, the industry focused on the celebration of beauty. Don’t let this pandemic dehumanize us. Life is short. Instead of pulling everyone down, we should be pushing everyone up. We should should together rise up as one.

      • The aforesaid message of Scorg is (LITERALLY) for his good friend Fabian Reyes. Sa madaling salita, dapat tanggalin na ni Fabian ang crab mentality na nakadikit sa kanyang skull. He, he, he…

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados ‘Tragis! Umamin ka, fren. Nag-usap kayo ni @ scorg na mag-tag-team tuwin’g si Catriona ang paksa. Ta’s, man-tri-trigger kayo para maka-generate ng traffic for her posts. AHAHahahahhh…. 🙂

        Let me put some perspective on behalf of our co-commentator. Kasi, kawawa naman siya. Baka umiiyak na… And grant me the pleasure of adding to the melee….

        Alam mo, sa totoo lang, very down-to-earth siya. Pansinin mo, na-a-appreciate niya more than anything ang magnanimity ng isa’ng Kween. That, come what may, she never forgets her fans and all who went out on a limb for her. ‘Yun lang naman ang hinihingi niya. She/He doesn’t want people to forget their roots. Notice how she/he always asks how things here are now, even though she/he is far away. If she/he didn’t care, she/he wouldn’t mention that or stick around (here).

        Now, ‘yun’g insistence niya na Mr. Tinio needs to sound more “down-to-earth” in his vlog delivery, to do Jerry Springer stuff first and refine only once absolute viewership numbers are in, is an approach that is fail-safe for the most part. At least, she/he is mindful enough to notice and tell.

        Most of all, you are annoyed by her/his “if-Philippines-doesn’t-place-the-TV-goes-OFF” policy. That an editorial or centerfold is not as valuable as being on the cover…Being realistic is not unlawful. 🙂

      • @ scorg ‘Ay, naku! May ongoing local pageant, nga, ngayon sa South Cotabato. Qualifier for Nationals. Pero, twelve (12) lang ang candidates. Kaya, social distancing was no issue. LIVE! 🙂

    • @ scorg “Under water” means it has depreciated (in value)? Did I understand correctly, Sir?

      That made me think…

      Some things, like fine wine (as the saying went), get better with time. But, if there is little, if any, demand for booze, doesn’t it become altogether worthless, anyway?

      This has nothing to do with pageantry in general or Catriona in particular…

      I’m just intrigued by that term. 🙂

      • “Under water” in Finance refers to insolvency. One is under water if his/her debts are more than the value of his/her assets. Depreciation/ appreciation of an asset comes only into play in the market valuation of an asset. Example: if the asset’s market value increases (as appraised by a certified appraiser), it can cover up debt obligations, e.g. it has the capacity to make one “above water”. In your example of the wine which gets better tasting with age, its market value does not increase but may even decrease if there is no demand. So even the best tasting wine that gets even better tasting in time can potentialy go under water.

  18. Fabian YOU BETTER watch the interview of Critical Beauty Salon with Hector Joaquin Gonzales so that you will know that Catriona is far BETTER in all aspects of pageantry as compared to Pia.

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Boy Abunda said so himself.

      “Pia was a surprise win. Catriona’s win was expected/a given”.

      Critical Beauty Salon is Delfin Lara, right? How is his working arrangement with Dr. Peter Pe on pageant coverage? Mr. Tinio, THIS IS IT! (You know what I am talking about, po…). 🙂

  19. Sorry , Cat does not need my help
    Her star has been crashing down at an exponential rate … of her own accord

    • Living in New York, BUT the CRAB MENTALITY is UNBELIEVABLE & ASTONISHING! Nakakahiya ka Fabian, UP grad ka pa naman.

    • @ Fabian Reyes First, I hope Mr. Tinio also features Catriona’s recent designation as Laguna province ambassador of their “one-town-one-product” (?) tourism program.

      Alam mo, now that I think about it, palagay ko may DEEP issue dito kay Cat… Kaya nag-lie low.

      Folks around her are protecting her. And carefully choosing her engagements. That’s just me, tho.

  20. Just like water, Cat is the queen who can be both shallow and deep without losing substance. She doesn’t fear the wind, she can take in lightning strikes, she faces storms without compromise; she surges if she needs to or stays placid in times of calm but retains her force deep under ready to be unleashed.

    • 4M, there shouldn’t be battle between these two amazing flag bearers and compatriots. Both of them did equally excellent jobs. Please keep your lack of manners and chest of malice locked in your heart.

    • The cover concepts of Pia for that British magazine are not new. They have been used thousands of times all over the world. Catriona’s cover concept is unique, interesting and challenging.

      • veks, there’s nothing unique about her cover. listen, so many underwater covers have been done before so there’s no big deal about it.

    • Bakit ganyan mentality mo 4M? We can celebrate both FILIPINA Queen, Huwag ganon, let us be mature enough!!!!! And good person

      • my gosh super OA naman. Did I say anything bad about her cover? I am just making a statement since our dear blogger decided to post these two cover right after each other so a logical person would do is to pick whatever he/she likes between the two.

        Pia rocked that international cover. Period.

        As for Cat, I can see her becoming the next PH Tourism Ambassadress which I think she would love as a career path!

    • O 4M ayan ang DAMI mong thumbs down kasi WRONG ka. Ha, ha, ha…

  21. Burning question. Did she have a nose job. I remember her nose during mwp is button like and so cute

    • @ Kimi95 Mukha’ng hindi naman. Sadya’ng make-up effect ‘yun’g sa MWP. Yeah, very cute. 🙂

      Look back at the Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen post. Ms. Cabadbaran City is similar… button nose.

      Look also at Amanda Obdam’s nose. HUGE. Like Kathleen Paton’s. 😦

  22. The hermit crab has finally come out of her shell
    Well, she doesn’t need to if the rumors are all true.

    • Fab, though your use of hermit crab as a metaphor for Cat is bewildering, you have succeeded in proving your crab mentality and prejudice against Cat time and again.

      Please bear in mind that everytime you try to bring Cat down, you are pushing not only Cat but also the 104 MILLION FILIPINOS!!!


  23. That underwater shot of Cat is fabulous! I tried doing it this morning but I didn’t look the same… plus my camera phone is now all wet. Oh well.

    • @ Ramon Lua I think underwater shots are an effective way to show frilly-flowy garment designs. The water props up all that extraneous fabric. This is really just about that dress…

      What you should note is the caption – Catriona Gray as the face of a generation unbowed and unafraid. KATAKOT!


    • You better read the comments/postings of Scorg to understand the point and relevance my dear.

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