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  1. Bianca G is getting more confident .. which is great
    Carla has always been easy to listen to . She was my alternative to Pia for MUP . I was surprised to find out she was just a replacement candidate . Did she watch Pia live at MU???
    Michelle reminds me of Ruffa . She has a chance to do well at MU with proper training and weight loss.

  2. I love the Fighting spirit!!! Go Michele!!!
    You are indeed most desserving & trully inspiring..

    W/ some RF toning on the cheeks.. bird-food diet… and a killer pasarela…. you are so ready to win this!

    Michele Imperial Gumabao is Miss Universe Philippines 2020!

    PS. Bianca’s frizzy hair & fidgeting is so distracting…

  3. Reiterating…she’s still my MUP 2020. The girl to beat.
    Michele Therese Imperial Gumabao, 28….
    P H I L I P P I N E S ! ! ! 🥰🥰🥰

  4. She looks so classy .
    Mayaman ang dating
    She is not my favorite to win .
    But I will be ok if she gets the crown. Just train on the pasarela and a little more weight loss .

  5. once she enter the MUP speech round. she should put something new on the table. body shaming is already pinned. sports is fine. if she wins mup. she can still use her sport advocacy on speech segment and mix it on Final Q&A if makapasok at kung may connection sa tanong.

  6. “I was trained to win”. Michele brings to beauty pageantry the discipline of competitive sports. MU’s “confidently beautiful” mantra has just acquired a powerful new dimension that resonates well in any pandemic– invincibility.

    • “Confidently beautiful. Beautifully invincible”. An MUP candidate’s personal branding tagline apt for the New Normal. Only she who personifies the New Beautiful can credibly carry this message to the universe. Michele.

    • Luv this…Hope Michelle’s team had this mindset for her!! This is like the road to the Ultimate Crown for her!!

  7. siera bearchell marielle de leon ang peg ni ate michelle g
    MUP runner up itong si ate mo
    pero if maging MUP eh winner kasi kayang kaya nya talaga gawin
    back to back top 20 ang felefens sa MU
    kaso mukhang 20 countries lang makakasali sa MU dahil sa pandemya. LOL

  8. Looking at these beauty queens on the screen, I’d say Michele’s registry is a lot impactful. I never had sordid feeling watching her all throughout the conversation. She is indeed beautiful on screen. She stands out.

    Conversation wise, Michele is undoubtedly good. Here, she was responsive, candid, and never jumped out of the topic. I expected these strong points from her, especially that everything she narrated relates personally to herself and her experiences in sports, civic works, and beauty pageants. I just do not know if she can be that verbose on social issues and in-depth discussions. I have yet to see her on those aspects.

    I just have a minor constructive criticism which, hopefully, Michele and her team consider—her intonation. I have observed that in her other interviews. One may argue that there is nothing wrong with her monotone because that distinguishes her being a Filipino speaker than the rest of English speakers in the world, the universe rather. To reiterate, I am talking about the intonation and not the accent. (I know that her intonation and accent are the current trend among the college girls in the Top 3 universities in the Philippines, of which I am also a graduate but never had that accent and intonation.) I raise this concern in view of the fact that I am anticipating Michele to speak alongside the other four lucky ladies in the Top 5, and consequently 3, of Miss Universe, and I wish her to be sounded convincing and sincere. Through her intonation, her attitude and emotions on the words she utters are unleashed.

    I would like to share this relatable short story in my work… My American colleagues have once intimated to me that it is tiring to hear Filipinos speaking monotonously. Imagine this actual scenario: Me, my American colleagues Brianna, Kate, and Prynne, throwing in a lot of questions to a Filipina colleague on her business presentations. Every question they asked to my Filipina colleague was answered in a long and uninterrupted monotone. So, the moment my colleague stops talking, a short dead air is noticeable. I thought my American colleagues would take a deep breath before queueing in the next question to her. And that Filipina colleague reminds me of Michele in the QUEENtuhan video above.

    Anyway, we are on the first BER-month and Christmas is fast-approaching! How are you going to spend Christmas?

    That’s all.

    • @Ana Winter- Lund: Your mention of the first BER month and the fast approaching Christmas struck a tinge of sadness in me due to this pandemic that continues to wreck havoc on humanity. It is sad that politics did not only fail to mitigate, but added fuel to, the spread of this pandemic. Just when the world is looking for leadership on a coordinated global response, selfish personal and partisan politics unbelievably spawned COVID 19 denial. Global death toll is staggering and in the yet absence of a vaccine, simple mitigating measures as social distancing and mask-wearing have become politicised. How are we going to spend Christmas? Personally, I still do not know. I hope international travel restrictions are lifted by then. Just the same, how do we celebrate life’s beauty in the midst of this ugliness– the economic and psychological fallout of this pandemic?

      • Scorg, that’s my same sentiments this season. I couldn’t agree more.

        That’s all.

  9. I hope she wears an iconic Iris Van Herpen inspired design on the coronation night… she would be the major trendsetter of the season…

  10. I like Michelle since 2018.in fact tingin ko nga kaya nya maagaw Kay pusa yun mup that time coz Mitch is not mi nor supra material. Eva, Vicki and ahtisa are more pang mi. Aya can be supra that time.
    I hope Mitch can get the 2018 body . tips fr other tad heavy looking ladies who managed to look vavavoom during my mu example Janine tagunon. Or pia ?

  11. Michelle is really suited this time for MU. She can carry conversations very well. A smart girl.

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