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  1. Pauline elevated the q and a portion of the show to a whole new level. Her answers were profound. I think we have a Sushmita Sen in the making. I watched her before talking in casual interviews and I began to like her, but when I watched her during the q and a, I began to love her. After watching this show, here is my latest ranking:
    MUP- Pauline
    1st runner up- Michelle
    2nd runner up- Bella
    3rd runner up- Alaiza
    4th runner up- April

  2. I donot know why people say Pauline is the best speaker in the batch . Would probably rank Bella first then Michelle.
    But will see

    • But Pauline is really pretty. So I would highly consider her for the crown as well.. next to Bella Alaiza Michelle in that order

      • @Fabian..

        Pauline is cute… as in commercial cute…. She is too big-bonned commercial that she can never do a high fashion runway like Sherry Hill or Yamamay… What she could do is become a brand ambassador of Botox cause her forehead shrivels like a prune when she talks and she might need a lot of cow bacteria toxin to tame that…. Intiendes?! 😇🙄

      • @Abcd

        Thats because Michele is an Athlete and yet still more proportioned than Pauline…
        Pauline is only 7heads figure while Michele is minimum 8 1/2 heads tall figure… No amount of anorexia could change that. 🙂
        Hence a spade is a spade… deal with it!

      • @Closer2Fame

        lol Double Standards. Michele looks much heavier than Pauline. Her walk even looks weird because of how heavy she looks. Their bodies are their issues and why is it that Michele can use it on her advantage, while it drags Pauline down?

      • I like both Michelle and paulene. I asked my friend who always see them .she commented Mitch is fat . Paulene is malapad . Beauty wise paulene is miles ahead .

      • Beauty is subjective… dalhin nyo si Pauline sa MU, she would look like a midget version of the Caucasians..
        Asa pa kayo… Pa botox nyo muna mukha nya bago kayo umasa ng ganyan.. LOL

  3. Miss Bohol is really the one as of now. If there is no ala pia or catriona whose both a total package. Then proceed to the next term which is balance. and i can see her and alaiza belong to that group in different ways.

  4. Pauline has another ace… We picked her to be the model for a series of Bohol promotional campaigns to be shown all over the Asia Pacific region. To be aired by a top cable TV network and its subsidiary channels and digital platforms. Boracay and Bohol are the first two islands to be part of the travel bubble tours

  5. Pauline beauty reminds me of pia. Di sila magkamukha Pauline looks Asian front view looks European side view. Like pia may angulo na pinay
    Parehas silang 5’7. Chunky yet maidadaan sa diet
    Styling can be mend by a team of stylist. For me sya Lang may chance mag mu. Kuda pa nya .maganda pa na walang away
    I also like malinao. She can give us a placement of Ms vietnam 2018 but I don’t see her winning mu

  6. Pauline is the best speaker of this batch, not Michele. Kaya hindi ko gets why they are pushing Michelle to win MUP solely because of her communication skills, pero nandiyan naman si Pauline who has the best communication skills. Also, in terms of beauty, may slight edge si Pauline kasi di marunong umawra si Michele, and weird ng fierce face niya. Not to mention na kahit boxy din ang body ni Pauline, di siya mukha mabigat at nakakarampa nang maayos.

    If gusto talaga ng tao ng “speaker” para isend si Miss Universe, it’s Pauline, not Michele. Kulang na lang kay Pauline is yung styling. Di pa rin nila nahahanap yung tamang styling for her.

    • Pauline is more articulate, but she lacks power. And power is Michele’s edge over Pauline, hence Michele is deemed the better speaker. Why do you think Zozibini won over the more articulate Madison and Sofia? It’s because both ladies lacked the power that punctuated Zozibin’s every answer.

      No one will listen to the content of your answer if you are not impactful enough and powerful enough with how you speak to catch your audience’s attention.

      • @ unorthodox Content is cheap. Power, either you have it or you don’t. Lesson for today. 🙂

      • “No one will listen to the content of your answer if you are not impactful enough and powerful enough with how you speak to catch your audience’s attention.”

        So gusto mo agressive DAPAT yung delivery? Between Pauline and Michele, I’d rather listen to Pauline. Pasweet ang delivery ni Pauline, pero she still catches the attention of the audience. Also, di ba kayo naaannoy sa intonation ni Michele?

        And between Zozi and Sofia (I won’t include Madison because I don’t think her answer is as strong as the other 2), mas powerful ang CONTENT ni Zozi, regardless of their delivery – that’s why I prefer Zozi over Sofia, hindi dahil sa kung sino mas agressive ang delivery. Sa statement mo above, sa delivery ka nagbebase ng pagiging powerful eh. Mas importante ang powerful content with great delivery (not necessarily agressive na delivery).

  7. Aaawww…. Na-injure sa gym si Nigel baby…. Mr. Tinio, he wouldn’t be gym mates with Jojo Bragais, would he? Kasi, JB is online in this chat.

    So, it’s “Pow”, not “poh” – leen Amelinckx. Tandaan niyo, guys!

    May pa-ayuda ang AN’s. Ang Pageantry Norms, Mr. TInio? Gusto ko, grocery bag, kahit ‘di ako front liner at wala ako’ng beneficiary. Must have the following – fabric conditioner, bleach, detergent, dish washing liquid, baking soda (work horse for general household cleanliness!), coconut sugar, native coffee for brewing, Hana shampoo, Shield bath soap bar, and Beam toothpaste. BIG packs.

    ‘Eto ba ang gagawin ng AN’s hereon until right before 25 Oct? Conduct a tussle of nerves between a noob and a pageant vet? Like Adee and Mitch previously? Btw, HABERDAY, future Mrs. AP! 🙂

    Look at MG (Moks Gonzales) long enough and you will notice facial correspondence points with MG (Mario Garcia).

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