15 comments on “If Miss Universe Philippines 2020 is a women’s basketball league

  1. Honestly , I don’t see the point in lumping the girls together in a group . This is an individual fight with only one winner in the end

    • @ Fabian Reyes It is like the Continental draft at MU.

      How do you feel if MUP, IN A MOVE TO “PLACATE” AP’S, decides to adopt a LuzViMin-Best-3?

      I will reckon YOUR Final 15 will look like this…

      Luzon 1 – Nicole, Alexis, and Adelma
      Luzon 2 – Paula, Sigrid, and Billie
      Mindanao – Vincy, Alaiza, and Perlyn
      NCR – Bella, Michelle, and Sandra
      Visayas – Christelle, Pauline, and Apriel


  2. My Top 6 in random order:

    Michele Gumabao- Luzon
    Aliza Malinao – Mindanao
    Pauline Amelinkx- Visayas
    Bella Yshmael- Luzon
    Apriel Smith- Visayas
    Isabela Galeria- Luzon

  3. Tito Norman, Lolong gumagaling. Ka pag si Sam Brusas ang interviewer mo . Parang superstar dating mo . More collab with Sam pls !

  4. Mindanao, for me.

    I will be the team muse. I will wear the black dress of Daphne in the Dior 20/21 Fall-Winter HC.

    Mr. Tinio, re MUT 2020, sino po ang kahawig ni Kathleen Paton in the just-released head shots? Aoom or Amanda? Btw, if Anntonia Porsild will set the trend of Thai international winners to come, I will highly recommend Praew Ruangthong (a very global look, she has!). Praveenar looks like lips that grew a human (sigh!). And I thought Cortsei’s lip job was too much… Polfah Punika Kunsorntornrut can be a Runner-up, am getting (Patraporn) Wang vibes from her (why, I don’t know).

      • @ Fabian Reyes I’ll assume your team is NCR.

        Sige, hindi mananalo Thailand. BUT, you will have to support Zandra Sta. Maria of Pasay City. 🙂

        Where do you want to send Chantelle Pretorius? MU or MW?

      • may I know what’s wrong in Thailand winning MU? Nagtataka lang ako kasi considering Southeast Asian neighbor natin siya.

      • Fabian ok lang naman if thailand. Thai reps were very vocal naman on thanking their Filipino trainors. so give mo na if deserved naman. Kahit ung kabilang kapitbahay ok lang naman as long as pinakadabest rep nila on mu finals. its still happy to have asian winners in MU even consecutively. Pero gusto ko maglibot ang img not only in asia. i am also wishing a top 5 countries na never pa nakapasok sa top 5 ng MU. Kailan ba last nangyari yon? bukod sa ist edition ng MU? in this decade laging may sashfactor sa top 5.

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